City Manager Charley Plummer?


In the same morning that news of the pending departure of Hayward City Manager Jesus Armas (pictured above) hit residents’ doorsteps, former mayoral candidate Brian Schott formally issued this bombshell of a suggestion:


Why not ask recently retired Sheriff Charles Plummer, a Hayward resident, to be the interim replacement when Armas steps down in June?

Mayor Mike Sweeney and the City Council, according to a letter Schott wrote to The Daily Review, “know how effective and respected (Plummer) is. Though only one of them attended his recent retirement dinner at Centennial Hall, more than 850 people from all over the world came to honor Charley’s tremendous achievements.”

Plummer, reached Friday morning, laughed at the request.

“Well, I never thought about it. June’s a long way off, but I am unemployed,” said the 76-year-old sheriff emeritus. “Good old Brian Schott, he’s a piece of work.”

For those who remember Hayward’s political turmoil years of 2003 and 2004, Schott’s request might have some comic resonance. Plummer, who was a Hayward police chief back in the 1970s and early 1980s, engaged in a public feud with Armas and demanded that he be fired for, as critics saw it, covering up Police Chief Craig Calhoun’s absenteeism problem and allowing the troubled chief to be swept out quietly on medical leave.

Plummer, not one to praise for the sake of politeness, nevertheless took Schott’s admiring request Friday as an opportunity to heal old wounds, saying he appreciates much of the work Armas has done over the past 14 years.

“Well, except for the Craig Calhoun fiasco, which I suggested he be fired for, I think he’s done a pretty good job,” Plummer said. “Charley Plummer wishes him well.”


Mission’s mission?

It’s crunch time for the future of Mission Boulevard.

A redevelopment master plan that city leaders spents months and months deliberating over, and finally approved last summer, faces its first big test tonight.


A developer, Mohammad Shaiq, wants to build a six-story mixed-use (condos and shops) building on a vacant lot on Mission between Webster and Hancock streets. City Hall officials say it fits with the community’s long-term vision for the corridor. But members of Hayward’s influential Felson family, who own the nearby Pinecrest Apartments, argue it will destroy their property’s viewspace.

Here’s the city’s official recommendation on the project:

This project is proposed on one of the last large vacant sites in this area. The architectural design and site planning for this project will set a precedent for any redevelopment effort in this area and could become the leading edge for the transit-oriented district keyed to the South Hayward BART station. The applicant proposes a well-designed project that meets the intent and standards of both the South Hayward BART / Mission Boulevard Concept Design Plan and the Zoning Ordinance, and, therefore, staff supports approval of the project.

We’ll find out tonight if the seven appointed members of the planning commission agree with that assessment. After their vote, the City Council has final say on the project.

Since the City Council voted in favor of the Mission Boulevard plan last year, its composition has changed by two people. Mayor Mike Sweeney, in particular, had campaigned against tall buildings during the election season last year and was miffed that the council passed the plan one meeting before he took office.


The Review in review

The REALLY Big One: New research indicates that a quake on the Hayward Fault could be bigger than anyone has speculated.

Charges filed: A Union City man is suspected of shooting and wounding a teenager last week.

Lettuce eat: Whaddya do when you want salad in winter? Make one without leaves, of course.

Blub blub blub: Ducks drown Sharks in 7-4 San Jose matchup.

Losing ground: California’s gross state product growth is lagging, and experts blame the small-business sector.

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The Review in review


Saying goodbye: A Fairview hair stylist organizes an impromptu farewell for the girl formerly known as Castro Valley’s Jane Doe, but the turnout is small and some say he was using the event as a publicity stunt.

A volatile situation: The Fremont Police Department was evacuated this afternoon when a man brought in a hand grenade.

Forget Nair: Many are swearing by laser hair removal.

Peyton hits pay dirt: Columnist Art Spander explores the Colts QB’s long path to Super Bowl greatness.

How do you like them Apples?: Silicon Valley company and Beatles record label have settled their trademark feud.

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The Review in review

The latest: Two simultaneous accidents are tying up both directions of traffic on the San Mateo Bridge.

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Norovirus outbreak in San Leandro: Day 3

The owner of the San Leandro convalescent hospital that has been hit with a norovirus outbreak since Jan. 20 reported two new cases today.

He said two staff members have come down with the norovirus but that no more patients have been infected.

That the flu outbreak has not spread to any more patients gives the hospital hope that the outbreak should be under control by this weekend, the owner said.