Minarets among the steeples

Here’s the design of a mosque that a group of Fijian Muslims hopes to build on church-lined Gading Road in Hayward:


Several neighbors are opposing the plan for a variety of reasons, as reported today. One reason being the narrowness of the lot. The architect said he took cues from some famous mosques in Istanbul and elsewhere.

  • Monica

    The mosque is beautiful. Gading Rd. could use a shining star; all the other bldgs. on this street are BLAH!!

  • Mikey Bhang

    What I really want ot hear in Wayhard is the call to prayer. 5X daily from 5 a.m. on. After a while in Turkey, some places seem to lack something w/o the call to prayer. It is just sad to see an imam on MLK in Oakland just standing outside the NOI mesjid cupping his hands to his mouth. You gotta have a serious PA with a good amp. *Click* at oh-dark-thirty and the mike is on! uuuuAAAAAAAaaaallllLLLLAAAahhHHHHUUUUUuuuuU AK-BARRRRRRRRR!

  • Danielle

    I agree with Monica: a beautiful new mosque will be a lot more attractive than the dirty, nasty apartments, and old churches that are there now. It might even kick start some kind of improvement project for the Gading area.