No hot wheels for Vigil


Hayward Unified School District Superintendent Dale Vigil shot down rumors that he’s purchasing a brand new Porsche. The rumors have spread like wildfire after appearing on a recent flier circulated by the Hayward Education Association.

Vigil said he is happy with his 10-year-old Honda Civic — and why not, considering it can net about 40 miles per gallon on a good day compared with the Porsche’s average of 18 miles per gallon.

Inquiring minds have also blown up the Review’s phones lines (OK, maybe it was only five calls and a few e-mails) regarding another rumor that Vigil has constructed a “bunker” in the district warehouse, located across the street from the district offices, to house himself and other administrators in the event of a teacher work stoppage.

The superintendent gladly gave the Review a tour of the site Thursday afternoon. Contrary to reports of the “bunker” being surrounded by a moat with alligators for protection, the site was a measly old and decaying cabin.

However, a chainlink fence that didn’t close all the way and was on its last legs did attempt to surround the area.

Although missing inside the so-called “bunker” were cots and binoculars, the tidy, musty area was equipped with fluorescent lights, a sink, five laptops, two phones, a printer and a satellite television _ which Vigil playfully said would be useful for March Madness.

The site has been in existence for more than a year and is being groomed as an emergency command center for staff to use in the event of an emergency, said Billy Martin, district facilities maintenance manager.


  • Lynn Allan

    Actually, the HEA flier addressed all of those rumors, saying they were incorrect!!!!!!
    But the fact that those type of rumors exist, says more about the perception of Vigil in the community and among employees, than his humor would suggest.