Chalupas y ganja: Paga menos!

Coming soon to a Taco Bell near you: medical marijuana?

Not inside the Taco Bell, of course, but maybe across the street in the Hayward house shown here:


The owner of the Hayward Patients’ Resource Center is hoping to move his dispensary from downtown on Foothill Boulevard, where it’s been since 2003, to a place further north, also on Foothill Boulevard but closer to the freeway. The center is the only pot club left in Hayward’s city limits, though there are three in the nearby Cherryland area of unincorporated Alameda County (including one on Foothill just north of the Hayward border). The only other club in Hayward city limits was busted in December.

We reported on the proposed relocation plan today, and already have received calls from people unhappy about the idea and wanting to know more.

“We just freaked out,” Lawrence Aviado, who runs a childcare center for 50 kids just around the corner on Cotter Way, said of his reaction to the news.

Dispensary owner Tom Lemos sent a letter about his plan to City Manager Jesus Armas just over a week ago, so city planners still have to review it, and it will require a public hearing and advanced notice to neighbors before any decisions are considered. We’ll update as we learn more.

  • Promised blog update: On March 26, Lemos officially withdrew his plans to move to that Foothill Boulevard home after Cotter Way residents registered strong objections. On April 3, the Hayward City Council voted 5-2 to allow Lemos another 90 days to find a new place to operate. The two who voted against giving the club the extention were Mayor Mike Sweeney and Councilman Bill Ward.