When life imitates Stephen King


We were several hours into reporting on a Hayward hills dog attack yesterday when reporter Alejandro Alfonso, after talking with the police, pushed back his swivel chair and said:

“You know what the dog’s name is?”


“It’s Cujo.”

Of course, not everyone who names their dog Cujo wants it to resemble a rabid, possibly supernaturally possessed St. Bernard, and some Cujos are quite fluffy.

But for those Cujos that aren’t so kind, the city last month amended and strengthened its dangerous-dog ordinance in hopes of preventing dog attacks before they happen. For more information on the law, you can read exactly what the city voted on here. The amended ordinance officially took effect 30 days after it was approved — so sometime last week.

Do you think this will help?

  • Fred Davis

    Do you So, if the dog is named “Snoopy”, he couldn’t possibly attack anyone because he would be laying on his back on the top of his dog house staring into the sky?

    Do you think you’re funny? You obviously don’t take this kind of thing very seriously.

    Or you really think the name of an animal predetermines it’s disposition?