Rallying support

If you missed the downtown rally held by Hayward teachers on Wednesday in response to failed negotiations over compensation, then here’s your chance to see it.

The aftermath of the demonstration caught the attention of downtown businesses, who are now posting neon green signs in their store fronts that read “We Support Hayward Teachers.”


  • Carrie

    I really hope the powers that be are listening.

  • Mikianne

    From 800 miles away – even I can hear Hayward teachers and support them!!

  • The Hayward Education Association (HEA) just delivered its “48-hour”
    notice letter (not legally required, but promised by the union as a courtesy to parents) to the Hayward Unified School District.

    The teachers ARE going on strike on Thursday, April 4 if no settlement has been reached.

    It’s astonishing to me how the district — Dr. Vigil, Mr. Schimmel, and the board — have essentially followed a “confrontational” approach, basically acting deliberately to provoke teachers into a strike. I’m actually starting to question their basic intentions — why would a district so aggressively provoke a strike?

  • Paulette Albert

    Thank you Mikianne!!! We’ll take any support we can get! Local or long distance! 🙂

  • Cathy Lee

    San Leandro Education Association supports our fellow teachers in their demand for a fair raise without the tricks the district is playing with the numbers.

  • Hayward Teacher

    Thank you for your support Cathy Lee!!

  • Parent

    It is so sad to see this happening. I spoke to my childs teacher and they are heart broken to have to do this, but it’s the only way they will be taken seriously. My children and I support the teacher’s 100% and hope they get what they deserve! My children will not be at school to show our support.