• Please log onto my website, I’m filing a complain via paper documents, this is the only way to get action and to get the Absent Board and Superintendent to respond!

    Upset Hayward Parent of four…

  • Sorry, I was typing so fast I left of the “t”… forgive me, I’m a little upset and want this rectified soon.

  • Dawn Q

    I am the mother of 2 boys who I will NOT allow to go to school while the teachers are on strike. What kind of supervision are they getting? Not the right kind, not the kind that their teachers give them. They don’t even have normal classes. Elementary kids are coloring and doing arts, they can do that at home, where they are much safer! Some of these subs they have that are willing to cross the picket lines have not even been fingerprinted, what kind of people are these that the district has around our children? The district needs to wake up and give these teachers a decent raise! The teachers are with our children a lot and deal wit ha lot and they deserve it. Our children are suffering by not being in classes with their teachers who actually TEACH, not just babysit. The teachers are the qualified ones, not the subs.

  • Carla Schick

    TYPO FROM YESTERDAY. The firwt sentence should read:

    Where has all the money gone and where is it going?

    Think about it. It is our money as taxpayers. The district needs to be held accountable.

  • I read that subs at Lorin Eden allowed the kids to watch “Sponge Bob,” while he read a newspaper.
    I made a comment earlier about ADA; however, schools received all said money for the year as of March 30th and it doesn’t matter. What matters??? I spoke to an “unnamed,” source who told me that these Administrators received a STEP increase, rather than a SALARY increase at the end of 2006, so as to not draw attention to the fact that they had received a RAISE. WHY are they getting another RAISE???? This was done on the SLY and very hush-hush.

    I have four kids, 3 in GATE, one who has been in Special Day for one year. He is now in transition, after working hard for positive social/behavioral change. He transitioned back to public school, at the end of February. This STRIKE is delaying his progress of full transition, as he is supposed to be in HIS regular classroom. I’ve chosen to keep him out of that setting as it’s chaotic and unpredictable, something that would cause major set-back for him and his progress. The superintendent and board members don’t want to hear from the community. They don’t care and really don’t have a vested interest in how this effects or impacts the lives of many in Hayward. They have their own political agendas and we really need to remember this the next time we VOTE. I can only say one thing about the Board…Mr. Cook. He has shown compassion and concern, each step of the way.

    I do not want the good name of our schools and teachers to go down with the current administration. I’ve heard about several stress complaints surrounding this administration and am requesting answers of the superintendent. My son, AB3632, in transition from a Day Treatment into public school, and I received a phone call from the Superintendent that states, “The safest place for your child is in school….” He doesn’t even know my child, nor does he care. He had an agenda and it doesn’t concern residents of Hayward, it’s children or school teachers. He can leave, after all is said and done, in his Porsche, instead of Honda….and drive away. This is very sad indeed, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Settle this and get our teachers back to doing what THEY do best, stop playing games. GIVE UP YOUR SALARY INCREASES THAT YOU’VE RECEIVED FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS!!!

  • Okay, so I’m 0 for 2. First the ADA information and now the raises. My next posts will be 100% FACTS, based on MY Research.

    All other information still stands and Mr. Vigil needs to think twice about court action against our teachers. I’m requesting a copy of the budget to peruse through it. If anyone has any other ideas to fight this, let me know.


  • hayward teacher

    If you have not yet checked out the youtube videos, I strongly suggest you do. Type in the search terms “The Truth husd”. It is informative, interesting, and entertaining.