Countdown for development at the marina begins

The San Leandro City Council’s Marina standing committee decided Tuesday to contract with Environmental Science Associates, one of the first steps in the council’s ambitious plan to begin determining development alternatives for the San Leandro Marina.

Environmental Science Associates has worked with the city in the past on development plans for the marina shoreline. The company helped negotiate and permit the Heron Bay housing development and it created the Dredged Materials Maintenance Site, the site the city used in the past to store dredged spoils. It will now do an analysis of the regulatory constraints associated with operating the marina without a yacht harbor.

This move is all part of the city’s recent shift to push through a draft for a master development plan by the end of this year — a plan still attracting many skeptics but one the City Council is hoping will finally get development at the marina off the ground.

Check out the marina committee’s ambitious timeline on the city’s Web site.