Hayward strike updates


The Angry, Tired Teachers — a group of Hayward educators led by art teacher Andy Knight — recently recorded its original song “Teaching in a Hayward School,” inspired by the labor negotiations.

Meanwhile, teachers and the district continue to meet at a negotiation session that began at 1 p.m. today, with Paul Rouse, coordinator of state mediation, and County Superintendent Sheila Jordan mediating.

Check back here or pick up Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Review to get more information regarding the negotiation’s outcome.


  • Leslie Cienega

    there are so many problems here that it is hard to see what needs to come next. The teachers got a raise for now thank god but what about the class rooms, the conditions inside them, field trips, assemblys my girls only have gotton the ones about behavior every month well the whole school not just my girls , but what about educational ones..in pre school they had four one with reptiles, aztec and folklorico dancers (my girls performed in that one), story telling with an author who also illestrates and one with a clown. the clown was there to talk to the kids about strangers.

    the classrooms are horrible ! teachers do not have the supplies they need which is very necessary to help in educating our kids, more crossgaurds i have seen a few kids almost get hit by cars while crossing the crosswalk on 6th street, I would do it myself but i think with my attitude it would not be wise. Busses now my girls are going to go to east ave. and when i looked online about the cost it blew me away . But what about the parents who are over the income so do not qualify for it to be lowered but yet have a morgage and so on and so on….(im still gonna drive my girls) so many things to do but where do we start?

  • another hayward high teacher

    Too bad the last comments are all about interpersonal dynamics and not about how to improve the district.

    Parcel taxes are common–homeowners and landlords pay them. Most districts have some kind of school parcel tax due to lower property taxes(from Prop. 13). Oakland homeowners pay $195 a year–$75 of which should go towards teacher salaries and benefits. Other surrounding areas also have school parcel taxes. I think there can be exemptions written into parcel taxes for people over 65 on fixed incomes.

    As a society we must become more willing to support our public institutions or they will die. If public schools die, so will whatever remnant of democracy there is in this country. People who vote and make decisions for the future must be critical thinkers(something we are losing as a result of an excessive emphasis on testing as part of No Child Left Behind).

    One way to fund public institutions would be to reinstate the .5% income tax on the wealthiest Californians (as was applied in the era of Pete Wilson when the economy was not doin well). We have some of the wealthiest people in the USA living in California, and they are not paying their fair share of taxes. Another way to fund public institutions would be to revisit Prop. 13 and change the law for corporations who have gained the most from Prop. 13 since they rarely sell or buy property, but maintain property already owned. Therefore, their property taxes remains well below the rate they would pay if their property was re-assessed now. For individuals, especially retired people on fixed incomes, this makes sense. For corporations who earn huge profits from owning the property they do, Prop. 13 does not make sense.

    Californians need to wake up and realize that not all taxes are the same. A tax on the wealthy is different from a tax on the working poor and middle class. A tax on corporations is different from a tax on the individual. The only way we can maintain quality education in California(as it was in the past), is to fund education at way higher levels than we do.

    Are we willing to make that commitment?

  • Leslie Cienega

    i we go for this tax then is it only for the teachers or is it for the supplies and other activities that i mentioned earlier? I am interested in doing something that can benifit both things and if means about fifty cents a day then fine i would got for it! but once again is it only for the teachers? I really am clueless on that one i read some stuff but mabe it was wrong!

  • fernando hernandez


    #4 was my option as well,

    I’m not sure if we can, as the community, demand that the Board change some of these key policies, like the way COLA money is spent. I suspect the Union would love to negotiate that into their contract, a formula for how much cola is passed on, if not the whole %.

    Somebody mentioned that some Boards actually debate in public forum and defend their votes, I would love to be let in to that conversation!

    I know Mr. Cook mentioned having disagrements with ohters members of the Board, so there must be some debate going on, but how much?
    For the most part, Board meetings seem to be to approve decisions already made.

    How come the only time we get to ask them questions, they can’t answer? I will be glad to ask my questions in ten seconds and cede the reminder for an answer, if there is one.

    Can we somehow change the rules of engagenment, so that the community is at the very least informed, at the very best INVOLVED in these converstasions? Can these debates be on TV ?

    The only way I see this happening is with some new Board members, but lets not forget, so long as we keep involved and focued, we can change things,

    Angela, thanks for your opinion on the tests. You are you a teacher, right? Just trying to keep track of who is who…

    I have heard a lot of teachers complain about them, but I’m never sure wheather it is because they take time away from other things, or if they are truly helpfull regardless of the woman/man hours required to prepare for and administer them.

  • hayward teacher

    Power to another hayward high teacher !

    You hit the nail on the head! The taxes (regarding Prop. 13) that another hayward high teacher is talking about fund ALL public services in California, including highways, healthcare, education, etc. There is a documentary entitled “First to Worst” that chronicles the fall of public education in California and its correlation to the passage of Prop. 13.

  • fernando hernandez


    If I’m correct, it has to do with how it is worded. The revenue can be split up, say 30% for facilities, 30% program enhancement, and 30% teacher salaries or what ever. Those proportions would have to be figured out, I suspect the City, the Board and the Union? Mark might know.

    I’m a home owner and as Monica said earlier, I would be weary as well of giving this Board/Distric any more money, without iron clad assurances that the money will go where it is supposed to go to,

    So in Oakland it is a couple of hundred bucks?,
    How far does that go??
    Are we really talking about 60 cents per day???

    I’m for it, if I can trust the administration!

  • Leslie Cienega

    you see really i am having problems understanding why we do no have the power to change things are we not the ones that hired them? Do they not have to do what we want? Like every payday you seperate all your bills and food money and gas money and what you have left is for fun! What is the districts problem? Any one who has a bank account knows how to budget if my tweleve year old can budget her allowence than why cant they budget the money at the district? Still if they give the teachers the respect and their money from cola every year or however that works then we would not be in this mess! How can we fix it i am lost!

  • fernando hernandez

    We do have the power to change things,
    It’s called the Vote!

    Some mentioned before, 10% of Hayward citizens vote.

    The undertaking would be enormous, but not unsurmountable, other cities have done it!

  • fernando hernandez

    Even those of us who don’t own a house have the power to do something.

    Landlords, the people who rent properties in Hayward, will object on the grounds that their tenants will complain of higher rents, since they will just pass the tax on to the tenants,

    But what if a significant number of tenants contacted their landlords and told them to vote yes?

    What if they all called to say they are willing to go along with an extra $20/week, for the sake of our children’s education.? I can only imagine that landlords would see that with a good school district, their property values would go up.

    We would need to build safeguards to protect renters, so that landlords charge just the proper amount, and we would need to make sure they don’t just take the money and then vote the tax down, it’s all in the wording.

  • Leslie Cienega

    that sounds great but looked at what happened with vigil i didnt vote for him but he won! I have voted every election because if you do not vote then you have no right to complain later! If it means that my kids get a better education then i would pay the extra too! But it seems that the board cant handle money so mabe just a thought …what if a representer for the familias in action was able to be on the board like how the students are but this person would represent us the parents and how we feel and think things should happen or be spent? Since the district has no clue.

  • Leslie Cienega

    i need to do some research on prop 13 i remember somethings but not all.

    if the district dont shape up then people will take their kids elsewhere and then where will the teachers be?/ And for the kids that stay here where the education is bad would then drop out join gangs teen pregnancy ect.ect. … i just wish that the board members looked at our kids as if they were their own ! You took the job to serve our children so serve them . kind of like the silent godfather!

    I want them to understand that! I am not sure they do!

  • J. W. Kyle

    As I read through the blogs I am amazed at the number of people who lack undrestanding of the history of contracts with the various Superintendents who, because they have been dismissed prior to the expiration of their contraact, thwy were paid separation money,which shall we say was a tad higher than what a blue collar worker would receive when fired.

    Folks, be careful in your cries to fire any cany executive who fails performance of his contract as you might imagine that contract to exist. It can and has been very expensive since the early 1990’s.
    three have been dismissed aand each has received a heavy payout at the expense of the cash
    flow for which The state makes no re-imbursement.

    The problem as I see it is that the power of the vote is not appreciated by those eligible to registerer and and use the absentee ballot tool. In addition, attention must be paid to the idea that you accurately inform yourself of the real issue; which is to say we have consistently elected folks to trustee-ship who really lack understanding of their role. Unfortunately, we witness HEA endorsing candidates without really giving it much thought other than that they seem like nice people. Frankly, since a majority of HEA members do not live in HUSD boundaries, they might think about getting out out
    the practice of making endorsements. Which of our trustees, recent past and present, were elected on the basis of their success in law, or professional accounting or success as a business owner?

  • Leslie Cienega

    I honestly do not know….I am new to al this ! my oldest goes to aprivate school and there i am told where my money goes! now withthe tin iput them in public so the can experience all nationaliie not just the latino and philipino community! an at markham it is rainbow of kids and i like that. I want to keep tem in publick for that reason so i am ready to do whati have to in order to make a change!

    But what yoursaying is that if we inpeach them it will endup putting us in the hole and !
    So if that is a bad option then what else can we do?

  • Leslie Cienega

    sorry for typos baby again…

  • J. W. Kyle

    ….. sorry, I was cut off on immediste previous nblog by myself…I continue with the effort.

    My personal bone of contention is HUSD’s website which is totally ineffective and probably a cause for reprimand of administration executives who fail to assure maintenance of the HUSD website now presently is hopelessly ineffective condition

    That website is or should be a major tool useful in assuring an informed community. The basic fault lays with the trustees for failing to ponce on that website’s condition, using it in thier review of executive performance..

    I would suggest that voters concerned with HUSD tske the time to visit the website established by the city of Hayward. Go to: http://www.hayward-ca.gov and observe the oppoprtunity to examine the agenda as well as the complete staff reports for each item listed on the agenda explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the agenda item.

    Observe also the opportunity to go to the archives and wage meetings as they actually occurred in council chambers so that you might see how much more professionally those meetings are
    conducted Have any noticed that Channel 15 no longer displays a rebroadcast of HUSD meetings on Monday mights as they did until a year or two ago.

    Is there a purpose to such neglect of public relations?

    Then ask yourself why HUSD is not fully concious of it’s seriopus deficiency in public relations with the voter. The condition of HUSD’s website is such as to cause thought about lack of respect by both trustees and administration in their attitude toward the public.

    If i believed there were truth to that I would probably lend myself to a recall not as the leader, (due to age and physical health concerns) but as a worker in that action. I am not sure that trustees in particular are overtly involved in deliberate creating existing conditions of the website at HUSD.


    I do fault them for failing to take corrective action in maintaing a healthy public relations tool.

    Pounce on that idea folks !!!!

  • J. W. Kyle



    A story on the subject of the website, in a deep factual and detailed effort, might just see
    attentionon given to HUSd’s website and in that act, assist ANG Daily Review to increase it’s circulation and profitability.

    The press has been basic to the succes of the USA yet circulation of newspapers continues to
    fall.. blogs are not a real solution because they lack professionalism in exptression of thought.

    This does not mean you need accept everything appearing in the press; but be reminded there are some real good investigative reporters who sometimes need encouragement from their readers.

    Life ain’t just about watching ball games and quiz shows, Rosie or Mr. Imus folks… preservation
    of the country is dependent upon and informed citizenry.

    I have a tough tough time believing the average Hayward area resident accepts that fact!!

    30 !

  • fernando hernandez

    JW Kile:

    Thanks for your posts, and I agree with them on many fronts.

    I too would be troubled with paying Vigil or Schimmel to go away, with their fat check for work not performaed! Correct me if I’m wrong, but making Kowal go away cost us $230,000.

    I’m still trying to understand WHY the Board gave these gratuitious 16.84 to the administrators? I have heard that they (the adminsitrators) had been offered jobs elsewhere and the Board wanted to make sure they didn’t leave. Maybe this is just a rummor, but…

    Am I to understand if this is the truth, that the contracts this Board has entered into have a clause that punishes the District for getting rid of administrators even when there is cause (like that $300,000 deli bill Kowal spent, that is a lot of sandwiches!), but doesn’t have a clause to punish an administrator if they leave before their contract is up?

    If this is the truth, Did the Board know they were agreeing to this? Who adviced them to sign this contract? Did anyone advice them on this?

    And if this was not the truth, why did they feel the need to give this raise, which was not negotiated or due? I just don’t understand, am I alone on this?

    I again question how involved the Board members have been in hiring these people.

    I was one of the people clamoring for these men to be fired, but had changed my mind even before JW Kyle brought it up. We should make sure Mr. Vigil and Mr. Schimmel stay and work out the rest of their contracts. They might not feel “comfortable and loved” in this community (if they ever were?) but they earned that along with their six figure salaries.

    We the community can be much more involved in making sure they are accountable.

    I agree the issue of the inadequacy of their site could be much better. But taking into account the site, and the way our $4,000,000 phone system has been used to spread missinformation leads me to believe that this is probably intentional. I hate to feel this way, but have lost trust in this administration to the point I would actually believe this.

    In the newspaper today, Mr. Vigil states that the reason we the had to pay $300/day for the subs, was to have enough of them to educate our children.

    How dare he say they were there to educate our children.?
    It has been pretty well established at this point that no education took place. What state standard does sponge bob cover?

    I can’t believe he is still saying that there was education going on, while at the same time the district was in a complete educational brake down, like he said in his request for an injuction. So which one was it? He can’t have it both ways.
    I found this answear insulting. How in world did the reporter not bring this up is beyond me.

    He also stated he did not have a history of adversarial relationships at the previous districts where he worked, and yet I understand he was “let go” of one of his previous jobs. Am I mistaken on this?

    I found the Q&A article with Mr.Vigil and MRS. Crummey bland and really unhelpfull. What about some challengeing follow up questions to their answers?
    What about some debate?

    This article was just like the big mouth (phone system) calls we got from the district.
    I also would like a real investigative story, with follow up questions. Both the HUSD and HEA used this Q@A to feed us lines we have heard before.

    Editor’s note: These were the questions you guys wanted asked. The questions are under our control. The answers are not. If you are dissatisfied with the answers, now is the time to contact Dr. Vigil or Kathy Crummey and seek further information. Our Q&A is a springboard for readers. In some cases, there were follow-up questions asked, but the answers remained the same. In the interest of space, we couldn’t afford to keep a lot of redundancy in there. But mostly, I would say that the thing the Q&A really shows/tells you is that these are the kinds of answers we get to the “hard” questions. Sometimes, if you read deeper, there is no answer at all. That in itself tells you something. -Kim

  • fernando hernandez

    I just reread my previous post and when I got to the $4,000,000 phone system I thought, Am I right on this figure?

    Was it not $400,000?

    I’m pretty sure I have heard 4 million before,

    Can anyone confirm the actual figure.

    I hope I’m mistaken

  • J. W. Kyle

    Mr. Fernandez’

    Visiot Hayward City Website at http://www.hayward-ca.gov. Make the tour through that opportunity.

    We had a good City Manager and staff who keep it current and readable without a lot of errors.
    Staff changes in coming months and last year make it immperative that we watch over that asset ….
    thus to avoid the ‘zoo’ like atmosphere ocurring at HUSd meetings which do nothing but contribute to
    the decline in qualitative thought and mutual respect.

    Had HUSD’s website been kept in condition with publicitry put forward suggesting that parents visit for
    purposes of being well informed rather than just emotional, would all have been spared the damaging public image which contributes to reputed decline in enrollment?
    Makew no mistake about it, use of the name Hayward by school district and city creates a common image which is so intertwined that it damages city just as much as school and parents shoot themselves in the foot.

    What annoys me is the surprised reaction that some are learning New Haven School district extends into City limits at south border while HUSD extends into Alameda County Area along Mission into Cherryland, Ashland and Fairview areas.

    Maybe when “Unification” occurred the name “MT. Eden Unified School District” should have been used; that iTHAT dea would have saved ‘The Heart of the Bay’ A BIT OF EMBARASSMENT, ESPECIALLY SINCE

  • fernando hernandez

    J.W Kyle:

    I really wish you had not used the word “zoo” to describe the athmosphere at the meeting. I was there. People were frustrated and angry, and our emotions were raw indeed.

    The night before the strike started, I waited almost four hours to ask, after a board meeting, roughly how many subs were lined up for the strike that stated in six hours time. I spoke with the superintedent of Human Resources and never did get a figure. How can I make an educated desision to take my child to school or not?

    At the meeting we were ten days into this crisis and our leaders had not addressed us. Progress was not within sight. We had no place to turn for answers, certainly not their site, and our board was unavailable.

    I agree with you in that we need to present a better public image of ourselves while at the meetings. You do have a good point there.

    Going back to your use of the word “zoo” I must admit, thinking twice about it…The word fits very well,

    I suppose just like the animals in a zoo are devoid of their freedom and have a frustrated life, some people in Hayward feel the frustration of not being heard.

    What is the point of coming to one of this meetings prepared with carefully crafted request for information, if you are muzzled by the fact that they can’t asnwer to our questions?!

    What is the point of coming to a meeting to object to a decision, that has ALREADY been taken!

    Without debate, our raw emotions are all we have left.

    You seem to know a lot about the history of HUSD,
    Was there ever public debate of the issues at HUSD?

  • J. W. Kyle

    You are wrong ! Our raw emotions are not all that we have left ! Sir, your questions are not carefully
    crafted because you wander !

    Concentrate on improvement of the HUSD website, then follow it! Read the coming agenda items; visit the Amador Admin office and learn if it’ has an extra copy of the staff reports supplied to Trustees before they vote; that supposedly is why trustees seldom address the subject of the agenda item before they vote.

    Did you vist the Hayward Websiote prior to your recent reply as I suggested earlier this day? Had you done so, you would better understand use of the word zoo….. it’s as if the food for thiought is in very limited supply at HUSD.. just thrwon att tjhe feet of those gathered for the stimulus of thought!

    SEE: City’s website as displayed above in color in early part of my previous.

  • Leslie Cienega

    In defense of fernando , J.W. …

    I too participated in the meeting and all us parentgot right to the point!

    Why did the board members not reply to us when we asked questions?
    I put my kids nfront so they can see the children upfront that were being hurt by all this!
    Mr. vigil looked right at them and i knew i hit him where it hurts with everything i said. it was my raw emotions that took over me ! So if i acted like a tiger (you mentioned the meeting was a zoo) then i am very proud of it!

    I feel so bad for you all your work and to have settled for less ! Thank you all for choosing not to go back on strike that it self shows your love for the kids! You are not greedy (a few are) people you just want what is owed ! Nobody should blame you for that! Once again thank you.

    I have a question ..i talked with my girls teacher today and she told me about how this deal they got is not a good one it is really kind of bad. My question is why send the kids to school yesterday before filling the teachers in on the deal and then after they had voted then go back to school? Now the teachers have settled for less due to not wanting to hurt the kids! Is the hea to blame for that?

  • Leslie Cienega

    Are all board meetings open to the public ?

  • J. W. Kyle

    Ms Cienega’ I understand what you are trying to say but honestly, if you want to assist your own understandanding of the HUSD Administrative mess, you must educate yourself. There are no answers on these blog scribbles which are going to really assist you. For that reason alone a I get into some expalanxtions to get you started.

    With the following exceptions, all meetings are opened to the public:

    Personnel matters involving employees whose right to prvacy when discussing job performance or answeing compl;aints, possible dismissal etc is protected by California law. Thus you may not attend.

    Same with student discipline, expulsion etc.

    If they do not respond to your questions at public comments it is because the subject you chose is not
    on the agenda; they are limited to items on the agenda. To violate that idea involves breakiong that law known as “the Brown Act”

    I suggest to you that you also visit the Hayward City Website. http://www.hayward-ca.gov Spend some
    time reading the City Council Agenda reports…. do not hurry. Then you might also visit the opportunity
    to see what went on at past meetings for many years. Meetings are replayed at your command !
    Teach another parent on this subject !

    The contrast between how the city website is maintained and how it’s meetings are conducted will, startle you thus enabling my use of the word ‘zoo’ when describing some of those highly emotional
    meetings where Trustees can hardly wait to get home.

    One major change needed now is to have President Peterson let another Trustee take his place and to
    move Supt Vigil to another seat on the dais. It makes you wonder why the change in the seating arrangement and why peterson’s term with the gavel has been extended.

    Watch City meetings on Tuesday nights at Channel 15. May 1st is cancelled as staff attempts to tie up the loose ends with downtown loop and budget discussions before City Manager Armas leaves the job. His last day
    is on June 30th after about 15 good years of service.

    As you review citry meetings on website archive, notice how Mr. Armas gave answers to questions which Council members are forbidden to do under terms of Brown Act. Notice how the Mayor frequently does not answer a commentators question but adroitly refers the speaker to either visit the manager or phone the staff member City manager names as a good person to answer the question.

    The HUSD meetings atre poorly managed and will continue in that fashion until we either elect new

    Until they learn the skills of public relations, try presenting youtr self at the HUSD office on Amador. Sign in at front desk and ask to speak to Ms. Sharma the Secretary. She keeps the ‘public records’ such as minutes, staff reports, electronical;ly taped record of the meetings etc. P{oor lady gets no help from the over-priced managers who do not seem to value their public image.

    One last comment or biyt of advice. Meedtings are dragged on endlessly and needlessly with cheering and booing thus, in a very discouirteous amnner, use up the first hour of public comments, forcing others to wait ubtil near end of the meeting! Shucks, i go home early when that happens and beleive there are occasions when a group del;iberately monopolio=zews the public comment period. That last idea NEVER HAPPENS AT COUNCIL MEETINGS !

  • another tired teacher

    tonight attorneys from Public Advocates, and Communities Organizing for Renewal, and yours truly, will be at St. Joquom catholic church —across from Home Depot on Hesperian– doing a workshop about Williams and parent’s will actually be filling out the complaints to be turned in on Monday.
    If you do not know who Public Advocates is go to publicadvocates.org, also visit decentschools.org.
    If you or anyone you know, has any complaints about; dirty bathrooms, not having soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and broken doors in bathrooms;
    students not having enough text books; or students not being allowed to take books home to do homework;
    or if you feel a teacher is not properly credentialed to teach a subject they are teaching; or if you are a teacher and feels you have been missassigned come tonight find out what you can do to remedy these situations.
    This workshop is not about:
    school closures; school boundaries; incompetent HUSD board; strike; student tests.
    This workkshop IS about:
    How to fill out a simple formal complaint, about school facilities; text books; and teacher missassignments; and actually get results from the schools/district!
    Spread the word, there will be two workshops tonight 5:30 and 7:00 St. Joquom.

    There is still time to make it to the 7pm workshop!

  • another tired teacher

    Ooops the part about “yours truly” is a mistake. This was copied and pasted from a forwarded email.

  • Leslie Cienega

    thank you for my over the weekend homework assignments 🙂 i will do my homework on those meetings and another thing i was not awear of the brown act but now i am . thank you J.W.

  • hayward teacher

    I am very glad to see that people are still engaged in the issue of education in Hayward despite the conclusion of the strike.


    Regarding your comment that “I feel so bad for you all your work and to have settled for less “:

    We have settled for MORE. Until earlier this month, the district was still offering only 3%. The day before the strike, they offered 7% (don’t pay attention to all the contingent or one-time aspects of that offer). Now, Hayward teachers have affected an 11% raise over they next two years! What a victory.

    The biggest travesty is that the district always knew how much money they had. They could have paid us more and settled without the grievous suffering brought on the community by the strike. Dr. Vigil himself said that the district was happy with this agreement, so it is patently clear that their claims of bankruptcy were utter nonsense. They saved money by striking, at the expense of the students (right before testing no less) and then made the teachers hold out to the point of losing money on the year, just so they could dictate the terms of the contract and do their best to hold money back form teachers. This should never have come this far, and I hold the district responsible.

    Teachers will recoup their losses and start making more money in the 5th week of next year. Since I am leaving, that does not include me. I lose money, but I am happy. All the teachers that stay in Hayward and take care of Hayward are rewarded, and that is what I was always fighting for.


    Stay involved, spread the word, and don’t let it get to this point again (If you can help it. Hey, they didn’t listen to us either!). It is clear to me from working (and striking) in this community that there are strong, concerned, involved parents that will get behind causes that are righteous. Stay organized, informed, and active. You are awesome!! Si se puede!

  • Leslie Cienega

    so if this deal was good then why were most teachers sad and why were some crying?

  • Hayward Teacher

    Most teacher, 89%, voted yes for this settlement. It was an emotional undertaking, and many hoped for better, but we still vastly improved on what the district originally put on the table.

  • Ms. Teacher

    Only 68% of the 1300 members of HEA voted yes–just under 900 teachers. I think that 11% voting no (in light of the 98% strike participation) should be an indicator to HEA that many HEA members have deep concerns about the length of the strike in relation to the non-fully-retro raise we got.

    How many of the 89% of those who voted voted not for the raise but to end the strike? I know several teachers at my school whose vote of “yes” meant “stop the strike” not “I feel the COLA raise is fair”.

    In Jan. of 2008, we’ll recoup what we lost.

    Hopefully our sacrifice will bring in some new teacher blood, seeing has our first year teacher salary is now only behind Pleasanton and New Haven. But how long will they stay? By the time we realize this raise fully, in the 08-09 school year, other districts will have caught up and surpassed us on the pay scale.

    I think the bigger issue is that a high level of pay will only hold a teacher in a dysfunctional district for a short period of time before they move on to a district where they’re more appreciated.

    HUSD has a lot of work to do.

    So does HEA.

  • Leslie Cienega

    us parents have alot of work also..we cant have this happen again its not right to the students and the teachers!

  • another hayward high teacher

    The next step is to work against the awful effects of No Child Left Behind with its excessive testing demands and punitive approach. We need the community to work with the union on this one–it impacts us all and deeply impacts the education of the children. Call or email Pete Stark and George Miller to ask them NOT to reauthorize the current NCLB with just more funding. It needs to be revamped.

  • Ms. Teacher

    Amen to that, another h.h.s. teacher!

  • Leslie Cienega

    I can for sure do that! Today as a matter of fact!

  • another tired teacher

    Amen! The truth needs to get out! Kids are getting stressed out over grownup’s garbage.