Hayward strike updates


The Angry, Tired Teachers — a group of Hayward educators led by art teacher Andy Knight — recently recorded its original song “Teaching in a Hayward School,” inspired by the labor negotiations.

Meanwhile, teachers and the district continue to meet at a negotiation session that began at 1 p.m. today, with Paul Rouse, coordinator of state mediation, and County Superintendent Sheila Jordan mediating.

Check back here or pick up Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Review to get more information regarding the negotiation’s outcome.


  • Teen

    IN case you were wondering, the work we do is irrelevant to anything I’ve been studying this year and high doubt I will be tested on. They are simple second grade problems like 200 + 118. As an eight grader, i dont think i need help with the problem and I have not encountered any of those simple problems in my math book.

  • Fred

    I too, would like to add my thanks to the parents that spent their day marching the two + miles to the district office today in support of the teachers, counselors, and nurses of HEA. It was tough seeing former students (now in high school) out of school, but I respect their decision!! Thank you!!
    {Fernando – this is tough writing, into a blank space}

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the issue here is whether or not the current Board of Education in Hayward is willing to finish the job they were elected to do. Balance the books, and bring the HUSD into the 21 century!! They have balanced the books, they have found the grant monies to upgrade the technology side (what Dr. Kowal began), they have presented a forecasted budget that sent the county financial baby-sitter home. In the process the members of HEA decided to contributee to the solution by foregoing their COLA and agreeing to a contract that postponed the negotiation of their salaries until after the forecasted budget was accepted by the county.
    Now the BOE is falling down in finishing the job with the teachers, counselors and nurses. HUSD received (as did all districts in the state) a special allocation of funds to assist in paying a respectful COLA for their teachers. HUSD has chosen to add these funds to the general accounts and not pass on to the teachers. HUSD has chosen to not address this issue directly in the negotiations with HEA How can our negotiators respond realistically when HUSD cannot even begin at that point!
    Mr. Peterson and members of the BOE, it is time that you direct your negotiating team to present a realistic offer to HEA, and not allow your team to show up late to a scheduled meeting and then waste the time of teachers as they move papers around on the table. Direct your superintendento provide you with the daily attendence figures, the actual numbers, not percentages.
    Direct your superintendent to meet daily with representatives from each of the elementary schools as to what standards-based instruction is actually taking place in their schools. I already know what what standards-based instruction is not taking place at the middle school site where I teach. Do you??

    And, did you know that parents are being threatened by your superintendent if they continue to keep their students home??

    [[Kim, [is there anyway that you can increase the size of this window so we can see all of the text as we write???] and thank you for your patience and moderation. ]]

  • Rose

    Markham parent- I feel for you. I really hope that your situation with your children gets straightened out. You and your children deserve to have the best that public education can offer. I hear your anger. Markham has consistently received a bad reputation and I don’t know why, it’s not fair for any member of the community. Keep fighting for what is fair, and maybe, channel that anger into change. You can end up transforming things fro the better.

    Hayward parents, you are beautiful human beings. Thank you for your support. Gracias a todas las familias de Hayward. Ustedes me hicieron sentir orgullosa por vivir en Hayward y trabajar en Hayward.

  • hayward teacher

    At first, the occasional person that did not support the cause of the teachers bothered me. Over this past week, we have marched on the district, city hall, and shown our presence throughout the city. I think four people gave us the thumbs down. What makes it so easy to ignore these gestures and other unsupportive remarks is the overwhelming amount of people that are on our side. About 80 percent of students are not attending school. Community members are honking their horns, waving, shouting, bringing us food to eat, letting us into their homes, and stopping by the school sites to offer words of encouragement. A moving number of parents took time out of their days yesterday to hold a rally, and then they made their own march to the district. Calls are being made to the district office. Some people are making sacrifices that are incredibly noble. Thank you Hayward community.

  • Gary Duran

    As a a parent and a teacher I would like to challenge our parents to demand that the Daily Review starts asking Dr. Vigil the hard questions we all want answered. I was in the question and answer session at the district yesterday and found it interseting that very little was mentioned in the paper. Many parents asked questions about the misinformation, to be nice, that the district has been giving the community through ther automated phone system and web site. None of that dialogue has been reported on which is allowing Dr. Vigil to continue his practice of half truths and misinformation to our community. The only thing that Dr. Vigl seems to respond to is the major media outlets because they are allowing him to give his spin without asking hard questions.

  • Angela Hayward mother and alumni

    We appreciate your departure Fernando. I guess amicable tones are in the eye of the beholder. We, as parents and Community members, are seeing both sides, whether you wish to believe it or not. Your quick responses to justify actions (illegal as they may) are done in support of La Huelga! However, your very own verbiage directed at staff administration too has been a bit “vitriolic”.
    Let it be known, the bias you demonstrate rather than hearing all sides of the argument, whether to your liking or not, tells me you will NOT ever be a teacher of MY daughter’s in this manner as well as I hope you take this as a learning experience- Not everyone is willing to stand on the sidelines to smile and look pretty for the camera! Parents are putting their foot down now and it’s not to your liking.

    You are right about one thing though Fernando: People do need to account for their actions!

    Folks: There are always two sides to any debate- pro and cons… Just remember that their will be those that choose to follow to be with the “in crowds” – even during this strike. People are people. But people need to be responsible for THEIR actions and acknowledge their role while particpating.

  • elm. teacher

    Fernando is not a teacher, that is a missunderstanding, caused by the many people who share our computer. He is a Hayward parent, community member and he volunteers many hours for the betterment of the city we live in.

    In regard to interns:

    Having been an intern myself, it is the most challenging job I have ever done. The sleepless nights wondering how to best meet the needs of the students. The worry if you are doing it “right”. The hours and hours you spend on your students, classroom, parents, colleagues and then you have your classes so that you may be a credentialed teacher. If you have never done it, you have no idea.

    Now as a veteran teacher I mentor new teachers, both interns and credentialed. I work hard offering my knowledge, my experiance, my time, anything they need. I do all of this because even the best credentialling program can only go so far. Like practicing medicine, teachers practice. What works with one student may not work with another. The bag of tricks I have, is still being developed. I do not know a single teacher who doesn’t need help, doesn’t wonder and worry if they are doing all they can so that their students may learn. We talk. We collaborate. We attend many trainings, conferences, workshops, all on our own time.

    I am on strike because I want to be in my classroom in Hayward. I want to stay in Hayward. I want to teach Hayward students. I want respect from the Hayward administration. It may seem contradictory to you that I want to teach yet I am on strike, I want better pay and some respect. I could get both if I leave, when was the last time you heard of a teacher’s strike in Pleasanton? It is because the teachers are respected by their administration, and colas are passed on to the teachers, that district understands that in order to keep quality teachers it has to pay them. I know many teachers who have left for better districts. I LIKE it here, I want to stay, Believe me I have looked, and talked to many other districts, I could go anywhere.

  • Michele Reese

    I am a veteran teacher and a support provider for an intern teacher. I am at a loss to understand the level of rage directed at our interns. I will only speak from my personal experience. My intern spends countless hours preparing lessons, meeting with parents, instructing students, and meeting with both her program supporter and with me to ensure that she is providing her students with, not only her personal best, but THE best education her students are entitled to. She is observed regularly by numerous experienced professionals, both by appointment and by “surprise”, and she has never failed to impress us all with her professionalism and dedication to her class. On top of this, she attends evening classes and staff development workshops and will in 2 short months have her credential. She has taught our veteran teachers a thing or two as well. She deserves your respect. Please do not attack people you do not know personally because of your own experience. And to the rest of the interns out there, your colleagues salute you and support you. Keep up the good fight. Please do not let this year be your defining moment. The children need you.

  • Kim Santos

    A blogger brings up a good point. This is a place to talk about the strike, not to point out individual teachers’ faults/shortcomings/perceived failings/etc. If you do so, and you name them by name, they can sue for libel. Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on libel. Please keep yourself in check.

  • The march and rally were NOT events “to support the teachers.”

    Michele Reese wrote (in part): “Thank you to all the amazing parents and students who marched in support of Hayward teachers today.”

    The Intern also thanked parents, writing (in part): “It was truly moving to see so many come together united towards getting answers. . . . It was a very emotional moment for me to see ALL of those parents and students marching in support of Hayward Teachers.”

    I would like to point out that Friday’s rally was not actually about “supporting teachers,” though certainly an overwhelming majority of parents consider themselves as supporting teachers.

    Instead, the rally was organized to show the district that parents are concerned and want answers that will help them understand why this dispute was not resolved long ago. Parents want the dispute settled.

    Over the past weeks, many parents have complained that they feel as if they have no voice or role in their children’s education, and certainly parents feel “left out” of the current disputes.
    This doesn’t just include the “salary” issue that is the ONLY issue on the table that teachers are allowed to negotiate.

    Parents are also concerned about the issues of “respect, honesty, and communication” which have been raised by many individual parents, students, teachers, and other community members. Certainly, the exchanges in the “HayWord” forum have demonstrated such concerns, but without any response from district administrators or board members.

    To his credit, Dr. Vigil finally came out of his office to greet parents and students, and he patiently and courteously listened for almost four hours. I understand that responded to comments and questions from about 100 parents and students. The news media has not reported on the substance of those exchanges, and although the district videotaped the event, it’s unclear whether that videotape or a transcript will be available to the public (including the majority of parents who attended the rally but were unable to fit into the boardroom, as well as parents like me who could not attend the rally due to work obligations).

    My point, again, is that this was not a “rally to support the teachers,” though most parents do support the teachers — instead, this was a rally to demonstrate that parents want answers, and to demand “respect, honesty, and communication” for all participants in the Hayward educational community.

    What I don’t understand, today, is why the School Board’s agenda for this Wednesday’s meeting contains no action or discussion item related to the strike — which means that any community “public comments” about the strike (along with all other “public comment” topics) will be limited to 60 minutes total. Nor do I understand why the School Board has not changed the meeting location, though they know that many hundreds of community members want to attend; it seems clear that the School Board wants to exclude the vast majority of community members from the board meeting, and does NOT want to hear from community members.

    Under the present circumstances, it is shocking that neither the school district nor the teacher’s union has already arranged for a “community forum” to present information or hear comments from the community. Until Friday, the district turned away parents who sought answers, and of course 95% of Hayward parents were unable to attend the rally, and the district limited seating at Friday’s meeting with Dr. Vigil to only about 150 of the 65,000 members of the Hayward educational community (conservatively counting students, parents, and teachers).

  • My wife just forwarded this email from HEA President Kathy Crummey:

    “Two important events have happened this afternoon. The first is that the District withdrew their effort to seek a court order to halt the strike.

    “The second, is that we have a bargaining meeting set for tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, we will be able to reach a settlement with the District.”

  • confounded teacher

    a word about intern programs: these programs are needed because many adults who decide to become teachers can not afford to take two years out of their lives without a job while going to school. yes it is a bit harder on the students to have these teachers but schools that hire interns are supposed to be giving these teachers ample guidance and support.

    and elm teacher says:
    “I am on strike because I want to be in my classroom in Hayward. I want to stay in Hayward. I want to teach Hayward students. I want respect from the Hayward administration. It may seem contradictory to you that I want to teach yet I am on strike, I want better pay and some respect. I could get both if I leave, when was the last time you heard of a teacher’s strike in Pleasanton? It is because the teachers are respected by their administration, and colas are passed on to the teachers, that district understands that in order to keep quality teachers it has to pay them. I know many teachers who have left for better districts. I LIKE it here, I want to stay, Believe me I have looked, and talked to many other districts, I could go anywhere.”

    Here, here! I do not live in Hayward [gasp!] but I do have relatives who do. I feel a very strong connection to the students and community. I love Hayward. I do shop here, patronize restaurants here, etc. While teachers get more respect from their district administration in other districts I wanted to teach in Hayward because of the students. I like the diversity, I see a city that is working at revitalizing itself.

    And lastly, THANK YOU PARENTS! I was practically moved to tears to see the outpouring of support from parents and students. God bless you! Si se puede!!

  • Leslie cienega

    I would like to say lets stop taking shots at the interns.. It took a little bit of time for me to let go of my anger and i did. They have alot of things on their plates lets try to give them some understanding too! Instead of being angry at them lets as parents once again offer our support to help the kids and the interns.

    I am sorry to the intern my kids teacher that i offended instead of complaining how far they are behind i should be trying harder to help her and the class and mabe if we all do that then are kids wont be far behind when thew go back to school!

    They have kids to and have feelings and some are even getting married ๐Ÿ™‚ soon so besides of the strike they have their own problems as well.

    Markham parents : I have had my problems to with the school too but at this point there is only about 34 school days left so lets stop complaing and try to make these last days great for our kids.

  • Leslie cienega

    lets give the teachers and the interns some support

  • confounded teacher wrote (in part): “intern programs are needed because many adults who decide to become teachers can not afford to take two years out of their lives without a job while going to school. yes it is a bit harder on the students to have these teachers but schools that hire interns are supposed to be giving these teachers ample guidance and support.”

    And of course, “guidance and support” is one of those “follow-through” things that often don’t happen in many districts. In fact, the support provided to an “intern” teacher is far less than the support provided under state programs to first- and second-year credentialed teachers.

    I accepted a full-time teaching position as an “intern” in Oakland, and the lack of meaningful support was one of the reasons I quit. After that experience, I strongly believe that the “intern credential” (along with the “emergency credential”) should be eliminated because the required support is simply not provided by most districts.

  • Leslie cienega

    well if the teachers or district dont offer support then us parents need to. mabe fill us in on things better so we can help the intern to the fullest

  • Weary Yet Resolved Educator

    This has been an extremely difficult time for everybody — parents, teachers, and especially students. I think that this blog, though contentious, has opened up people’s eyes to the major failings in the education system. It’s important that we see that we can’t place blame on any one person or institution. I have followed this blog and see that people have come together to discuss and try to solve problems, and this makes me proud to be a Hayward educator. Maybe once this episode is past us we can work together to be politically active and enact real change in this country’s education policy! Let’s contribute to real discussion about reauthorization of NCLB! Let’s contact our representatives and let them know how we feel about our kids’ treatment, and what we want to see changed. We can let the world know that the Hayward community is a force to be reckoned with!

  • Poor, but Proud

    Hi Ms. Cienega-
    Thank you so much for your offer of support. It really means a lot. One thing that parents can do to help is offer to come in to the classroom and read with each student in the class using a checklist and a set of leveled books. (For kindergarten, it might be practicing vowel pair sounds, consonant sounds, sight words, etc.)

    The children really respond to reading and practicing one on one and benefit greatly from daily review. Because of high student to teacher ratios, it is often difficult for teachers to work with students uninterrupted. If a teacher can get 5 different volunteers scheduled for the same time of day every day, this can really work wonders for most of the students.

    If you’re not able to volunteer in class because of job constraints or daycare issues, then I’m sure any teacher would appreciate help with reviewing homework. I used to go in to my son’s kinder class and do art projects to help his teacher with open house. Each student was able to work with paints which would have been difficult without close supervision.

    Those are just a few ideas. I hope it helps.

  • Speechless & Confused

    Lets try this one more time …

    This is part 2 of a previous comment I wrote on Friday.

    For: Mrs. Crummy
    Mrs. Crummy, when making your statements – please do not say the district – please refer specifically to Dr. Vigil (Question the Dr.), Barry (should be fired), Quinn (I do not know much about her), and Petermann. CLARIFY TO THE NEWS THAT THE DISTRICT DID NOT GIVE THEMSELVES RAISES, BUT ONLY THE SUPERINTENDENTS. I did not see a raise on my paycheck! Each day becomes more difficult to deal with some teachers promoting harassment. Taking our pictures? What is that about? On another note, I’ve been hearing through the walkie talkies that roam the offices about all the harassment complaints that have been coming in from parents and substitute teachers. I do, but I don’t understand your anger towards them and the unprofessional behavior that surrounds these harassments. What is up with following a substitute teacher home? It’s almost like being a gang member following someone from another gang. You teach your students that of which is wrong, but yet – look at what you are doing. You are teaching that HARASSMENT IS OKAY! You would suspend students who behave this way. Please do not forget that you are ROLE MODELS of these students that sit in your classrooms. Teach them how to be professionals and respectful! Teach them how to become activists without violence! Did Martin Luther King Jr. promote violence? Did Cesar Chavez promote violence? NO! Why is your union president allowing this to happen? Do not forget we are all here for the STUDENTS! THE COMMUNITY NEEDS TO BE A ROLE MODEL AND VIOLENCE IS NOT THE KEY! I think the most emotional moment during this whole time has been the rally of today, Friday, April 20, 2007, which I should feel should be in our history books. FAMILIES COMING TOGETHER FOR EDUCATION! As a Latina, it made me PROUD to hear the chants in Spanish and tears would roll down my cheeks because I have never seen parents, students, and teachers united with such power. I understand your frustration with these negotiations and believe the frustration is equal. I’ve heard of people having nightmares and being scared of coming to work. This is not the atmosphere we want to create! Again, please be kind on the picket lines! WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES – WELL – THE SUPERINTENDENTS & THE BOARD ARE, BUT NOT EVERYONE ELSE. Including, the subs – we are all here for you and want you to get the RESPECT you deserve. If you are of religious faith, always remember, “What would Jesus Do?” Think before you say – Something Dr. Vigil doesn’t know how to do, huh? Hahaha Tambien el estupido de Schimmel y muy campante camina por los pacios como si fuera un Dios pero se nota que trae la cola entre las patas. Sorry for the Spanish, but some times that Latin fire comes out better in my native language. Hahaha! Basically, he walks as if he’s God, but you can notice the shame. Thank you for letting me voice my opinions and GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US! May I please have a teacher answer my question of speak and talk? Hehehe! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry! May everyone have a wonderful, restful, blessed, happy, and peaceful weekend.

  • hayward teacher

    WOW! I never knew the true value of blogs until this incident occurred. I appreciate the exchange of ideas, the dissenting opinions, the raw emotions, and the truth truth truth truth truth from the heart that is spoken. This has been my community to get me though this hard time. I hope it is over soon, but I hope that the exchange of ideas continues. Don’t let it stop here!

  • Fernando hernandez

    Speechless and confused:

    I too am confused: there are two or three streams of comunications going on,

    it seems like many of us are in all of them and I wander if we need to stream line down to one blog, now that we seem to be in the same page and keeping focused. I have noticed that when a lot of us are writing, it is easy to miss clarifications, corrections and apologies.

    From your reference to the situation with the delivery services…

    You must be one the folks that was at the Board meeting when they decided to fire the four drivers…

    If my memory serves me right, Mr. Cook was the only one to propose that the board postpone the decission until they had a chance to review the information turned in by your union about an hour before. Under edvice from Mr. Schimmel, the board approved the firing of the drivers 3 to 5, with Mr. Cook and Mr. Frumpkin voting no.

    If the Board is going to aprove firing a district emplyees, the least they can do is to take a day to review the information thorowly,

    That night I was not proud to live in Hayward.

  • Fernando hernandez

    Sorry for all the typos in my last post, I should go to sleep.

  • Speechless and Confused

    I copied this from the HUSD website. I wonder what this means now and how many more days our teachers will be out on the picket lines.

    (Quote start)
    April 21, 2007


    Hayward Unified School District filed a request for an injunction Friday afternoon with the Public
    Employment Relations Board (PERB).
    The basis for this request is the complete breakdown of the educational process and operations of the
    Districtโ€™s 34 schools.
    Additional information was requested of the District with the option to withdraw the current injunction
    and submit a new injunction Monday morning.
    Hayward Unified School District is withdrawing our current injunction request and will be submitting a
    new injunction request to PERB Monday, April 23, 2007.
    (Quote End)

  • Speechless and Confused

    Mr. Hernandez & everyone else on this blog:

    Do not worry about typos! This is an informal gathering place where we can freely express our feelings and concerns. As long as you get your point across – that is all that matters.

  • Leslie Cienega

    Where is the budget at, i couldn’t find it on the net?

    I went to a meeting at night i think on thursday and i heard alot of the teachers side but i would like to see for myself the districts!

  • Voice

    This is a community service and is viewed by members of the area, people do learn about the issues and character of the people responding. To encourage misspellings and other such actions isn’t showing the way for students to achieve to. I did notice that the teachers have done a good job in teaching their students how to use correct wording without typo’s. Even if people are heated with emotions it is still takes a breathe or two to slow down and think out what they are writing, to let your emotions take over can lead to things said that may not be in the best light of how the public perceives the speaker and their community standing. This strike has two sides and sometimes conflicting view points but people must stay focused and honorable.

  • fernando Hernandez


    Voice: I hope I don’t offend you with my correction, but I think you meant to write “breaths” instead of “breathe”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So long as we get our points accross in a respectfull manner, let’s forget about punctuation, typos, misspelings, etc. It is not that we “encourage” the missuse of the English lenguage, but under the present circumstances it seems to me expediency and fluidity are more important that correctness.

    I sure hope this is the last time we need to address this issue. I rather talk about how we get our administrators and Board to provide the education our students have been missing.

    I agree with your last sentence all the way. I for one I’m glad that the general tone of the dialogue(s) going on seems to be generally more focused and constructive.

    For this, I appreciate everyone’s latest contributions.

    Leslie: You are right, the budget is not easily available. Maybe you missed my post elsewhere, but I have contacted the Alameda County Office of Education about this and they couln’t believe that the budget was not posted at the HUSD’s site. They are supposed to call me back with the answer of where we parents can get this information.

  • Leslie Cienega

    Fernando i have stayed from the blogs because i wanted time to get my own information and facts and with 2-6 year olds and a 5 1/2 month old it has taken me time. I also went to a meeting last thursday but i left early due to me feeling out of place and also i was worried it was going to rain and with my baby i didnt want her sick.

    But i looked every where and didnt find anything. Even i tried to research about ms.crummey because at the meeting i heard a wisper that she was still getting paid and i wanted to see if that was true but again i found out nothing.
    Is she still getting paid while the teachers are not?

  • Leslie Cienega

    I forgot to mention but in one of these blogs something stated that a meeting will be today again between the hea and the husd was that true?

    Also what is with this legal thing of making the teachers go back to work? Will it not just make the teachers more angry!

  • Kevin McNair wrote (in part) that reporter Thuy Vu incorrectlyattributed a statement to him (but not shown on camera), and he also noted her mistake about ADA funding at the end of that segment. We certainly had noted the latter mistake, and I’m glad to hear that you didn’t say what she attributed to you — it certainly sounded like a dumb thing to have said. To be honest, it sounds like her news anchor (who asked her the ADA question to which she gave the wrong answer) is personally opposed to teacher strikes in general.

    Hayward High Teacher noticed that I’d previously taught in Oakland, and asked “what [my] connection to Hayward is?” The short answer is, “I’m a parent.”

    As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I had recently decided (in 2002/2003) to become a secondary English teacher. At that time, I lived in Pleasanton, and worked as a substitute teacher there nearly full-time for a year, before enrolling in the credential program at CSUH. After one summer of classes, I was hired to work full-time as a 9th and 10th grade English teacher in Oakland. I ended up quitting “mid-year” after five and a half months. I’ve outlined my reasons for deciding not to continue to pursue that career on my personal web site (http://www.markwelch.com/perspective/teach_not.htm); my earlier essay about deciding to become a teacher is also still posted on my site (http://www.markwelch.com/perspective/teach01.htm). I learned first-hand how the lack of support from administrators could undermine education.

    I am the stepfather of a fantastic 12-year-old sixth-grader who SHOULD be enjoying her last two months of elementary school at Bowman, but may end up being “home schooled” if the strike continues. Her dad (my wife’s ex) is lobbying to transfer our daughter to middle school in Newark, where the schools are much smaller and have much better test scores. The district has been working hard to encourage us to do so (that is, the district is working overtime to push students OUT of Hayward schools in order to extend the current “declining enrollment” further).

    I am also the husband of a wonderful woman who has been working for several years to try to create a PTA/PTO at our child’s school, and who has most recently been working with parents from several schools to attempt to create a district-wide organization for parents/families. What Kary noticed is that PTA/PTO groups are often formed through the efforts of a single parent, and then if no other parents are active, the group collapses when a key parent’s child progresses to another school (as our daughter is about to do). Many parents have complained about the lack of information (or opportunity for parent involvement) in major decisions like the school closures, boundary changes, and labor negotiations. The new group, “Families in Action” (http://www.haywardfamiliesinaction.org/) has an immediate goal of persuading the two sides to settle the labor negotiations, but a longer-term goal of increasing “respect, honesty, and communication” within the district.

    This brings us back to the “news media” — despite what you may have seen or read in in news reports on Friday and Saturday, FAMILIES IN ACTION was not formed “to support teachers,” but instead to have parents’ voices heard — the group wants the district and teachers to reach a settlement, and to turn all our efforts to restoring respect, honesty, and communication.

  • fernando Hernandez


    I commend you for your efforts. I take care of my daughters, aged 5 and 7 years, and I can fully appreciate what it takes to raise your kids AND try to be involved with everything that is going on.

    I will inquire about whether Mrs. Crummey is getting paid or not, I’m not sure. I’m not even sure if she is a teacher. I suspect that if she is a teacher, she is not getting paid for the days she has been on strike along with everyone else.

    It is probably a mute point since she is performing her duties as Union President, and she ought to be compensated for her work, regardless of whether we fully agree of how the strike had been handled or not.

    Regarding your question about the negotiations and the injunction: you are correct. HEA and HUSD are meeting today and negotiations are ongoing.

    About the injuction: The district withdrew their request for an injuction (apparently they did not have enought information to support their request.) The panel asked for more information. HUSD site does state they intend to file a new request for an injuction on Monday.

    You are right, teachers will not be happy to be denied their right to strike and be forced back to work. Not only will they be angrier than they already are, but they will probaly go back to work “contract hours only” This means they will stick stictly to the hours and duties they have to work according to their contract.

    Most teachers work many, many more hours that that! They can refuse to advice younger teachers, or correct papers after hours, or do anything not specified in their contract. Since most teachers do put in a lot of time outside of their “contract Hours” , education would not be back to “normal” even with all the teachers back in their classrooms.

  • Hayward High Teacher

    Fernando: You are right. If settlement is not reached and the injuction is successful, teachers will “work to rule” if we are forced back into the classroom before we have a fair contract settlement. For high school teachers, that would mean we arrive 5 minutes before school begins and leave 5 minutes after school ends.

    I spend upwards of 15-20 hours per week outside of the normal school day planning lessons, grading, meeting with parents, tutoring students, advising clubs, etc. If teachers were to work to rule, it wouldn’t be long before things started falling apart because we all work far more hours than the normal school day.

    Hopefully, we’ll settle! As of right now, I’ve not received a call from the union phone tree at my school with any information regarding a settlement.

    Let’s keep our finger crossed!

  • Disgusted Hayward Parent

    My son and I were out shopping today and he asked me if it was safe to
    return to school and I said it all depends on the outcome of today’s meeting and
    some who claimed to work for HUSD cussed me out in the store and said to me that once
    he returns to school he will face being expelled from the Ha ward district !!!! And I went to look at the HUSD website and the meeting scheduled for 4/25 well the discussion of EXPELLING
    students is on the agenda !!!!!

    What another slap in the face from SUPERINTENDENT VIGIL !!!!!!
    Can he really do this to our children ????
    I am though being more than disgusted , I am very very PISSED OFF now !!!!!

  • Leslie Cienega

    This is crazy i wonder why new parents to the district was not informed of any of this in the begining of the school year.

    At the kinder orientation i heard nothing about it. I didnt even find out until the first day of school that it was going to close next year and now that has changed to the following year!
    And as i did find out through lots of internet searches it seems to be true that some head officials get their set wages in contracts so they cannot them selves complain for a raise in the middle of their contract! And they cannot automaticly give them selves one.

    But another question i have is if the cola money is for all then what happened to field trips I cant speak for any other school but in my kids class they didnt have one and it is the end of the year.

    I am taking that is because of the misspent cola money!

    So really not only has it affected the teachers but the kids too!
    It is our tax money we should know what is going on with it and where it goes!

  • Leslie Cienega

    That is a lie they wont expell your child. I have walked in and out of their school also went in and out of the district office and nothing has or will happen.

    From one parent to another dont worry that should be the least of your concerns!

    I belive march 28 was some cut off date so really during this strike his/her absence is excused.
    You can also get that info from the web site i believe.

  • Please don’t panic about expulsions: the agenda item on the school board calendar for student discipline/expulsions is included for every meeting, as they follow up on cases that have worked their way through the entire district process. It has nothing to do with the strike.

    It would be helpful if Dr. Vigil could issue a statement (after admitting this week that the schools are not operating acceptably or safely) clearly acknowledging that ALL student absences during the strike will be “excused” if a parent requests.

    While people say all kinds of things during a strike (including bizarre threats intended to persuade parents to send their students to school), I’m quite confident that the district would not be so foolish or vindictive as to attempt to impose discipline on students whose parents kept them home after learning that fewer than 200 subs were available to replace 1,300 striking teachers. Certainly, high school students who came to school nd were told they could leave campus after merely “signing in” should also not be penalized for failing to return to school on subsequent days.

    In the extremely unlikely event that the district did attempt this, I’m sure there would be a prompt legal action.

  • Disgusted Hayward Parent

    Well all this has done was scare the crap out of my son !!!!!! I have driven him to school somedays and he says “MOMMA , it is too noisy and I don’t want to be here !!!!! And he will cry
    because he does want to be in school , he loves school but he can deal with all the chaos,
    he is just adjusting to a “NORMAL” , my so nwatched his father beat on me for years , I
    finally left the SOB , but it toll a toll on my son and as of right now he can not deal with people yelling and all the damn chaos and what the employee did today in Walgreens was just flat out freaking mean !!!!!! I am in supoort of the teachers , but really this needs to stop because all
    it is doing is messing with our kids emotions !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What I want to know is who’s giving the kids the STAR test?, and if should a child fail the test due to a sub giving it, will it mess up that child’s future down the road because of it? I work for a company that’s union and torn between sending my child to school and getting fined or keeping them home till the teachers go back, from what I hear, what they are doing at school I can the same thing at home, I can play a movie too and tell my kids to write a small report about it too, but that won’t get them a (High School Diploma).

  • Disgusted Hayward Parent

    Sorry for the typos , I think faster than I write sometimes , I am just tired and really
    just want all this to be settled !!!!

  • Leslie Cienega

    i REALLY know what you mean!

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Hi folks,

    Please listen to Hayward Teacher and Mr. Welch, I second their opinion:

    Parents, pay attention, this is important,

    We need to be on the same page,

    United we have strenght:

    If you take the time to read back through the last few dozen entries, it looks to me like the district is trying to intimidate us (the parents) into bringing our kids back to school, threatening to hold them back or take punitive action against them, even though the people who make that call (the teachers) have the discretion to make the decision of who is truly ready to move forward or not. As far as I can tell, every teacher who has piped in so far, has stated that they will not hold students back because of abscences during the strike.

    From where I stand, it seems to me that Mr.Vigil and his underlings (including principals) are trying to brake the unity amongst us parents just as they have tried to brake the teachers strike with their ridiculuos offers, and their threats of injuctions!

    I will be the first parent to sue the district, the county and the state, if they dare bring up the issue of attendance up in any retention hearing. I have been at the picket line since day one, and I can assure that I will be there, along with my two daughters, to support any parent having to deal with this issue!

    Think about 20,000 parents sueing the district over this, they have no leg to stand on, don’t let them push you arround over this!


  • Kim Santos

    Editor’s note: To clarify, we have asked Dr. Vigil about students being penalized for absences. The answer, which I believe was in Saturday’s article in The Daily Review, is that students will be marked for unexcused absences if their parents don’t call in to say they won’t be at school that day. This is because school is technically still going on during the strike. Therefore, if a child is not going to be in school, the parent needs to call in and let the school know so that the absence is not marked as “unexcused.” -Kim

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Kim: Thanks for this note, I had not heard this before, and even though I thought I read the newspaper carefully, I must have missed this detail,

    I will go by my daughter’s school tomorrow and let my daughter’s principal know that she has not, and will not be in school until her regular teacher is in the classroom.

    Thank you


  • another tired teacher

    Dear Parents,
    the district cannot “hold back” your child without your child’s teacher’s consent and a formal meeting in which you must be present. The state tests do not determine whether your child will pass
    on to the next grade or not, as the results of these tests do not come out until well after the
    students have been passed and the year is over anyway. The district will try to intimidate you, however you have more rights than you know, and no, the tests will not affect their future. The only tests that are still to be administered at this point that will have an affect on students
    future are the High School AP exams. They will determine whether seniors will receive college credit. I would hope, (and I am sure) that the teachers of the affected students are talking to the families of these students. The rest of you do not need to worry. The CST and STAR tests actually serve to rate the schools and teachers, not the students. You and your children should not fear repercussions for missing these tests. You have, and have always had the right to “opt out” of having your child take these tests. This issue is the district’s problem not yours to worry about. And definitely your children should not be worrying about those tests.

    Also, you always have the right to keep your child out of school for “illness” or “personal” reasons. You do not have to explain your reasons to the district, just be sure to call in to your child’s school office.

    Bottom line, you are the parent, you make the choice. No one can tell you what to do either way.

  • Kary Loredo-Welch

    Good evening everyone!

    Okay… the leaders from FAMILIES in ACTION had another meeting tonight and here are the upcoming events.

    Monday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm Volunteers needed to make phone calls to everyone we have numbers to contact. Meeting is at my place in south hayward. Call me at 885-1363 for directions. Anyone interesting in making phone calls are welcome.

    Monday at 5:00 pm Flyers with the events for Tuesday and Wednesday will be ready to be passed out. Please look at the website for pick up locations. Then take a 1/2 hour and give the flyers you pick up to ANYONE you know. Go to your neighbors, go to the stores. Locations will be posted by 10:00 am tomorrow.

    Tuesday at 5:00 pm BBQ potluck at Kennedy Park. Bring your favorite food to share, bring enough utinsils for your family and join other families at the park. We will post more information by 10:00 Monday on our web site.

    Wednesday at 5:00 pm Rally at the Hayward Main Library for all parents that would like to speak at the board meeting. We will be going over basic instructions on Tuesday night and then we will join together to put it all in ACTION on Wednesday. Please be prepared to stay late in order to get as many parents & students speaking as possible. Our goal is 500 speakers, 3 mins each… hmmm think we could go 24 hours…. just think what an impact THAT would have.

    We also want to make our position loud and clear. We are asking for RESOLUTION. We support our students. Getting them back into the classroom is our goal and we call to action the negotiating team on BOTH SIDES to make it happen!

    Go to http://www.haywardfamiliesinaction.org for more information, we will be updating it asap. Thank you.

  • Hayward Special Ed. Teacher

    Kary….you are incredible. Thank you so much for being an advocate for your child(ren) as well as and advocate for justice. You are appreciated.

  • Michele Reese

    Kary-It’s wayyyy past my bedtime but I just also wanted to add what a valuable gift you
    are giving to the community. Whatever their stance on the strike, their voices need to be
    heard and their questions deserved to be answered. I have noticed throughout this difficult
    time, bloggers who were extremely angry and frustrated have channeled that energy into
    research and understanding. Sometimes it’s hard to read (my husband REALLY hates it when
    I do) but it’s good to know what teachers and parents are thinking out there in our community.
    In particular, I wanted to say hi to Leslie. I teach 1st grade at Markham. I know who your
    your adorable twins are. I just want to let you know that we love and care for these children.
    We will continue to love and care for them after this is all over. I’m in Room 6. Hope to
    see you there!

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Hi Kary:

    Thanks for spearheading this effort.

    I will be there today to pick up the materials, Tuesday at the BBQ, and Wed. at the library. I think we can muster 500 speakers.

    I stay up pretty late every night, so I’m willing to take a turn at 3 or 4 in morning if that is what takes.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Kary/ et all:

    I’m sure you are aware of this, but I belive at the two Board meetings ago they let the room fill to capacity and then locked the doors. There were people with speaker cards that were prevented from speaking because they would not let them into the room.

    We should contact the Board and demand that they change the location of the meeting to a gymnasium or theater with more space.

    At the very least we should demand that everyone with a speaker card be allowed in to the room when their turn to address the Board comes up.

    On the other hand, the fact that the Board has not changed the location of the meeting to accomodate more parents demonstrates they don’t want to listen to us,

    Maybe if 2 or 3 thousand of us show up they will have no choice but to respect our right to be heard.

    I wonder how many people can fit inside City Hall and the adjoining plazas and gardens?

  • Fernando, many people have requested that the school board meeting be changed toa larger venue, but the board doesn’t want to hear from parents or teachers, so they are continuing to have all public meetings in the city council chambers (according to Mr. Peterson’s letter in last week’s newspaper, the board has met in “closed session” every day during the strike, in order to avoid hearing public comments).

    The good news is having the meeting in the City Council chambers means that the meeting CAN be televised on the local channel (I see it on Channel 15 — except that occasionally there are mysterious ‘technical difficulties’ that prevent a meeting from being shown; and the board stopped the practice of re-broadcasting meetings some time ago).

    As you note, the bad news is that this means that only about 100 people can fit into the room, adn the board doesn’t even allow some available seats to be occupied; if the “overflow room” is available, then another 60-75 people can fit into that room; everyone else is forced to wait outside the building.

    FAMILIES IN ACTION, at the BBQ Tuesday and the rally Wednesday, will try to coordinate so that parents who are not allowed in the room can be notified by cell phone when their turn to speak is coming up, so they can then come into the room to speak. (During the public comment period, Mr. Peterson acts quite befuddled and apparently his poor eyesight makes it difficult for him to read names which are fit into the very tiny space allotted on the official speaker cards for the speaker’s name. As a result, he mispronounces nearly every speaker name, and then a security guard radios that name to another security guard outside, so that the name announced is often completely unrelated to the actual name of the person who has asked to speak. As a result of this little game, of the people who are barred from the room but still manage to get a speaker card submitted, fewer than one-third are actually permitted to speak.)

    My wife received a phone message this weekend from someone who said that his understanding was that since the strike is not listed on the agenda, parents would not be allowed to speak on that topic — this is NOT TRUE as the board MUST permit parents to speak on ANY TOPIC during the public comment period, which begins at about 6:40pm and runs for one hour, and then resumes after the “regular business” of the board is completed. In addition, for each agenda item, 30 minutes is allowed for public comment on that specific agenda item. It seems likely that hundreds of community members will seek to be heard at the board meeting, which will certainly run very late — I am not sure when the board is permitted to adjourn with speakers still waiting.

    The school board normally “listens but does not hear” during public comment periods. That is, they are usually attentive and make eye contact, but later they act as if the public never spoke. Board members are not permitted to respond during the public comment period (in part to insure that the full time is allowed for speakers, although Mr. Peterson’s garbling of speaker names usually wastes a few minutes).

    But even outside the public comment period, board members almost never respond to any communications from parents, whether at the board meeting, written letter, phone call, or email; certainly, none have ever followed up on my written letters, emails, or public comments at the board meeting.