Hayward strike updates


The Angry, Tired Teachers — a group of Hayward educators led by art teacher Andy Knight — recently recorded its original song “Teaching in a Hayward School,” inspired by the labor negotiations.

Meanwhile, teachers and the district continue to meet at a negotiation session that began at 1 p.m. today, with Paul Rouse, coordinator of state mediation, and County Superintendent Sheila Jordan mediating.

Check back here or pick up Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Review to get more information regarding the negotiation’s outcome.


  • monica

    How about having another school board meeting simultaneously being filmed outside or at another location while the school board meeting is taking place inside city hall; like a mock school board meeting?

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Hi MarK:

    That phone call (about not being to speak at the meeting) was me, I wasn’t sure about it so I didn’t post anything about it, as I didn’t want to give people to wrong impression.

    Thanks for making sure that other people who might have had this missconception have it clarifed as well.

    I’m sure it is too expensive to rent the equipment, but It would be nice to have a projection of the meeting going on outside of city hall, “Cinema Paradisio” style


  • Hayward Teacher

    Negotiations are supposed to start tonight at 5pm. Apparently they are not starting until then because the district’s lawyer is busy in another district. Is it just me, or does this seem like more stall tactics? I really hope something happens in that meeting, because I am really tired of waiting up late nights with false hope. If they do not come to the table ready to bargain, but waste time creating something on the spot like last week, I think it furthers their disrespectful reputation. Please let this be the real deal, because I want back in the classroom and off that line!

  • Angela Hayward mother and alumni

    To all people with students in this district,

    By law it is your responisibility, the parents or guardians, to ensure that the children go to school. If you choose to keep them out, for whatever reason, a strike is not included in the absence days allowed.

    So to your comment about Vigil doing this to your kids…You risk expulsion of your kids
    and do this to your children by not making them go. Ultimately, by law, that is your own fault if they don’t go. So if you are afraid your children are going to be expelled for truancy, that is a fact to fear.

    Put your kids back in school as by law, if you don’t, that is child neglect as only you are impeding their education if you don’t make them go. No child left behind…that is also the parent’s responsibilities.

  • Susan Coleman

    Angela Hayward mother and alumni,

    By law, it is the district’s responsiblity to provide my children with safe schools and proper instruction.

    I choose to not send my children to school where their teachers are absent, there is not sufficient staff to supervise them. I choose not to send my children to school where they are given busy work.

    When the teachers return to class, when proper instruction is taking place and when I am assured of my children’s safety, they will return to school.

  • angela

    Susan ,
    I also agree with that point , but I would not agree just having your children home for the supprot of the teachers , safety should be the issue when keeping your kids home not just lets go to the picket lines

  • Leslie Cienega

    Words from the district:

    You need to call at least once a week to excuse your child because it CAN be called truancy.

    That is some of the info i got today….the husd was very helpful to me today!

  • Angela — I think it’s silly to try to identify the specific motivations of parents holding their children out of school during this strike. There was never any possibility that 200 substitute teachers could never provide meaningful instruction while replacing 1,275 striking teachers.

    Our family had initially planned to send our child to school — and we had planned that one of us would visit the school several times each day, possibly staying at the school all day long, to insure that the children were safe and were receiving instruction. I strongly believed that all parents should accompany their children to school on the first day of the strike, and then demand that the schools be shut down when it became clear that there were not nearly enough substitute teachers to provide adequate supervision (much less instruction).

    But in the end, we held our child home because we knew that our child’s classroom would cease to function in any meaningful way, as students from several different classrooms would be brought into a single classroom where they would watch videos, color, or work on “packets” that were completely unrelated to the curriculum.

    How could the district apportion the many different factors that go into each parent’s decision to take their child to school or keep them home? Support for teachers? Fear of resentment or retribution after the strike ends? Safety? Reluctance to cross any picket line? Likelihood of any genuine instruction? Instructional quality? Relevance of instruction given? Potential combinations of students who were earlier separated into different classrooms for good reasons? Questionable skill levels and background checks of subs? What about the fact that many high school students were asked to “sign in” and then were encouraged by administrators to leave campus?

    In the end, Dr. Vigil admitted to the news media that the district did not have enough substitutes, and could not provide instruction nor even adequate supervision, and the district even submitted a request for an injunction to force the teachers back to work because the schools were simply not functioning. After that, there is no moral basis for the district trying to punish ANY students for their parents’ decision to keep their children at home during the strike.

  • angela

    let me know if I am wrong but doesnt the district lose money for each day a child does not attend? If so how much more in debt is this going to place the district? I agree if there is no safety of instruction why are the kids going to go to watch cartoons, but on the other hand the kids need some routine , if not they also become confused especially the younger ones who really do not understand the going ons of adult politics

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Angela: I’m reposting a quote that might answer this question.

    another tired teacher Says:
    April 22nd, 2007 at 8:24 am

    “And the fact is that the district will nopt lose any money this year for student abscences. The average daily attendance has already been calculated. They stopped counting on March 28th and took an average of the whole school year up until that day despite what the channel 5 news said last night. That is why the district has not made a big deal about losing money for every day the students are out. Otherwise they would have. That is another thing the union took into account in order to not hurt the district financially!”

    I don’t know if this is the case for sure. Maybe Mark Welch can cofirm this.

  • Carla Schick

    I would like to address my remarks to Jeff Cook’s remarks today in the DAILLY REVIEW’S opinion section. Mr. Cook, elected School Board members, chooses to blame HEA for the strike. He further continues to state that HEA does not care about students.

    Mr. Cook, along with the other school board members, have failed in their obligations to safeguard the educaation of HUSD students. If the school board genuinely cared about the education of the students, as a body it would have ensured that genuine negotiations had been on-going during the 7 months prior to the strike.

    If the school board cared about the financial health of the district, it would not have approved the generous 16.84% raises for the assistant superintendents in the summer after HEA bargaining unit members were told that there was no money for their 2005-06 raise(the year HEA members received only .41% of a .83% overall increase). The school board has still not made it clear to HEA or the Hayward community why the 8.08% cost of living adjustment given to HUSD to the state for all its expenses is not available for HEA bargaining unit members’ salaries.

    What would genuine negotiations look like? Most people knowledgeable about collective bargaining understand that both sides need to come together and make proposals and counter-proposals until they can find some common ground. Instead the HUSD team has done everything to stall negotiations, and therefore, force a strike. The HUSD bargaining team, unlike teams in the past, do not include any site administrators who have a deeper commitment to Hayward and the local sites. Instead, the main bargaining member of HUSD is its lawyer who gets paid for every day we don’t have a settlement. She has no vested interest in settling the contract dispute. Furthermore, the offer made by HUSD after the fact finding report was actually worse than its original proposal, and every subsequent proposal after that was worse than the proposals before. This is not the method usually used in bargaining when the side acutally wants a settlement.

    Why would the district stall the settlement for a year and then impose its last best offer? For seven months of this year HUSD has been paying HEA bargaining unit members salaries at the 2005-06 rate(which, if you remember) had only incorporated a small increase. HEA bargaining unit members gave up the cost of living adjustment in 2005-06 to help the district reach financial solvency. As long as HUSD does not settle with HEA, and as long as HUSD does not put retroactive pay in the proposal, HUSD both earns interest on our denied salary increase and does not have to pay a cost of living adjustment for the year. Therefore, the offer that HUSD has made is really a two-year offer with no increase for this year. They are packaging it as a generous one-year 7% proposal when in reality they are not offering any increase in salary for 2006-07.

    If we give in now to these stalled talks, then every time we have salary negotiations HUSD will expect HEA members to accept one salary increase for every two years. In the meantime, the state is adding money to HUSD’s budget every year.

    So Jeff Cook, the School Board and HUSD are being very deceptive about the generosity of their proposal.

    We know that in a school context it is the people who work directly with the students everyday who care most about the students. Neither the school board nor the district administration have tried to learn much about our students or their needs. It is insulting to all the educators, who spend hours and hours of their lives working with students, many of these unpaid hours, because of their commitment to the students and to the Hayward community, to suggest that it is the educators and HEA who don’t care about the students. We, the teachers, nurses, counselors, and speech therapists, are HEA, and we do care about our students and the future of Hayward schools.

  • PH

    Angela Hayward mother & alumni…do you have anything constructive to suggest? So far the only suggestion – no, *order* – you have given is for us to send our kids to school or we will be (a) breaking the law and (b) neglecting our children. Such overgeneralizations are not helpful (and are fairly inaccurate as well). Whether our children attend school during the strike has absolutely no effect on its outcome, so the above order is irrelevant. How do you suggest Hayward parents effect an end to the teachers’ strike, whether they support the teachers or the school district administration? Apart from saying, “the teachers are wrong/greedy/misguided/selfish/uninformed”, I have yet to hear a good plan from the people on the side of the district.

  • Leslie Cienega




  • Fernando Hernandez

    I’m sad to report that a tentative agreement was not reached tonight.

    The Union made a offer and the District rejected it.

    The strike is still on 🙁

    I’m very dispirited…

    I write the following in despair, and not in a defensive attitude, just sad.

    PH has a good point, I have looked at the proposals put forth by the district and can’t blame the teachers for passing. I think HEA has proposed two plans they would be OK with, and the district has rejected them. (anyone correct me if I’m wrong!)

    Mr. Cook, First of all I would like to thank you for being the only Board Memeber to return my calls. I trully apprecited the fact that you were so generous with your time. I commend for you for being available, I have spoken to other parents you called back as well, so I know I wasn’t the exception.

    I would like to call for a meeting, at Centenial Hall’s largets room, where the District can present to HEA.

    If the district were to have a proposal by Wednesday, both negotiating teams would have some time to get prepared and we could have a meeting on Friday.

    The District and the Union can explain their point of view on the proposal to us, in conjunction with their lawers and accountants, so that questions can asked and aswered.

    In this and age of computers, we could have a power point presentation of the budget, and individual items of conteded availability may be debated or even voted upon somehow.

    Mr. Cook, in your editorial you asked us, what we would be willing to sacifice?, this program or that program, you had a long and difficult list.

    Lets not make this a rethorical question. Lets get together and invite the comunity to participate, and look at the budget together with the experts so that things are clear to the parents.

    If the money is not there, we can move on to the next question:

    Do we want to offer competitive salaries to our teachers just like we are currently offering our administrators?

    Even at the expense of having to save money some where else?

    Are the long term benefits of a competitve salary schedule worth it?

    If so, I ask you all, are we the comunity are willing to share the burden of cancelling programs?

    Lets have that kind of dialogue through out the year, and make this doesn’t happen again.

  • concerned citizen

    I keep seeing different individuals taking credit for the group FIA-Families In Action. The President and Vice President is Aracelli Orozco and Laura Arteaga respectively.

  • concerned citizen

    Fridays march was to support our childrens education, by supporting the teacher’s we are supporting our children’s education. The only way to attract the best and the brightest teachers—highly qualified teachers— is to pay them accordingly. That is what I want the best and the brightest teaching our children.

  • another tired teacher

    I agree with PH.
    Believe me. At this point I just want to go back to work. I do not even care about
    numbers anymore, but I cannot abandon my union or fellow teachers. I will not be able to take care of my own family at all soon though. At the same time, I will be one of those looking for a job in a new district if we don’t get a fair contract. It just feels like no one is going to win. I can’t understand why the district won’t budge. I feel like they want to break the teachers union. Vigil is known for that in other cities. He does not know Hayward though. Hayward has shown him that the parents are strong and will not stay silent, and that they will support their teachers, and demand safe

    I think that the negotiating teams should have to be locked in a room and not get let out until they reach an agreement just like the transportation unions! Parents, go to the board meeting on Wednesday at City Hall 5:30 pm and demand this thing get settled now! The city has been disrupted long enough!

  • Hayward High Teacher


    Your sources are correct. March 28 was the cut off date for the daily student attendance count (this is due to the year-round schools in Hayward).

    The district IS NOT LOOSING ATTENDANCE FUNDING for the students absent during the strike. If it were, they’d make a huge deal out of it.

    The union WAITED until after March 28 so that we would not negatively affect the district’s budget in that way precisely because we didn’t want to have the district loose that money.

  • Wow, I had not been able to find Mr. Cook’s editorial until just now — and I am shocked at his insulting attitude toward teachers. Specifically, he wrote: “If students really come first, why have I not heard HEA (nor anyone but the school board) ask first, ‘What educational ‘raise’ or increase do the students ‘deserve’ and ‘need’?’ Then let’s see what we can afford to give teachers and other employees.”

    As Mr. Cook knows, the district set up the current contract (2005-2008) so that the ONLY issue that could be negotiated at “mid-contract” was salary. If teachers proposed any non-salary issues, it would violate the contract. He knows this, and his comment is EXACTLY the reason why the district limited mid-contract negotiations to salary only, and then provoked a strike.

    I notice that Mr. Cook does not address any of the dishonest or disrespectful statements or actions by the district’s leaders — he simply says, “trust us, this is all we can afford, period.” He knows that there is distrust, yet he endorses the district’s offers which include contingent provisions that teachers can’t trust.

    I was able to find Mr. Cook’s editorial at:
    but you may need to re-execute a search to find it:

  • another tired teacher

    Mr. Cook is not truthful. I have attended many, many board meetings and listened to many, many parents, students and MANY teachers speak about class size, combination classes, field trips, music classes, art classes, swim programs, athletic programs, loss of afterschool programs, enrichment programs, counselors, I could go on and on. It is the BOARD who ONLY talks about NUMBERS and DOLLAR amounts. Especially Mr. Cook! One of your specific cost cutting strategies was to “fill classes to their maximum” ; read between the lines= have more combination classes and also you voted to get rid of Freshman class size reduction. How quickly we forget. How dare you accuse teachers of only caring about money when we waited FIVE years to even talk about getting more than a 1% raise!!!! When the money was already given to you by the state! You and all those saying we are greedy and selfish are really trying our patience at this point! And you wonder why we are angry??? We can’t pay our bills!!! We are tired of being disrespected!!

    What people do not understand is that we do not get paid for holidays and summers. The district takes out money each month and saves it and doles it out to us over the year. With the money being taken out of our checks we have already lost almost a months’ salary in this strike to demand respect and to stick by principle.

  • another hayward high teacher

    Another point–although Vigil said that the STAR testing would not be given today, HHS was testing.

  • demoralized hayward teacher

    I am brand new to this website but just wanted to add my two cents (that’s about all I have left now).
    We are all so furious, demoralized, sad and disillusioned at the complete disdain of our district
    administrators towards its teachers. We willingly defrayed a raise a few years ago, when the district
    said it was in fiscal jeopardy, until the district was in the black. Now they are in the black and what
    did they do but grant themselves a huge raise and offer us a carrot? Why is this acceptable? We
    stand on the picket line every single day, watching the sad, downtrodden faces of those of our
    students whose parents are making them attend a boring day with the subs and crying (some of us
    aloud and others of us internally) about the injustice of what is happening. Our sweetheart students
    are losing (one “o”, not two), we are losing, the parents are losing. The one and only positive thing
    that can be said is that an amazing sense of community has been created both between us teachers
    and between the teachers and the Hayward community. Please let this strike end SOON!

  • Shannon Mitton

    We need out teachers to come back to teaching our Children. That means a rise then and they so much deserve it. I had to send my youngest Daughter to school for the reason I cant have her kick out of her day-care class. I had ask how her day was this is what she said. They have all same grades kids in one class. They give work packages and then watch Stewart little… She got up alone with out the sub knowing that she went to the bathroom…What is this !!!!!!!!!!there no education going on or saftey for the kid….
    Best Luck to all the Hayward Teachers I hope you get more then a 16% raise cause you all deserve…

  • 8th Grade

    Iam a 8th grades at a hayward school. I just wanted to inform all the peolple that think school is safe and they know where we are WRONG !!!! I have friend who show-up for the first 10 mins of class then cut out. They go southgate park or hang out at a friend house. This has been done everyday. There is about 15 of them. The kids that do choose to stay in school. All we do is watch movies or gossip to our friends write notes, use our cell phones. WE NEED OUR TEACHERS BACK 🙂

  • Fernando hernandez

    Hi 8th Grade:

    I’m glad there are some young people reading this dialogue, 8th Grade. Thanks for your contribution.

    I was hoping that the sponge bob incident was an isolated event. I’m sad to say that but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    While the schools are not in total chaos as we speak, this is only due to the fact that we all participated, out of necesity or not, and many under economic hardship, by keeping our kids with us.

    I don’t mean to be dramatic, but…

    Can Everyone imagine what the circumstances would have been if we all had listened to our Principals, Mr. Vigil and the Board we all had brought the kids back to school?

  • Concerned Alumnus and Parent

    I fully support our teachers and quite frankly am becoming more alarmed by the day at the district’s (read: Dr. Vigil) lack of candor regarding the entire situation. He says that the safest place for my children is at school. Why then, has my son’s (intentionally unnamed) elementary school not contacted me regarding his absences? It has been 10 days. 10 DAYS!!! Do they know that I have been keeping him home in support of the strike? No, but that (reason) is ASSUMED, as was told to me by the person answering the school’s phone when I finally called to question the lack of communication regarding the absences. I can’t help but wonder how many parents are sending their children to school ASSUMING they are attending… This is considered safe?

    I have kept both my children (one in high school, and one in elementary school) at home since the strike began. That is 10 days that they have spent at home (and at various “educational” outings) instead of in their classrooms learning the required state curriculum. Each day that passes without a settlement is a shocking reminder as to where our educational system is headed as a whole. From where I sit, it seems that our society in general (please note that I am not speaking for every single person) no longer values education. If you disagree, just take a look at teachers’ salaries in general as well as the working and physical conditions in our schools. It is no wonder that our most valued teachers are leaving the district as well as the profession. Realigned wages (across the board) should merely be a starting point for significant reform in Hayward and the entire state.

  • Hayward Teacher

    The Sponge Bob incident was by no means isolated. Just informally interviewing students on their way out, I have found the line-up to contain “The Wiz,” “Crocodile Hunter,” The Incredibles,” and more. Since I am a beginning teacher, those glorified babysitters (some admittedly only having 30-day emergency credentials and no formal training) are making more money than I would if I was in there doing my job!!!!!

  • demoralized hayward teacher

    Parents, this is for you: did you attend the school board meeting tonight? The media attention seems to be kind of spotty so I’m wondering if you will let the teachers who didn’t go to the rally before the meeting how many of you attended, were the speakers at the meeting cut off mid-speech, was the audience polite or raucous and, finally, do you think the school board really HEARD the parents or did they just seem to sit there looking bored and inattentive? Thanks.

  • Leslie Cienega

    vigil looked right into my eyes but peterson was drifting off into neverland! i did call him out on that one!

  • another hayward high teacher

    Tentative agreement reached as of 9:30 Wed. HEA members to vote at 2 PM.

    We will not forget that the district made us stay out for 10 days, funding our own increase for this year, when they could have settled it during the vacation. All this was intentional on their part.

  • another hayward high teacher

    TEACHERS LEFT THE MEETING TO ALLOW MORE PARENTS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO ATTEND. There is a limit to the number of people allowed in the chambers. It seemed more important that community members be heard this time than teachers.

  • debra j sarver

    To the parents or community members who were disappointed that we weren’t Ghandi or MLK enough during the strike. Don’t believe what you heard. There were a lot of unfounded rumors during the strike. The incident reports are public record. Demand to see them and talk to both sides to get a fair picture.

    The community needs to continue to exert their influence and power on the school board. For many years they have been a rubber stamp for the administrations who come and go, taking the Hayward communities money with them. We, the teachers, have not seen a positive difference in how we do our job on a day-to-day basis.

    The board should debate and challenge, as they do in other cities. They should have the best interests of the students and community in mind and be able to questions the consequences of actions on the long term as well as the short term. They should visit the schools and be much more considerate in their hiring decisions.

    If the situation does not change, the community will find it increasingly difficult to attract quality educators, especially in light of the fact that pay here is still behind neighborin districts. You deserve the best; don’t settle for less.

    I thank you for your efforts during the strike and encourage you to stay involved.

    debra j sarver
    treeview elementary

  • monica

    Debra, you’re admitting that the district and school board have mishandled the “MONEY” and now we’re suppose to support a parcel tax that will give them more MONEY to mishandle? Nope, not in my life time.

  • Leslie Cienega


    did you not just get a raise!

    Beggars cant, be choosers isn’t it how the saying goes! I spoke up yesterday at the meeting and everything i said came from my heart but now you are seeming ungrateful!
    So basically still its not enough CASH for you and still we hayward residents are going to loose teachers over not getting enough! Is that what you ment? If it is then mabe you are greedy! And probably in your eyes our fight yesterday was a lost cause but to my reality it was US THE PARENTS that got you your raise!!! Be happy like all the others and i for one am not willing to pay more taxes just for you and yours!

  • another tired teacher

    Monica and Leslie,
    NO the parcel tax was taken off the table, relax. Now who is complaining, and no we do not get a raise untill next year in February IF the membership even approves this contract, thank you. AND NO you did NOT get us a raise by going to ONE meeting and speaking!!!! We got it by striking for 10 miserable days in the freezing wind and sun, going without pay and as Vigil said: “effectively shutting the educational system down so that the district would finally pay attention.. Which is the erason you have been in here complaining. Get over yourselves, and get a clue.

    Every city in the area supports their schools with parcel taxes and bond measures, even Oakland which is WAY worse off than Hayward. If you want better schools, you need to put your money where your mouths are, and quit YOUR complaining, and finger pointing. Teachers come out of their own pockets WAY more than we should have to. If you would like, we can just leave after HUSD falls behind in salaries again in a few years. Or the community can work with the district and teachers to build strong schools. Or do we want a repeat of this strike?

    The point is, this issue is not going away. This is a bandaid, not a fix. It will have to be revisited every few years, so get used to it.

  • monica

    Until I feel I can trust the district and now the union I won’t be voting for a parcel tax or a bond. Get used to that!

    Editor’s note: We just received details of the approved agreement, and a parcel tax is not part of the deal. Agreement approved by 89 percent of voting members, BTW. Also, watch for our Q&A’s with Crummey and Vigil in tomorrow’s Daily Review. -Kim

  • Leslie Cienega






  • another tired teacher

    No I am saying that the parents who kept their students out of school and supported the teachers and marched and spoke and who do these things on a regular basis and the teachers who struck got the raise. Your comment was :”WE got you the raise” and you implied that the teacher should just shut up and be happy and not talk about the future. THAT is not fair for YOU personally, YES YOU to take credit for the raise #!. Especially as someone who started out antagonizing teachers and badmouthing them in this blog (!) and 2. My point is that this issue is NOT going away, so you better not go away. WE NEED YOU. THE SCHOOLS NEED YOU. WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER, AND MOST OF ALL THE STUDENTS NEED PARENTS AND TEACHERS TOGETHER FIGHTING FOR THEM IS MY POINT. They need and deserve all the resources that their community can offer, and not this us and them attitude. I do not understand your attacking Debra and calling her greedy. That is so counter productive and gives this community a bad image. YOU are making Hayward look bad by doing that. Take a good look at what she says:

    “The community needs to continue to exert their influence and power on the school board. For many years they have been a rubber stamp for the administrations who come and go, taking the Hayward communities money with them. We, the teachers, have not seen a positive difference in how we do our job on a day-to-day basis.

    The board should debate and challenge, as they do in other cities. They should have the best interests of the students and community in mind and be able to questions the consequences of actions on the long term as well as the short term. They should visit the schools and be much more considerate in their hiring decisions.

    If the situation does not change, the community will find it increasingly difficult to attract quality educators, especially in light of the fact that pay here is still behind neighborin districts. You deserve the best; don’t settle for less.

    I thank you for your efforts during the strike and encourage you to stay involved.”

    And your response is to call her greedy and tell her “We got you you raise”!!!! And you wonder why I am mad???? That is an outrageous statement Monica and Leslie. I D NO give you two as individuals ANY credit for ending this strike. You have stated so many negative thinsg about teachers that are generalizations and exagerrations. You have used this blog as your group therapy Leslie. Stop patting yourself on the back.

    I give credit to the parents who started Families in Action.
    The parents who are kind and helpful and compassionate to teachers not always accusing and complaining.
    The parents who kept their kids home during the strike.
    The parents who couldn’t keep their kids home, but waved or honked or gave an encouraging word or smile to the picketers when they dropped their kids off.
    The parents who placed the green sign in their car window.
    The parents who dropped off coffee or food at the line.
    The parents who wrote a letter or email or phone call.
    The parents who marched silently or loudly to the D.O. or the rallies with us day after day not just that Friday.

    Leslie you are attention seeking in here, using your full name, stirring up all kinds of drama at your child’s school site, the DO, the one board meeting you mention going to.
    Then someone mentions continuing to pressure the board to do the right thing, which it has a reputaion for NOT doing for many years in this town, and you call her greedy and a beggar?! You admitted that you had a lot to learn, why do you not accept information gracefully?

    No I do not thank you. You are a pain in the you know what who has taken everyone in here’s time and energy.

    I am happy to be back with my students and my families we will continue to work hard. I hope for your children’s sake you do too, and have learned something from all this. You are part of the system, the board, district, teachers and parents are all part of the system. You cannot sit back and call someone else greedy or lazy and expect things to work the way you want them to. Get involved and stay involved. That was Debra’s only point. Your response was offensive.

  • another tired teacher

    power to the children of hayward

    peace OUT

  • fernando hernandez

    Another tired teacher

    Leslie is right, you did not strike alone. We, the community were there to support you. Your comment did sound personal and ungratefull.

    I was on the picket line every single day and did feel dissed when I read your comment.

    Without community support (no kids, the march, school board meetings, calling board members etc.) I’m sure the District might have been able to get their injucntion sooner, or dragged this on longer.

    We are all stressed, disapointed and tired, but let’s not take it out on the community.

  • monica

    I’m just opposed to the parcel tax. I don’t trust the district when it comes to money and I don’t think it is wise for the union to align itself with the district when it comes to launching a campaign for a parcel tax. No one should trust the district with money. I’m glad that the parcel tax is off the table. Believe me there are is sooooo much opposition out there to a bond or parcel tax that you don’t even want to go there.

  • Leslie Cienega

    thank you fernando you said it all for me!

    Another tired teacher: It looks to me like your attention seeking !

    And yes i did start off bad but i did apologize for my actions which is more than anyone else has done!

    To me you are sounding like a pain in my you know what!

    Here is what i wrote read it again or do i need to write the words spaced for you:

    So basically still its not enough CASH for you and still we hayward residents are going to loose teachers over not getting enough! Is that what you ment? If it is then mabe you are greedy! And probably in your eyes our fight yesterday was a lost cause but to my reality it was US THE PARENTS that got you your raise!!! Be happy like all the others and i for one am not willing to pay more taxes just for you and yours!

    I was asking if that is what she ment and if it was then that is wrong!
    Are they letting teachers like you back inside the class with all this anger i mean cause they have special classes like angermanagement!

    oh and i use my real name because i am not trying to hide behind a fake one like some scared you know what! And you seem to know me and what i have done so you tell me this how many times have i called the district? How many times have i went? how many times have i honked my horn? Did i not keep my kids out of school? At that meeting yesterday i was number 14 i took my kids out in the cold i kept my kids out of school for this whole strike i have been to the district seven different times i have talked to the “higher people” i went gathering info about everything! so please save your bs. you my dear are the one looking for all the attention not me !

    It looks like i am the bigger person out of us cause i can proudly admit when i was wrong i do not feel bad for anything and my markham teachers have taken me with open arms and if you had saw last night i stated my name following by a proud markham parent .

    so you say i had nothing to do with you raise then fine cause someone like you does not deserve one!!
    When i said we i ment all the parents here in hayward i never said I . Check your eyes i think they might be hneed glasses!!

    Your insults just go to show what kind of a person you are and i am damn lucky not to have you as my childs teacher cause i can only imagin what you teach your students!!!

    you are the one giving teachers a bad name!!

  • angela

    another tired teacher
    you are the one who is a disgrace to this community it is teachers like you who feel they can supress the
    comments and opinions of others , without parents and students there will be no you . I am sure more than 90% of the students who stayed home only did so due to the lack of proper supervision not just for you cause . As for leslie saying her name at least she has the courage to back up everything she says , unlike you , you are hiding , that means you are a coward , there are some good teachers and some bad right now with your lack of openmindness and your selfishness. yes it was only you . I think you need a session or two , to let out your frustrations before you harm a child . this is b.s that the teachers can go back and “everything as normal” there are hard feelings all around.

    get a life , peace out -really professional there

  • fernando hernandez

    Leslie, mellow down,

    plenty of people have apologized along the way, myself included,

    And even though at the beginning I also felt people should sign their statements, I can understand why teachers (or others for that matter) would want to remain unnamed, PH make me change my mind on that. So to use that as a gage of anything is to go down a mistaken path, not productive.

    For you to say that “another…” doesn’t deserve a raise” is also not productive,
    after all, you don’t even know her!
    She might indeed be a great teacher, and when we make statements like that we start to get out of track,

    The point that “another…” , Fred and other folks are trying to make is that even with the present settlement that was just approved, HUSD is still not necessarily a competitive district.

    I have yet to really look at all the details of the settlement, but there is no full retroactivity, so 8% is not really not 8%, there might be other details in there that I’m not aware of.

    What they are trying to say is that we might not be the worst paid in the area, but being second worst is not a more attractive offer to prospective highly qualified teachers. Don’t quote me on this yet, I have not looked at the other districts yet to make comparisons. And of course, there is also the issue of other benefits that also make other districts more attarctive, like health care, or having COLA automatically applied when available.

    So, in the long run, yes, this is not finished…

    That is why it is so important that we all remain active and engaged. I know I will


  • fernando hernandez

    Angela, ditto my comment to Leslie

    a little personal,
    no need to call anyone a coward, specially people you don’t know.

    Focus people, the real questions are:

    1-How de we become truly competitive?

    2-What do we the community expect in return?

    3-How do messure these results taking in to account the diversity of our population? GPA?, bush’s tests?, Truancy and drop out rates?

    Any suggestions?


  • Leslie Cienega

    by the way i was only really asking what debra ment!

    and if she ment negitive than that is wha i thought!

    As for patting myself on the back there is no need to cause plenty of teachers and parents did that for me and yes they knew me from this blog! I am and will be very active in this community for me this is the begining . And as long as there is people like myself and fernando and the others we will be able to accomplish anything together as a team! us parents are stronger than ever and are more determined .

    As for putting my money where my mouth is …i have already and i have offered to give more to the class ask your questions before you speak!

  • angela

    she was the one being insulting , lets not be double faced here ,

    demonstrate the raise is deserved, exactly we do not know eachother why does she need to go off on a rampage, solutions , show us parents that the classroom education is better and do not brush us off in the long run

  • Leslie Cienega

    Fernando did you not read what she said about me …so how am i not able to respond to her!
    she was getting too personal not me then yes i did attack! I have been trying to get more info on everything and about the new deal but i really am not understand it all! Like i have said i had asked debra a question if that is what she ment anbd miss another tired teacher went postal! She does not know me so she cannot say any one negitive thing!

    Now about this deal what are the facts?

  • angela

    The tests are an acurate measure of a teacher (with the exception of special ed, and the special programs) all students enter school as an unmolded ball of clay beginning from kinder they are in the teachers hands , poverty does not mean a student will be a failure , race neither, both teachers and parents need to work together , morals are taught by parents and books by teachers , in the end that clay is /should be a productive adult , so in a way students are a blueprint of the product , the product being what emerges at high school graduation

  • Leslie Cienega

    fernando have you looked at the one post from mark about the different ways the strike could end! I liked number 4 but really how can we make the district give respect to the teachers if they really dont have it for us? And what needs to happen is for the district every time they get the cola to set aside that part for the teachers and also set aside a part for supplies and possibly we can help get donations from corporations?

    I for one am trying to see what needs to be done for the kids to get a field trip since the have not had one this year? Even if the kids in my girls classwent to the zoo i am more than willing to pay their entrance fee! for the whole class (there is only 11 kids) but my problem today was getting info on transportation! It is very expensive! And another problem is the teacher teaches akinder in the morning and first in the afternoon!