PG&E superhero gets dissed by reader

As plans for two Hayward power plants inch forward, the debate surrounding them is ratcheting up. Texas-based Tierra Energy has launched its own Web page on the Eastshore Energy Center and held a meeting on the plant Monday evening. Residents have started their own blogs and pages, and some were planning to protest that meeting. And the California Energy Commission announced that it will be having a workshop on the other plant (Russell City Energy Center) in Hayward on April 25.

In the meantime, here’s a letter from Hayward resident JoAnn Gross making fun of PG&E’s latest ad campaign. I couldn’t find the ad she mentioned, but here’s another one:

“Sun, water, wind! Sun, water, wind! The future is clean energy!” PG&E’s television commercial shows an adorable little boy playing with his “Renewable Energy Man” action figure, running around in circles and jumping into his mother’s arms. (Mother is wearing her PG&E uniform.)

Another PG&E ad shows California school children demonstrating solar energy experiments in the classroom, courtesy of PG&E’s Solar Schools Program. The message of these commercials appears to be that PG&E is committed to acting in the forefront of a new clean energy era. If PG&E and the California Energy Commission are truly interested in clean energy, why are they planning to build not just one, but TWO fossil fuel burning power plants near the Hayward shoreline?

Natural gas may burn cleaner than coal, but the facts are that the Calpine and Tierra Energy plants will be emitting tons of pollutants into our air for years to come. Air quality in the Bay Area is already poor, especially in the summer months when Tierra’s proposed Eastshore Energy Center will be operating. We live in a highly populated area — our health and safety are at stake here. How much is clean air and our future quality of life worth to you? To me, it is worth much more than the $10 million library that Calpine bribed the City of Hayward with for giving approval to the Russell City Energy Center. And yet it is ultimately up to the California Energy Commission to build these plants or not. The power plants will not just affect the residents of the Eden Gardens neighborhood, but the entire East Bay community as well. Not to mention the bigger picture of the effect of global warming on our planet.

Even Gov. Schwarzenegger has jumped on the Global Warming Bandwagon, but it is all meaningless propoganda if we continue to allow the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

Calling “Renewable Energy Man!” We need your help! Save us from Calpine and Tierra!

Yours truly,
JoAnne Gross

  • James Eilers

    The sun water wind commercial runs constantly on television, often on Channel 9. An obnoxious male child who seems to represent the egoistic male pig, not someone who would be into green politics, showing us the true face of PG&E’s concerns about the environment and their representatives in the next generation.