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I saw a comment somewhere that said The Daily Review should be pressured to ask Dr. Vigil the hard questions. I want to assure you that there is much going on behind the scenes of all this. We are indeed posing “the hard questions” to Dr. Vigil. However, some of them don’t always fit into whatever story we’re working on “today.” There are a lot of things in the works for the future. Sometimes the answers need to be researched before they’re given to us. However, I will risk opening this up to you: What question would you like to see us pose to Dr. Vigil? Some rules: One line only. No profanities/obscenities or yes-and-no questions. No questions about your specific personal problem. Questions must be related to the strike, and the strike only. Don’t post the question aqain if you see someone else has already posted it. Perhaps we can try to take these questions to Dr. Vigil and do a Q&A.

Similarly, what questions would you like posed to Kathy Crummey? Same rules as above.

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  • hayward teacher

    Kim Santos,

    Thank you very much for following up on the claims of violence. When I said “the press grossly misreported it” I was not referring to the Daily Review, but rather to several TV news stations. Channel Two actually did an interview showing the teachers side of the story, and acknowledged that no actual police action took place as a result. The other stations, which will remain unnamed, did not issue corrections to their misrepresentations, which is why I think it is still widely believed (at least by a couple of the bloggers here) that our strike is violent. Again, thank you for checking the facts and verifying the truth of the matter. We are peaceful people. We work with children. I appreciate the hard work done by the staff at the Daily Review, and in particular the moderation of these blogs. Thank you very much for providing a community forum in which these ideas can be exchanged. My lunch break its over, gotta go. Thanks again.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Some one educate me:

    What exactly is a “parcel tax”? Is it a tax on the purchasing a speficic kind of item, like cigarretes or alcohol?

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Never mind, I looked it up.

  • Disgusted Hayward Parent

    A parcel tax —–ready for this
    tax the land of every building/piece of land in The HUSD , the teachers want to take us !!!!!!!!

  • Disgusted Hayward Parent

    and it s NOT tax deductible !!!!!!! I think as A Hayward parent I have paid enough over the last 2 weeks !!!!!!

  • Fernando Hernandez

    I’m a home owner with many years left in my morgage, so before knowing what the amount we are talking about I can’t make an educated desision. .05%? .01%? What would it take to make a difference?

    Also, in the case of renters, I imagine it is the property owner who pays, right?
    Although I’m sure some of that would be passed down to the renters.

    I would be willing to consider it, depending on the actual figures,

    From the previous posts, I suspect I am part of minority but…

    Anyone has the figures of how the vote went down the last time this was attempted?

  • Disgusted Hayward Parent

    I am a home owner too , And i can not afford another penny really and as for renters, yes
    the person who owns the property paids the tax but then the renter’s rent went up !!!!!!
    I know that last this parel tax was attempted it was shot down by the voters . I just wish
    that the Hea would say
    ok and take the parcel tax out of the deal and I am sure HUSD would have been more than happy to give them a deal !!!!!!

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Disgusted Haywrad parent:

    I’m not sure HUSD would have agreed to the proposal even if that clause wan’t there.
    After all, then it would be in voter’s hands, not the Board and Vigil.

    At least HEA is willing to take what would have been a big chance, considering the general negative attitude towards said tax.

  • PH

    Can we please talk about solutions instead of harping on the same personal problems over and over? We get it. People have been intimidated. People have been threatened. Children are scared, parents are tired, everyone wants to be self-righteous about What Happened To Me During The Strike. We feel your pain. Please get on with your/your child’s life and if you don’t have anything constructive to say, please don’t post your personal problems again.

  • Kim Santos

    Get back on topic or I’ll close the thread, guys.

  • hayward teacher

    I just came back from a HEA informational meeting and I was able to ask a question there that I think is very important to clear up. The current increases come from the COLA (cost of living allowance) already present in the budget. HEA’s proposal to push a parcel tax is for FUTURE wage increases, not the one’s currently on the table. The community is not burdened with the 11% over two years, or the one time, off schedule 1%.

    So why throw in our support of a parcel tax in 2008-2009? (Note this is only our SUPPORT of a parcel tax. By saying yes to this deal, HUSD would not be enforcing this tax on the citizens of Hayward.) Much has been made of the necessity for competitive wages to retain teachers. This trend needs to continue over the long term. The parcel tax in 2008-09 is meant to provide a provision that will lead to a lasting growth in salaries across the board, including not just teachers, but also paraprofessionals, nurses, counselors etc. If the community chooses not to support the parcel tax, even after HEA members give their services to promote it, then we will be back at the bargaining table again, discussing the increase in the salary schedule without those funds (so only including whatever portion of the COLA that the district is willing to part with that year). The idea of the parcel tax is to provide long term stability in competitive wages so that the union and the district are not having staring contests every few years about salaries.

    Again, if you don’t like the parcel tax, just don’t vote for it. The money is there for the suggested increases right now.

    By the way, the district has countered with an offer that also includes HEA’s backing of a parcel tax, but includes the contingency that if the parcel tax does not pass, the union must completely renegotiate the contract! In HUSD’s offer, failure to pass the parcel tax brings us back to exactly where we are right now. In HEA’s offer, only additional changes to salaries will be on the table.

  • Leslie Cienega

    Is it that my facts are upsetting to you all!

    Mrs. Santos i will be glad to e mail you a police report number if you wish!

    I have said too many times to lets all find a solution but still people are attacking one another.
    PH if you dont want to read anyones posts then skip them! Take all the information you can and use it to your benifit!
    Again with the police reports some are not allowed to be viewed by the public for safty issues so nobody can really say exactly how many there are! That was told to me by the officer!

    Read mark’s posts he seems to be really up to date on everything which is needed here!

  • monica

    This is very sneaky and an underhanded strategy to get a parcel tax passed in Hayward. It sounds like a sweetheart deal to me. I’m not in favor of a parcel tax for any reason. and I resent the teachers, and all the other husd unions wages being made my responsibility as a Hayward resident. This is going to divide the community even more because if I don’t vote for a parcel tax then I’m not for good teachers and other staff in Hayward schools.

  • Hayward Teacher

    How could the teachers resent the community after all the support that has been shown? Again, the community is not responsible for the increases on the table. If you do not wish to pass the parcel tax, then don’t. We are indebted to the community for everything they have done thus far, and will remain appreciative regardless of what happens in the future.

  • PH

    Unfortunately, when people keep haranguing the blog about personal situations, it makes it more likely readers *will* skip over them and miss whatever point (if any) the poster wanted to make. If a writer wants people to read their post(s) and get the information that the writer thinks is so vital, the writer needs to keep their personal problems out of it. So which is more important – venting (repeatedly) and not getting read, or sharing practical information and being seen as a useful contributor? For example, how would a police report help end the strike?

    You bet I’m skipping posts.

  • PH

    Re the parcel tax: I don’t think it’s a good solution, but at any rate, wouldn’t that only be levied on people who own property in Hayward? Obviously costs would be passed down to renters as well. Also, it’s not the teachers’ responsibility to maintain the budget – presumably that’s why we have the school district bureaucracy.

  • now angry

    property tax? come on teachers lets compromise here , i do not agree with that , there has to be other ways

  • Joel

    1. Assuming that this strike ended this week, would the district
    merely tack on the time lost in the school term, so that students
    are not punished? High school students have CAHSEE and other
    exams, and it is doubtful that they learned much during since the
    strike began.

    2. Why has the HEA continued to take photos and post those
    photos of subs on their HEA web blog, as it gives the unfair
    impression that many regular district subs have crossed the
    picket lines? The reality is that most regular subs are working
    in other districts or are sitting home taking a financial beating?

    3. Why has the HEA so far not offered any visible effort to help the
    subs in their own union organizing efforts or taken them under their
    protective wing & absorbed them into a separate section of HEA, as
    HEA’s counterparts have done?

    4. Has the HEA or the district made any tentative plans to convert their
    current subfinder system to a partially online system, so that teachers &
    subs could see what assignments will be available once a vacancy arises?

    5. Has the HEA made any plans in case another similar HEA – HUSD salary dispute
    arises, so that the subs the HEA wants not to cross their picket lines know well ahead
    of time of a pending strike, as many substitute teachers were left flat footed
    and are struggling financially? Many of us have found assignments in other
    districts, but some have not, because they did not or could plan ahead.

  • Thus far, the district has indicated that it will treat the strike days as regular instructional days, although they’ve acknowledged now that they do not have instructional material or lesson plans, nor enough subs to teach.

    I am surprised that any subs were surprised by the strike — certainly the district says in its PERB filing this week that it was aware that a strike was likely in mid-March, and of course HEA gave 48-hour notice which was widely publicized.

    For those subs who work only in Hayward, and who don’t want to cross the picket line, this is certainly a hardship (just as it’s a hardship for teachers).

    I assume that subs in some neighboring districts are probably also getting fewer assignments as Hayward subs who work in multiple districts accept work elsewhere. (I recall that back when I was working as a substitute teacher, when a strike was threatened in Oakland, subs there sought work elsewhere, creating a ripple effect that extended to most cities in Alameda County and probably beyond — subs saw the threat of a strike and planned accordingly by seeking and taking assignments elsewhere.)

  • Fred

    Kim and Kris,

    I hope that you are watching how the HUSD Board treats the parents and residents of Hayward as they request to speak tonight. Between the mispronounctions of Mr Peterson to the lack of coordination between Mr. Peterson and the security at the doors of the chamber there will many opportunities for speakers not being able to reach the microphone.

    Keep smiling.

  • Holy crap. Wow. Oh, my God.

    I am watching the HUSD board meeting from my home, while my wife and hundreds of other parents, teachers, students, and community members are at the meeting.

    The board just did two things to undermine any belief that they care about the strike or the community.

    First, all five board members chose to “pass” on their opportunity to make a comment at the beginning of the meeting. “No comment” is their reply to our community — they won’t respond to emails, letters, phone calls, or any other attempt to open dialogue. Instead, they refuse to talk with anyone other than administrators.

    Second, the board announced a new rule tonight: at every meeting in the past, Mr. Peterson has announced that there would be a one-hour public comment period at the beginning of the meeting, and then additional public comment after the agenda is completed UNTIL EVERYONE HAS SPOKEN. Tonight, he announced a new policy: only 60 minutes of public comment will be allowed after the regular agenda is complete.

    The school board does not want to listen to the community, and the school board does not want to communicate any message to the community, other than their consistent implied message: LEAVE.

    During the first 60-minute public comment period, several parents stated that they are currently deciding whether to move their children to other districts. Several teachers stated that they are seeking employment in other districts.

    The school board has NEVER asked anyone to stay. The school board has NEVER followed up with ANY of the THOUSANDS of parents and students, nor the HUNDREDS of teachers, who have left the Hayward Unified School District in the past several years.

    My respect for Mr. Peterson, Ms. Truehill, Dr. Gonzales, Mr. Cook, and Mr. Frumkin has been eroding steadily, but now it’s clear that they do not want to communicate with ANY community members. Instead, they will continue to listen only to the administrators who provoked this strike, and who won’t give teachers, parents, or students any respect — and it is respect that will cost this district MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in salaries to the unions, which would have accepted much less if the district hadn’t persistently insulted and degraded teachers.

  • Angela Hayward mother and alumni

    Ok People..this is supposed to be an open forum so let me say this…at tonights board meetin I patiently and quietly waited while others spoke during comments. I figure let them be heard and then I can be heard. As far as I could see, with exceptions of quite a few, the crowd was too quick to boo and insult anyone who did not jump entirely on board with them and to the tune of their drums. So to have what I was trying to say out to all who I wanted to hear it, I’m posting here for ALL to see as NO ONE can cut me off here, and if I might add very rudely.(Mark: the policy of the board minutes for public comments has been the same since 2004 but only if time will permit. The board moved the public comments from the end of the meeting to the beginning of the meeting. So Mark…they basically just restricted comments tonight to the beginning.)Also I noticed teachers were quick to leave when parents came. I guess not everyone is willing to hear ALL SIDES.

    All opinions were welcome and even though I was so disrespectfully interupted, thats ok. That just goes to show that not everyone supports individual opinions, and that my opinion,
    the opinion that is on no ones side but my daughters…that is what I was trying to convey before I was so rudely interupted…

    AND…yes the time was cut short for some. I know I did not speak 3 minutes as I had someone timing me. But that too is ok because I can truly say I participated in the discussion even though many did not want to hear it.

    Leslie: It was a pleasure meeting you and your children. I am so sorry for what happened to your daughter and I hope you are able to heal your daughters wounds. Stick by your children and the rest would heal itself in time. Give your children a big hug from me and let them know they have people who know how they feel by their side. You are beautiful in every way that matters!!!

  • angela

    Angela, I have heard what had happened from my family who was there , and I am so upset at how they treated you , we are in the USA and should have the freedom of speech, well it seems to me that on the blog and off the blog the teachers , and board only care of themselves and are pusing us parents out , let them remember without us , they would not exist

  • elm. teacher

    Angela Hayward mother and alumni,
    The board meets in closed session, then they usually have one hour of public comment at the beginning, then they conduct regular business sometimes with anther closed session, and they return to public comment after that. I have never noticed a time limit on the later part after the regualr business

  • Kris Noceda

    Union and district officials reached a tentative agreement to end the strike tonight.
    Teachers will have a minimum day Thursday and will vote on the agreement.

  • Leslie Cienega


    I realized that my daughter will overcome everything but it will take time.
    I just want this thing over and like i have said i am for the kids the hea and husd have them caught in the middle and now they are hurting. I am fighting so they can go back to scool and start that process! My concerns are still the safty issue wich i did not bring up tonight due to somebody rolling their eyes at me! so the board got to see a few of my bad colors! But i am not asshamed of that everything that i said tonight came from my heart . Your speach brought me to tears! Even i got slack for that and when you walked away and people stood and clapped so did i but i did it out of respect for the courage you had! That is why i got up to introduce myself to you! You are a good person with a good heart some people are just imature
    keep your head up! Run for office i think you are what we need here! you already got my vote!

  • angela

    yeah finally we are making progress thanks for the update Kris

  • Leslie Cienega

    sorry for the typos baby again..

  • hayward teacher

    This is the best news I’ve heard all year!! Can’t wait to get back to my classroom tomorrow!! For those that aren’t familiar, the agreement is as good as passed of the union is giving it the go-ahead! Finally!!!!!!!

  • Hayward High Teacher

    Finally!!! It’s TRUE for real. The union reps have activated the phone tree, so no lies this time!

    Angela Hayward Mother: Many teacher left because we wanted the board to see that the PARENTS were present and concerned. We wanted them to see YOUR NUMBERS. It’s also why many teachers waited across from the district office last Friday. We wanted the district to see that the PARENTS have concerns about what’s going on in the district too. Parent and student voices often get “dismissed” by the board because they say we teachers are behind it (which is an insult–can’t parents and students think for themselves???).

    While I hate the way the board treated the speakers (Peterson, et al) it’s good that a bigger audience has seen how the board treats the community–parents, teachers, students, everybody. It makes me sick to watch my students and their parents (many of whom speak at board meetings) treated so horribly.

    I hope Families in Action stays focused and alive–there is much work left to be done to bring HUSD — parents, students, teachers, district — back together again.

  • Fred

    Point of order: The HUSD Board has had one hour of public comment before the regular business seesion as part of its agenda for the 11 years I have attended or observed the proceedings. I have also witnessed the unlimited time for comment after the regular business was concluded as well.

  • Fred

    Ladies and gentlemen, This is not over yet. I believe that the actions of the Board and the HUSD administration have opened a can of worms that will not be closed with a vote by the members of HEA.

    The voters of Hayward have shown that education in Hayward is an issue that must be delat now. The voters, as represented by Families in Action, need to continue their activism until they feel they are represented by the Board of Education.

    Considering all the issues that have raised during this situation, their activism may be a hard pill for both HUSD and HEA to swallow in the near future.

    I do hope that tomorrow will be calm for all parties.

    For HEA: Please consider the agreement carefully, remember when you gave up your medical benefit

  • another tired teacher

    Thank you Hayward Teachers for stayiong strong! Thank you Hayward familes for supporting us! Thank you Kris and Kim for helping get information out! Thank you to Mark and your your wife!

  • Thank the Gods it is over! Thank you, Kim Santos for helping share the info and dialogue. Thank you channel 1684 for keeping the truth out there. Thank you bloggers for all the facts and dialogue. The fact of the matter is (now that this is over I can let out this secret) the distrcit proved they are not very media saavy, and that worked to teacher and community advantage. From Barry Schimmel screwing up the emails, to the Big Mouth dispensing erroneous facts, to the You Tube videos, the district TOTALLY underestimated the power of the media and the power of the community. Even if the district won this ‘battle’, the community will feel the ripples for a long time, and they won the ‘war’. Unity=Strength=Power=Respect. I hope Dale learned that lesson: Respect—give it, get it!

  • Angela Hayward mother and alumni

    To the Parents and community: This is good news…..

    To the teachers: Congratulations, I hope it works for you— yes all of you!
    But I do wonder whether or not you will write someone up for doing exactly what they (students) saw on the line…..

    to some teachers: your double standards are beyond belief. My brothers will no longer have the option of attending Hayward schools. They are not going to be taught the BAD habits are displayed on the line. My Aunt’s and Uncle’s have all said that they are requesting transfers (for cousins) from their current teachers to others but are looking at other districts as well…… as a result of first hand witness of lies and misbehavior by their own teachers on the line. But then again, I forgot, nothing has happened on the line or on the streets– right?! My family has been a part of Hayward before HUSD became UNIFIED in 1963. It’s a shame that the teachers of 2007 have made my family feel they no longer need to be here. Hayward has shown it’s TRUE colors. Why spend countless hours to teach respect, honestly, integrity, loyalty, to our children only to have it undermined by those during hours of schooling. I hope you teachers enjoy trying to reteach what “respect” really means; and don’t get mad when your students tell you , you don’t understand the concept.

    I hope the police do place charges against those that did commit acts during this strike. It will show that this behavior is not tolerated by no means! By anyone! The next time a student slashes your tire, I hope you see the double standard that you apply. Equal treatment for all – the good and the bad.

    As I said before – – GET BACK TO WORK!

  • Angela Hayward mother and alumni


  • hayward teacher

    As I stated in my very first posting, I am leaving next year due to outside circumstances. As a result of my choice to walk the line for ten days, I am going to lose money, but those that remain or come after me will benefit. I am very proud of this choice. Now I know that when I leave, young, energetic teachers will be drawn to this district by higher wages and the strength of the union. Those incredible teachers that I know and love (and the amazing ones I have never met) now have the incentive to stick around and contribute to the education of these wonderful children and this outstanding community. Hayward, you are the winner in this struggle, because the children are the future, and this short period of time will yield dividends for the community for at least the next two years, and much, much longer if the momentum of this struggle is harnessed and focused.

    I lost a little money on this deal, which is nothing. Kids missed school. Parents took off work. Other teachers will be paying off their debts well into next year in order to look after their own children. Bad feelings are going to be harbored in schools for a long time in and out of schools. A lot was sacrificed in this process.

    Let all of this not be in vain. Those that fear they do not have a voice, speak. If no one listens, speak to someone else. THE COMMUNITY IS MORE POWERFUL THAN TEACHERS OR THE DISTRICT, OR EVEN THE GOVERNMENT! However, please take a page out of the teachers’/union playbook: when you come together and you are organized, then you will be heard, then the issues that lie beneath the surface will rise to the top, and then we will all find out who we really are and what really matters. Thank you all and God bless you.

  • another tired teacher

    Thank you for your coverage of the strike. It is the best coverage the Daily Review has ever offered in my opnion. In the past teachers always felt like the DR had a bias against us.

    Thank you for using so many of my questions in your article and asking Vigil “the hard questions”. What a shame that he did not really answer them. In addition, he was not truthful in denying that he did not contradict himself when sending home “Big Mouth” messages to parents’ homes saying that: “the schools were safe”, when we know that he was simultaneously preparing the injunction against teachers which stated that “schools were unsafe” and that the educational system had “totally broken down”. And blamed teachers for this. I guess being a superintendent these days means being a politician, and being a politician means not having to tell the truth to save face.

    In addition, Schimmel’s response does not make sense. If teachers had automatically received the COLA that we had deferred at a later date as he stated, we would not have gone on
    strike. Mr. Schimmel, I have only received a .83% raise in the past 5 years. That is less than 1%. That is not COLA.

    As far as Peterman, Schimmel and Quinn not giving back their raises; they may have kept some money but they have lost any and ALL respect from the teachers FOREVER in
    Hayward. The Board may be enamored of them, but teachers’ experiences with them are not good, and now are even worse.

    Kim, finally, is there any way to ask why the district why it said over and over that it could “not afford to offer any more than 7% as its best, last offer without bankrupting the district” ? and then in the end they are able to offer 11%?! and state that they are “comfortable and pleased with this”? If I were a parent, I would be LIVID that they lied about this, and caused the
    teachers to strike, and my child to miss so much school. At the very least this shows that the district is not credible. If they were able to offer this, we all could have been saved a whole lot of grief from the beginning. It will be interesting to see how they explain this one, or if they even try. Did they suddenly “find” money, did they finally listen to HEA? Or did they do as we know they did and finally see that the teachers and parents were serious and were not going to back down, and actually negotiate like responsible people as they should have all along.

    Community of Hayward: take note! These guys are slick. We tried to tell you.
    Now you see.

    This really is my last post.

    I am back to teaching Thank God. My plate is FULL.

    Thank you Hayward!

    Editor’s note: Kris Noceda did a great job covering the strike. We will try to follow up on the 11%. Thanks! -Kim

  • another tired teacher

    Yes, thank you Kris!

  • Ms. Teacher

    I agree w/ tired teacher–thank you Kris! And I hope that the community sees your points about HUSD admin.

    And Kris–could you or someone at the DR cover the horrible testing conditions at Hayward High during the strike? Kids were in the bleachers, helping one another, talking…and they were told that they wouldn’t be able to make up the tests and now we’re giving the STAR test this upcoming week. A bunch of my students who came during the strike are very upset by this lie and very upset that they’ll be missing class time with their teachers b/c of the STAR test “make-ups” for students who didn’t cross the picket line during the strike.

    I think it’s a great story just waiting for you–and I’ll be the CA state testing agency would love to know some of these details. I think it was even on 16.84 The Truth’s You Tube production for day 7 or day 8 of the strike.