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I saw a comment somewhere that said The Daily Review should be pressured to ask Dr. Vigil the hard questions. I want to assure you that there is much going on behind the scenes of all this. We are indeed posing “the hard questions” to Dr. Vigil. However, some of them don’t always fit into whatever story we’re working on “today.” There are a lot of things in the works for the future. Sometimes the answers need to be researched before they’re given to us. However, I will risk opening this up to you: What question would you like to see us pose to Dr. Vigil? Some rules: One line only. No profanities/obscenities or yes-and-no questions. No questions about your specific personal problem. Questions must be related to the strike, and the strike only. Don’t post the question aqain if you see someone else has already posted it. Perhaps we can try to take these questions to Dr. Vigil and do a Q&A.

Similarly, what questions would you like posed to Kathy Crummey? Same rules as above.

OK, it’s Saturday and I have some things to do, so I may not be able to moderate comments for a while. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


  • Kim Santos

    Whoops, sorry guys, I apparently hit some weird setting when I was in trying to alter the size of the comment box. You should be able to post now.

  • I think I know the answers to most of these questions, but perhaps I am mistaken on some points. I tried to write “one-line” questions, but as you note, things are not so simple, and asking a one-line question would usually just result in a meaningless one-line answer.

    My six questions for HEA:

    (1) “Has the union hired a CPA to review the district’s books and identify specific budget provisions that would support the teachers’ current salary demands? Where could parents view the CPA’s report?”

    To expand: On one of the TV interviews this week, a teacher in the HEA offices said that the union had not done a complete analysis of the district’s budget, which might have been a misinformed comment, but sounded to me like an admission that HEA doesn’t actually have a “fully informed” position on “what the district can afford.” I know that the administration has backed away from some of the unusual ‘reserves’ listed in the “interim budget #4” presented at the March 14 board meeting, but what issues remain in the budget that the union believes would free up funds for a 16% raise? (Alternatively, is the union’s position simply that it is the district’s burden to “prove its poverty,” and that the district’s earlier deceptions make that virtually impossible?)

    (2) “Is the union permitted to propose, as part of negotiations, any terms or conditions other than the amount of salary paid to teachers?”

    To expand: My understanding is that if the union raises any issues other than “salary amount,” they would violate the current contract — and could be forced back to work for attempting to include “improper” matters in the negotiation.

    Yet many teachers have voiced a willingness to accept a lower salary if the district would “show some respect” — for example, many teachers are outraged by the apparent lack of disciplinary action following Mr. Schimmel’s district-wide insult email (and his “non-apology apology”), and many teachers and parents are upset by statements by Dr. Vigil which they (and I) believe are factually inaccurate, inconsistent (hypocritical), and/or “insulting” (such as the “blue collar” comment).

    For example, could the union demand (a) an admission of specific errors (disrespect, deception, or whatever) and an apology, (b) specific actions to address the “respect, honesty, and communication” issues that parents raised on Friday, (c) reduction of raises already awarded to administrators, or (d) the termination of one or more specific district administrators or board members, as a condition of accepting a lower salary increase?

    Also, what restrictions may apply to negotiations due to the requirement that most “personnel matters” be kept confidential? (For example, I would hope that Mr. Schimmel would have received some discipline or sanctions following his “insult email,” but perhaps the district is prohibited from disclosing this information without Mr. Schimmel’s consent.)

    (3) “What is HEA’s response to the district’s inclusion of ‘contingent’ salary-increase offers, including the earlier offer of ‘1.6% if 60 teachers accept the $10,000 retirement incentive package,’ and this week’s offer of a salary adjustment in November ‘if district funds permit’?”

    To expand: My assumption is that given HEA’s consistent complaints about financial manipulations, and especially after the manipulation in “interim budget #4”, the union probably has no trust for such “contingent” offers which might be prevented through budget manipulation; the union may also recognize that if such contingent-awards are included in the contract and later do not ‘qualify,’ then the next round of salary negotiations in 2008 are unlikely to be nearly as smooth as the current negotiations. I also assume that the union likely perceived these proposals as insulting — and that the district made these offers with no expectation that they would ever be accepted, but perhaps the district was simply being “un-artful” in attempting to identify a direction for further negotiations which might later remove the contingencies.

    (4) “What is HEA’s response to the district’s inclusion of a new top-salary bracket for teachers with many years experience (which the district contends would amount to a 16.84% salary increase for those few teachers), and how would that proposal interact with the proposed early-retirement-incentive proposal?”

    To expand: It seems likely that this proposal is also a non-starter because it would benefit a handful of individual teachers disproportionately; it looks like a clear conflict-of-interest for the union (which normally can’t make requests that would benefit one group of union members at the apparent expense of others). It also seems quite likely that the teachers who would otherwise be eligible for this “super-raise” would be the very same teachers who are eligible for the “early-retirement-incentive” offer, and thus the new offer would undermine the earlier offer of “1.6% if 60 teachers accept the early-retirement-package.”

    (5) “Could HEA and teachers stop complaining about teachers ‘paying their own health insurance,’ and instead work to arrange for (or induce the district to negotiate) more reasonable or favorable health-insurance contracts?”

    To expand: As my wife and I have discussed this issue with parents, it is clear that HUSD teachers are paying insurance rates which are significantly higher than most people, including those who are self-employed. When I quit working as a teacher for the Oakland Unified School District (in 2004) and had to pay 100% of my health insurance under COBRA, I was surprised at the high rates for the health package which Oakland teachers enjoyed (which was much more generous than my prior health insurance when I was self-employed) — but even those rates were a bargain compared to what Hayward teachers are paying. From the limited information I have, it appears to me that Pleasanton teachers pay much less for their insurance than Hayward teachers, despite a similar “teachers-pay-their-own” provision (and despite higher salaries in Pleasanton).

    (6) “If a court order is issued forcing teachers back to work without a settlement, what will HEA’s position be on the planned boycott by parents and students?”

  • Pissed markham parent

    For ms.crummey :

    What will happen to the kids education if the strike continues past may?

    Will they be held back?
    Will they need to attend summer school ?

    Will there even be summer school?

    Would they get passed to the next grade anyways due to the no child left behind act?

    these are questions that are very important to parents which have not gotten answered!
    Most of us have to work so we cannot go to rallies or daytime meetings so therfor we are left to only wonder.

  • Pissed markham parent

    thanks ms. santos for posting this new blog maybe here some parents can really get answers and not the run around:)

  • Kris Noceda

    The following news release was just sent out by the Hayward Unified School District:

    April 21, 2007
    Hayward Unified School District filed a request for an injunction Friday afternoon with the Public
    Employment Relations Board (PERB).
    The basis for this request is the complete breakdown of the educational process and operations of the
    District’s 34 schools.
    Additional information was requested of the District with the option to withdraw the current injunction
    and submit a new injunction Monday morning.
    Hayward Unified School District is withdrawing our current injunction request and will be submitting a
    new injunction request to PERB Monday, April 23, 2007.

    The Review will look into this Monday.

  • another tired teacher

    For Dr. Vigil:
    1. If you are so concerned about “bankrupting the district” why don’t you take a pay cut and give back your recent 16.84% raise to inspire staff and teachers to feel that you are all in it together? (At $228,000 he just barely makes less than
    George Bush and does make more than Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House!).

    2. Why did you lie to the parents and say that “the schools were safe and that standards based academic learning was going” on and two days later file a lawsuit against the teachers and cite that “schools are unsafe, and that students are being deprived of an education”? How can both things be true at the same time? Isn’t this lying?

    3. Why did everyone in the district including subs receive a raise before teachers?

    4. Isn’t it true that you have a history of adversarial and antagonistic relationships with teachers and teachers unions as evidenced in your behavior in Santa Rosa, L.A. and San Diego? Was the Hayward school Board aware of this when they hired you? Did they ask you about this when you were interviewed?

    5. How do you expect to work with the teachers after this whole ordeal?

    6. Why did you leave everyone in a lurch during Easter Break when it could have been settled then, and kids could have missed less school?

    7. Why do you and the negotiating team keep drawing this thing out? Are you trying to break down the teachers and weaken their resolve? You say you are available to negotiate but you do not call HEA, and very few hours have been spent actually negotiating.

    8. Why are you not raising the offer to teachers at all?

    For the school board:
    1. Why did you feel it necessary to give such a large raise to the top 4 administrators when teachers had not yet received a raise and negotiations had not been settled?

    2. Are you standing by Vigil because you don’t ant to admit that you made =a mistake again i.e. Joan Kowal)

    3. Why does H.U.S.D. need the highest paid Superintendent in the area?

    4. Wouldn’t it be better to have a leader who was committed to Hayward rather than an outsider who will collect the money ad be gone in a few years?

    5. Why has the board been absent from this whole ordeal? Why does it seem like the Board defers all of their authority to Vigil? Don’t they have more authority than him?

    For the school board/ and Vigil:

    1. Why did you give subs a $25 a day raise before the teachers contract had been settled? Is it because you anticipated a strike?

    2. How do you justify paying subs $300 a day when they are showing students movies, letting them draw all day and letting them watch Sponge Bob in class?

    3. Why do schools get Assistant Principals during the strike when only 25% of students are present and not during the regular school year?

    4. Isn’t it true that the fact that teachers deferred their COLA and raises for several years is one of the main reasons that the district was able to balance their budget, not Vigil and Schimmel’s expertise?

    For HEA and Kathy Crummey:

    1. Will you ever make a counter offer below 16%?

    2. Are you sure the district can afford 16%?

    3. Why does Vigil say that the teachers’ demand for 16% will bankrupt the district in 3 years?

  • Pete Maloney

    Thank you Kim Santos for all YOUR hard work during this strike process/coverage.

  • Many of “Another tired teacher’s” questions are good ones, but I believe that two of the questions contain incorrect factual assumptions. I’d also like to add an additinal sub-part to one other question.

    “Another tired teacher” wrote: “Dr. Vigil: . . . why don’t you take a pay cut and give back your recent 16.84% raise . . . ?”

    In fact, Dr. Vigil did NOT receive a raise (his salary is fixed at $229,000 per year, plus an additional $12,000 allowance for health care). The 16.84% raise was granted to Asst. Superintendents Barry Schimmel and Cheryl Peterson; raises in slightly different amounts were granted to other administrators. (Like Dr. Vigil, these other administrators had contracts that provided for a fixed salary for the three-year contract period from 2005-2008, and thus the raise was a “gratuitous” gift from the board to these administrators.) The $500-per-month car allowance was part of the administrators’ original 2005-2008 contracts.

    And s/he also wrote: “Why are you not raising the offer to teachers at all?”

    My perception is that the district has increased its “net offer” (the amount which would actually be paid to teachers for the two-year period from 2006-2008) several times, though some of the “increases” have been small, and some elements of recent offers are extremely speculative. My perception is that the district has misrepresented the union’s changed demands.

    S/he also asked: “Isn’t it true that the fact that teachers deferred their COLA and raises for several years is one of the main reasons that the district was able to balance their budget, not Vigil and Schimmel’s expertise?”

    To that question, I would add, “Didn’t the state’s default on its funding obligations trigger the district’s financial crisis, and hasn’t the state’s repayment of deferred allocations also account for a substantial part of the improvement of the district’s budget?”

  • confounded teacher

    SO WAIT, Vigil has the nerve to say he pays for his own helathcare just like teachers do but he gets $12,000 on top of his $229K??????????? i think that makes his salary about $243K?

    i do believe they all get $500/month car allowance as well which, if i do the math correctly, is another $6000.

    i am not happy with this.

    and i have students asking me the same questions about having missed 7 days of school. they do not want strike school in the summer.

  • Kevin McNair

    A quick clarification for Mr. Welch’s question #1 above. I am the teacher Thuy Vu interviewed. Ms. Vu said that “I admitted that the union has not done any research to prove that the district would not be 30 million dollars in debt.” I said no such thing. Notice that she does not have me on camera saying it! I will tell you that HEA/CTA knows the District budget better than the District does, and we know that they have shifted money away from the classroom so that paying teachers a fair wage seems impossible for our district. It is a matter of priorities, not money. Also calling Ms. Vu’s reporting into question: The ending of the piece, which said that the district is losing money because students aren’t in class during the strike, is completely inaccurate.

  • Hayward High Teacher

    Mark: You make salient points–I noted on your website you taught in Oakland. May I ask what your connection to Hayward is?

    My questions for the HUSD Board and Dr. Vigil:

    1. Who bargains the insurance rates for HUSD and why can I not opt out of Delta Dental? I currently pay $600 per person in my family, which seems to be a lot more than most other people (in other districts and other kinds of jobs) pay for theirs.

    2. What is the feasibility of making the COLA payments automatically granted each year? (Most other districts do this.)

    3. When do you plan to raise my supplies budget so that it matches the COLA the state of CA sends to the district each year? (I currently get about $400 for the entire year to cover copies and all other supplies. I save that money for copies and buy my own supplies. Right now, I’ve put in $300 of my own money for copies and last year I put in about $1800 for classroom supplies.)

    4. What is your motivation for making an offer than splits the union members? (I am referring to the last offer that added increases at 22, 26, and 30 years, which would currently affect only about 130 or so teachers. It’s a good idea in general, but not as a salary package for this year’s bargaining.)

    5. Why did district office administrators go to the high schools, pull student Leadership leaders out of class, and basically tell them to stop referring to controversial issues (specifically the impending labor actions/strike) at board meetings or the board would refuse to provide these students with letters of recommendation?

    6. Why didn’t you consider HEA’s Spring Break proposal more seriously? (Based on the $65,000 average salary, it was about $4500 less than the current “8-and-8” proposal HEA has reverted back to.)

    7. Why are you so dismissive of Hayward parents, students, teachers, and community members who comment during the open mike part of the Board meetings, particularly those who comment on the labor actions?

    8. Dr. Vigil: Why did you spend the two weeks before Spring Break sending misleading emails to the district’s teachers and then bar teachers from using their email to email each other using the district lists (something we had no problems with before)?

    9. Dr. Vigil: How long do you plan to stay at HUSD and why haven’t you bought a home in Hayward?

    10. Dr. Vigil: Why did you choose to come to HUSD in the first place?

    11. Dr. Vigil: What did you intend to mean by the “we’re not Pleasanton” comment?

    12. HUSD Board: Why are you letting Dr. Vigil be your “fall guy” during the strike? You’re the ones who are really in charge of the negotiating, yet you remain largely silent.

    My questions for HEA/Kathy Crummey:

    1. Who bargains the insurance rates for HUSD and why can I not opt out of Delta Dental? I currently pay $600 per person in my family, which seems to be a lot more than most other people (in other districts and other kinds of jobs) pay for theirs.

    2. (This is less a question and more of a plea–and I know it’s yes/no): Are you able to bargain the salary part of the contract so that COLA is guaranteed each year?

    3. What happens if teachers refuse to follow the injunction (if it is granted)?

    4. How does HEA plan to support the substitutes who are trying to form their own union, particularly the subs who have honored our picket lines?

  • Fernando hernandez

    Dr. Vigil:

    I want to know why so many other districts can afford to pass the full COLA allocation down to all their employees, but Hayward can’t.?

    And, where is this COLA money being spent?

    Mrs. Crummey/ Dr.Vigil: Can you both negotiate a clause into the new contract that would make the district automaticaly pass the full COLA as received by the district

  • hayward teacher

    A question for HUSD:
    How much money has been spent on outside consultants? I would just like a dollar value including the demographer, the lawyers filing injunctions etc., curriculum consultants, professional development, and any other consultant that has been hired from outside the district. How much this year? How much in past years? Some of these positions are clearly necessary, but are there any that could possibly have been done by those that are already receiving ample salaries in HUSD administration?

    Thank you everyone, and I really mean everyone, for asking the tough questions. I have found myself extremely frustrated throughout this process that information is hard to come by and often unreliable. On days when there are negotiations, I have stayed up until 11pm, only to learn nothing has happened, and again having to wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the picket lines at 6:30am. I have searched the news of surrounding urban areas, and this story has barely received any attention statewide, much less nationally. The call for questions is an important one, because we all have them and we all want answers. It is my sincere hope that these questions do not remain in the blogosphere, but make their way onto the tangible, ink-and-paper copies of the Daily Review with real answers following the queries. Maybe the answers to the questions will give this story, and the bigger picture of which it is a part, the attention it deserves.

  • Fernando hernandez

    I second the previous questiont! I read the newspaper fairly carefuly and remember taking a pause when reading in the newspaper about yet another consultant or indendent firm doing whatever.

    I would like to know about the defence and settllement of the tragic case of Jasmin Castro and the rail road incident.

    Why have Mr. Vigil, Mr. Schimmel, and the Board not directed that the gate be locked?

    Asides from the fact that our worst nightmare as a parent would be get a call like that…

    Mr. Schimmel: Wouldn’t $20 dollars worth of chain and lock be an easy way to get rid of a big liabilty?

    Unfortunately, I’m not saying that another person won’t get killed elsewhere along the tracks, just yeasterday yet another person did, but…

    Mr.Vigil, Mr. Schimmel, Members of the Board of Directors:

    This specific gate, and the contract with the rail road track owner make this particular location your responsibility.

    Did any of you ask that the settlement be sealed by the judge in the case.?

    Did the district’s insurance covered it?

    If so, how much did the district’s insurance coverage went up on account of this incident?

    After all it is us Hayward tax ayers that fool the bill.

    Editor’s note: Please, strike-related questions only, as I stated in my post. And as I said in a previous post, we are trying to get the court documents unsealed in the Castro settlement. Our lawyer has been hard at work on the case. -Kim Santos

  • Speechless and Confused

    Thank you very much Ms. Kim Santos! I apologize for my patience! I thought you had an automatic system that would check on a few words before they were approved. I was not aware that it is done by a real life person. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to hear our voices. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  • Speechless and Confused

    Ooopppsss, “I apologize for being impatient!”

  • Speechless and Confused

    CLARIFICATION: Please do not quote me on this, but it is my understanding that some or maybe none of the AEOTE union employees have received the COLA increase. It shows on the new salary schedules, which was accidentally (?) posted on the Internet by an employee in accounting. She was asked to remove it because some of us are not at that scale due not receiving the COLA increase. I’m not sure if it has been removed. Please remember that any raise that HEA gets – other unions receive too. The “Mee Too Clause” in the AEOTE contract.

  • Speechless and Confused

    Ms. Santos,
    I promise this is my last comment for tonight.
    Thank you!

    Dr. Vigil,

    In regards to your Spanish section on the http://www.husd.k12.ca.us web site, please find a professional who knows how to translate correctly in Spanish grammar. Months and days of the week are not supposed to be capitalized. As you may already be aware, some of the information given from your office in Spanish, has been interpreted incorrectly. On a daily basis, we receive complaints from Spanish speaking parents. Not only in regards to information related to the strike, but letters sent from the principals and the Y.E.P. office. Y.E.P. has an application and letter in Spanish, which needs to be corrected. There is a section that informs parents to please show proof of income if they can’t afford to pay the registration fees. Unfortunately, it says if you oppose (oponer o oponen) to paying the fee and not if you can’t afford the fees. This might not fully pertain to the strike, but I just wanted to make you aware that one word that is translated incorrectly, can make a difference. Please DO NOT FORGET that Hayward is a diverse community with rich culture of other nationalities/ ethnicity that are NOT only from Latin America.

    Thank you,
    Speechless & Confused

  • CHANNEL 16.84 CREW

    Feel free to e-mail us any question you have for Vigil or anyone else we can actually get a hold of (assistant sup’s and board members have gone AWOL). Our story is the truth so any questions will fit right in!

    Power to the People!

    e-mail swordfishtbone@yahoo.com

    Truthfully Yours,
    Oliver, Yanira, Celeste, and Robert
    (Winton Middle School News Crew, and…Teachers!)

  • Disgusted Hayward Parent

    Yes Ask Dr>Vigil why our childre are being threaten with being expelled from school for
    1) supporting their teachers and 2) being safe !!!!! I have not sent my child to school due to his safety , being holed up with about 50 kids to a room and having to listen to the chaos outside and he was so worried on Friday saying that our kids need to be in school for testing and things, but he is going to consider expelling them in Wednesday’s school board meetin
    This is another slap in the face from DR. VIGIL !!!!! Can he really do this to our children ???????

  • C Brown

    I’m a Hayward teacher. I live in Hayward. My children attend Hayward public schools and will continue to do so. And I am making “childcare” arrangements WITHOUT PAY and that isn’t much less than I usually recieve.

    I understand parents are frustrated. But they should be frustrated with the fact that Vigil has broken the entire school system, closing every school in the district. He knew LAST YEAR that teachers did not have a settled contract. His job is to negotiate and he has chosen not to do that and ignored the needs of our children.

    Just a note. We are credentialed educators NOT BABYSITTERS! While we give 110% to the she safety and care of your children when we have them, our job is to teach them. We have attended college for 6+ years to learn how to teach your children. More than 90% of us continue with coursework in specific areas to improve our ability to teach them and we pay for those courses out of our own pockets. We buy classroom supplies the district does not provide. We have a limited amount of copies (administration does not) so many of us go to KINKO’s (very expensive) and pay for copies ourselves. And we rarely leave work before 5 p.m. As professionals we attend meetings, complete necessary paperwork for the district and state, make phone calls, hold parent meetings and this is after we manage and teach 27 -to 35 children per day (the 20 student class size is only on paper).

    I’m insulted by parents who only want to share their childcare issues. 20,000 families have childcare issues right now and that is not the fault of the teachers. To the editor, stop insulting us with this “behind the scenes” nonsense. Do not print “stories” report the facts and if you don’t have them simply REPORT you don’t have them and why you don’t have them This is not a photo op or human interest story, this is NEWS that is affecting thousands of people we want answers not commentary!

    Regarding substitutes. They are not simply babysitters. We have several WELL QUALIFIED substitute teachers. Many of them hold credentials and are retired or parents wanting a part time schedule, some are aspiring to earn full credentials and work in a class themselves. M
    We consider them our peers, not pretend teachers. I use the same 3 substitutes whenever I leave my class. They know our routines, students names, personalities and needs. They are not babysitting my students they continue the academic program as required by the state. One is a retired credentialed teacher, another is aspiring to become a teacher and the third has a child the same age, she is a stay home mom with a bachelors and proper credentialing to substitute. Many of the substitutes are refusing to cross the picket line out of respect to us (their peers), the profession and the children. The SCABS ( and that statement denotes the disrespect I feel for them) are not struggling students. Several of them are coming from other “white collar” communities driving Range Rovers, Mercedees (those are the one’s I’ve seen and I’ve picketted 3 schools) Think about it $300 per day is $1500 per week, face it they want the money. Some are here all the way from LA and the district is paying for hotel and airflight to have them here. We request subs their job is to assist us, I’m responsible for the coursework I write the lesson plans. The reason for the pictures is that we will not be requesting these “teachers” in our classroom. (Not that they care about our children or will continue to be available at the normal rate of $110 per day)

    The ultimate goal is to retain teachers. We cannot offer quality science, math classes, or the AP classes Vigil claims are so important to our students at the current pay.

  • My daughter goes to Strobridge ele. Im not sure on whats going on there because I too
    support the teachersand have kept my daughter home. I believe that the schools are not safe. My daughters teacher
    Mrs. W. Norman is what I call a true teacher. My daughter had only been in school for one
    week when I got a call from the school asking If it would be ok if Mrs. Norman keeps My
    daughter at school for an hour to help her with her reading. At that moment I knew that this was a dedicated and loving teacher. I support her and all the teachers of Hayward who
    are roll modles and also sometimes a second parent to our children.

  • please excuse my typos I am tired.

  • Disabled Teacher Going Broke

    I am outraged that Dr. Vigil receives an additional $12,000 per year to pay for his health insurance! I worked for HUSD for over 5 years until I was injured on the job because of the stupitidy of another employee. I was thrown into the hell of the Workman’s Comp system and did not receive proper medical care until it was too late. I am now permanently disabled and since I had worked over 5 years I was no longer under the salary protection program. I am in constant pain and have to take narcotics 24/7. After paying over $1000 a month for my family of 3 Blue Shield insurance, I only receive $1000 per month! Laws prevent you from suing your employer; therefore I received less than $10,000 for my injuries. If you are a current HUSD employee you should be forcing the health care costs issues. How many of you can go from making over $50,000 a year to $12,000 a year and survive? I worked very hard to complete all the requirements to become a teacher and dearly loved my job. This was alll taken away from me in a split second and I have to live with being in pain for the rest of my life! Oh, by the way, the person whose stupidity caused my accident is still an employee! Where is the justice in this district? God help anyone else who is seriously injured on the job at HUSD because no one at the district office gives a crap!

  • Angela Hayward mother and alumni

    Ok…one thing that many teachers are commenting on regarding expenses on the job i.e. copies made

    one person has stated that the administration does not have copy limits while the teachers do. ALL of the copiers have limits. At the board meeting when they proposed the new XEROX project, 6 MILLION COPIES PER QUARTER throughout the district, including the Administration, were given. For those going to Kinko’s you make that your problem when its more expensive to go there where if you made the “overage” (0.059 cents per copy B/W) at your new copiers, you would get 17 copies for the price of one. So who is not doing the math??? Also that 6 million/quarter includes all copiers by XEROX that were placed (district-wide) however it does not include the old xerox machines, nor does it cover expenses on sites that have elected to keep the older machines with alternate companies. The new copiers contract with Xerox include Maintenance AND service and supplies, except for staples and paper. But with the printing paper, the district is saving more money by buying in truck loads rather than by individual packing. I have seen the off-loading myself. And for many of the teachers
    who feel they do not have the materials they need…GET APPROVAL BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING ON THE DISTRICT BUDGET.

    THE state is not the only reason this district went in crisis. ALL teachers contributed to ALL over-expenditures!!! I know all of this because I volunteered at the last Teacher’s Supply
    Giveaway in August of 2006. All of you had the opportunity to grab any necessities. aLL OF THIS WAS FREE. and yes let it be known that you all tackled through each other then ALSO. I have pictures of this. One of your administrators (a Hayward Resident) got a local company to donate in excess of 125,000 dollars in materials, from pens to notepads to ledgers to butcher paper and art supplies, all kinds of paper and supplies for the office AS well as the classrooms. Alternate reading material was also available from the storage bins AND ALMOST NONE OF YOU EVEN TOUCHED THE BOOKS AVAILABLE!!! So you tell me you had to buy supplies…money is in the budget for this BUT there are limited resources. If you can’t live within your means in the budgets, ask that more general funds be alotted for these needs!!! stop complaining if you are not doing the necessary paperwork to get this!!!

    In less than three years this was the 3rd Giveaway Provided and Organized by the same administrator. SO what was that about administrators NOT CARING or living in the city or about not wanting to do anything to contribute to this school community.

    If ANYONE looks at the HUSD website there is a logo “PARTNERS IN EDUCATION”. cLICK ON IT and register your class needs and all companies within the district on this program are filling those requests from that website. SO WHO IS NOT UTILIZING THIS RESOURCE!!! Flyers were up all over.. Who is not reading???Who is not doing THEIR homework??? SO what was that about having to spend your own money for school supplies?!

    Disabled Teacher Going Broke Says: Yes it is a shame that the former Administration did not take care of your needs however the new administration has implemented ways to weed out frivolous cases such as leaving school equipment in your vehicles/classrooms unlocked at the end of the day, and people who claim injury when they are not injured. Injury cases are very serious and are taken care of now but they do have to take the steps to process the claim. So yes time can become an issue but now they do have ways to reimburse costs…mandated laws that prevent this as long as you and your physicians can substantiate the claim. So in your case the previous Administration did fail you, do not take this out on the new one who has worked hard to change that program which previously failed you. With the new changes
    all claims have to be processed in compliance.

    And food stipend?…NO!!!! unless you teachers are giving the subs food from your picket line but I doubt that

  • Hayward Teacher

    Despite all the generous contributions from businesses and community members, teachers still end up paying out of pocket for many things. Please do not discount this sacrifice.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Thanks Hayward teacher:

    I was just thinking about that. I know elm.teacher spends a fair amount of money as well on supplies for specific projects, specific items that have not been donated, and those contributions should not be minimized like that. As you say, they are a contribution and a sacrifice given in good faith for the betterment of our children.

    Angela HM&A:

    I commented on the possibility of a food stipend because as a tax payer, it did seem excesive to pay for hotel accomodations and air fare for people making $1500/week.
    I think most of us would agree with that.

    I’m not sure what the comment about teachers giving some of their donated food to the subs was all about? It seemed a little much.

    We parents that have given sustenance to the teachers have done so because we support them, and understand how diffcult it is for them to stike, not only emotionally but financially . I’m not sure how bringing our food donations up, is constructive to the dialogue we are trying to have here.

    Somehow, we seem to be drifting out of focus.

    I also feel that e-mail communications like this tend to be prone to people missunderstanding each other. Except for the clear examples of people “yelling” out their opinions with the use of lots of exclamation marks and capitalized statements, I think most of us are keeping a fairly calm conversation.

    I was a little surprized someone, I can’t remember who, said I sounded defensive in one of my comunications. The only comunication I have sent out that I’m somewhat troubled about would be my letter to Dr.Vigil, which indeed was vitriolic (bitterly scathing, caustic) Call me pompous, overly verbose, sure! But “defensive” caught me off guard.

    I have decided to take a brake from the blog again. I will be joining the Families in Action folks at the park tomorrow. I think everyone who is writing here has in mind the improvement of our school district, but I’m not sure this is truly the right media to discuss the issues in depth.

    I believe the fact that so many of you use handles rather than your real names makes it easy to put out statements in a manner that you would not, if the statement was associated to your name.

    In the future I will refraing from commenting on posts from people whose names I don’t know. That is why I’m going to the pot luck tomorrow, I want to be able to see you in the face and dialogue in person.

    Are there only a dozen of us reading this?, everyone else just say hi or something if you are there!

  • Angela Hayward mother and alumni

    Hayward Teacher…I’m not discounting the sacrifice…but don’t dramatize it if all avenues and resources haven’t been utilized. At the beginning of the school year, so many put in long
    “wish” lists. Everything was given more than amply needed. That is a great resource and that is the community of Hayward that does it. Don’t complain that you have sacrificed in that way if all it would have taken was typing a “classroom needs” list. And for those who didn’t know until I mentioned the “partners in education”, now you do know so even you can’t complain about that resource problem being tapped out- it’s not. These teachers who complain of this are not using their heads. Principals, it’s your job to approve the expenditures from the budgets unless the amount is in question then it’s someone else’s job. So teachers…when you complain that there is no money, shouldn’t some of the blame go to your principals when the supply budget is blown two months into the school year, when all it would have taken was a simple, ” WE DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY IN THE BUDGET”?! Your principals control your budgets even though another dept. controls the money accounting. Principals…tell your teachers to make lists if there is no money. Share the blame AND the responsibility so it can change from here on out.

    All I have been saying is that I have seen both sides and I have done the research. The Administration is NOT the only parties to blame for the crisis and why the money hasn’t been given to the teachers. Money can go to no-one if all you’re doing is paying bills. Fiscal Budgets…I would love to see the budget reports for the schools as far as the $$ allotted for everything at each site, as well as the accounting for expenditures and what accounts they’re using for what purpose. Mainly…How much of the “restricted budgets” were spent by Jan. this school year? And how many written requests have the principals made to say the needs of the site has increased and therefore needs more money to cover those costs…wow who would of thought that process exists??? That exists everywhere. And if there is no “additional” money to contribute right away, they can in fact try to “find” the funds elsewhere, so long as they are unrestricted/general funds. The reason the teachers get paid less than the administration is because they teach, and although they should be applying rules and regulations in everything they do, it is the “administrators” who have to see that everything is in compliance with the law. The district overall is what gets a slap on the wrist if one thing wrong happens. These people have to make sure that everything state and law mandated is in compliance. How many teachers can say they have been trained to process worker’s comp. cases? Not many.

    This district is not made of money. When you look at it sure it seems like they get a lot of money at the beginning of the fiscal year.

    Subtract Worker’s comp/benefits/programs for the employees
    Subtract Mandated Retirement spending (this is what you teachers want to cash out illegally)
    Subtract Wages/Salaries
    Subtract moneys for special ed./yep/educational programs
    Subtract child nutrition funds
    Subtract Supplies
    Subtract vacation pay/ sick pay
    Subtract $$ for insurance company for district and its employees(Mandated)
    Subtract the Mandated $$ required by law to spend on fixing or upgrading the facilities
    (does not include burbank elementary being rebuilt as the developers and the city are doing this, not the district)

    AND how much $$$ do you think goes to last minute cleaning/painting of graffiti or damages made to the school properties. Personally…i think the families that encourage or enable their kids to do this, if caught, should pay for this if this hasn’t happened yet. Let the parents figure out how their child is going to pay for it.

    And how much money has to get repaid if student enrollment declines…about $5000 per student if I’m doing my research right, which does not include the projected school
    materials already paid for that goes wasted when the students don’t come, dropout, etc.

    There’s more that comes out of the money given to start than what meets the eye. This stuff is mandated by law to spend. Live within your means, not stretch it till it breaks- as previously stated. There is no extra “unrestricted” money!!! and no one should have to budget hoping they will get more “one-time” gift monies to prevent bankruptcy. Because all-in-all that’s exactly what happens when that hope does not get ful-filled.

  • Pete Maloney

    Just a thought… Steve Jobs at Apple Computers takes an annual salary of just $1. Dale, would you be willing to do that this year, soas to help out the children, parents and teachers of hayward get this thing settled?

  • angela

    oh and Angela lets not forget that the district was willing to sacrifice filed trips and assembleys to give teachers some kind of raise but that is not enough they want more more more ,
    how can you squeeze water from a rock . you can’t
    angela you make great points “you go girl!”

  • angela

    mr Maloney ,

    What about Dales family , is he supposed to lose his house , Apple computers is a multi
    billion dollar company , there is no comparision,

  • While I don’t think Dr. Vigil should give back his salary, I’m not sure what house you’re talking about — Dr. Vigil has not purchased a house here, but rents an apartment. Perhaps you mean a house elsewhere in the state where he plans to return when he succeeds in forcing the district to terminate him?

  • angela

    I did not mean as in owning even as a renter if he does not have the money to pay rent wouldnt he be kicked out . To me that is losing a house , having no place to live no home , you do not have to own a home in order to lose a home , please remember that , how many of the poor have gotten evicted from rental homes after not being able to make the rent , they lose the home that they have made , for some people rentals homes are the only that they will ever know , and that does not make it any less their home. He is a human being whos job it is to pay bills , the districts bills and so far I see no true proof from the teachers that he is so bad . let me know where i can see proof . enlighten me on the budget , then maybe I will believe

  • angela

    again only the children suffer

    *keep the peace*
    * I is not in team*
    *put your feet in their shoes *

  • PH

    I don’t publish my name because I don’t want anyone tracking me down for something I said online. Anonymity is safer in such a volatile situation, I think. As long as an anonymous poster remains courteous, I don’t think using a “handle” or initials is a problem. I hope people don’t skip my posts for that reason.

  • Hayward Teacher

    So…. Where did all this come from again? How did we go from talking about the strike to talking about the district sacrificing while the teachers are trying to get “blood from a rock”? What about when we fought to keep music and PE for our kids? What was your precious administration trying to accomplish with that program-gutting nonsense?

    I feel very badly for the children. Today, a fifth grade girl wanted to know when we are returning and let me know that the kids are “desperate” to have us back. Well, this is a situation of desperation. We made that sacrifice last year and others in times past, always with a promise that our time would come. Well, the time for empty promises is over. The district claims that the union is not “bargaining in good faith.” Yet they had ALL YEAR LONG to put a legitimate offer on the table. Why did they suddenly realize they could afford more the day before the strike? Why have all their offers included divisive and misleading clauses and contingencies? Why has the district consistently lied to the press and to parents about attendance, events on the picket line, and the state of negotiations?

    As teachers, I really believe our goals are the same as yours. We do NOT want to see the district go bankrupt and be taken over by the state, we simply don’t believe the district because their track record is terrible, awful, atrocious, repugnant, you name it. This situation should never have escalated to this level. If the district has not slapped teachers in the face by giving un-mandated and unnecessary raises to the administrators, then offering 3% when they had promised (again empty) to start the bargaining at 5%, then we would all have been working comfortably under a new contract long ago. Working in a school system where you are constantly worrying that a strike might occur is a terrible thing. No matter how dedicated you are, it is always there in the back of your mind. Some people take second, or even third jobs to save up for this possibility. This strike is 100% legal because our union went through multiple steps before deciding to resort to this measure. What did the district offer at every stage of the game? 3%. We want to educate the kids and we want to be in the classrooms, but we will not be bullied by a reckless administration that thinks it is OK to wait till the day before the strike to put out an unacceptable offer. They are making power-plays every day, including starting today’s bargaining at 5pm so that they can stretch this out longer and make teachers sweat through another day without a paycheck. I’m sorry the kids miss us, and I miss them to, but I wouldn’t be out there walking the line every day from 6:30am till 3:30pm if I didn’t think that ultimately it would lead to improvement in this school system and a better future for each and every child in HUSD.

  • Hayward Teacher


    What violence has occurred? If you are referring to the alleged incident that took place on day 2 at Palma Ceia, I can speak directly to that because I was there and the press grossly misreported it. As far as I know, there have been no actual violent altercations, and I am certain that the media would have a field day if anything of substance did take place. What I have seen is scabs running there cars into teachers and getting up in teachers’ faces. Are you basing your statement that the “violence needs to stop” on the false news reports, or personal experience?

    Editor’s note: In regards to these claims of violence, we checked with the police yesterday and no reports have been filed. The police said they haven’t even gotten any calls related to strike incidents, from either side. I disagree that the media (all media, anyway) would have a “field day” if such an incident were to occur. Unless it resulted in death. Details about violent incidents would be included with our regular coverage. As for misreporting the Palma Ceia incident, we were working off information given by Hayward police. Was the police’s information wrong? If so, why?

    We did check yesterday, and if subsequent violent or aggressive incidents have been occurring on the picket lines, then they aren’t being reported to the police. And there isn’t much we can do beyond that, because then it becomes a game of he-said-she-said as to what happened. If you have proof of something that happened, bring it to me. 22533 Foothill Blvd. I’ll see what can be done. -Kim

  • s j h

    I’m pretty sure Dale’s family is well taken care of. Doesn’t he have his benefits paid for
    by the last District to fire him? I agree with C Brown these are teachers who are
    educating our kids not babysitting them or taking over for a parent while they are away.
    If the teachers are forced to go back before a settlement is made my child will be opting
    out of STAR testing.

  • Fred

    Fernando Hernandez; We are here.

  • Fred

    What is this about violence!! The only incident that has a filed police report is the one that occurred at Palma Ceia. And the report was filed by the teacher, not the sub.
    I am not sure what the HUSD told the subs when they were hired, but I have witnessed one who is so aggressive that he almost ran into the rear of a district employee’s car as she stopped to talk with a teacher at the entrance of our school. He repeated guns his vehicle in and out each day as if he is in physical danger.
    Violence is not someone yelling their displeasure at you as you cross their picket line and take money out of their pocket.
    Angela, please explain your comment, “the violence is out of hand.”

  • Leslie Cienega


    If you have accessto the police reports you will see there IS more than one!

  • Leslie Cienega

    trust me when i say they may or may not be about tre hard core violence but concerning the strike and picketers there is more than one . I have seen two with my own eyes! Mainly about desturbing the peace in the neighborhood.

  • another tired teacher

    Angela H. you are not a district accountant. You do not know about the COLA they kept from us. What are you talking about?

    what assemblies and field trip money went to teachers’ salaries? I mean really, do you people make this stuff up? This is ridiculous. These things come from seperate budgets that cannot be spent on other things.

    Are you two aware that everyone in the district including subs have got raises excpet teachers, even though the state gave them money specfically designated for teacher raises and they still didn’t give us raises? And they are paying subs $300 a day during the strike? And they spent
    $30,000 on copies of packets of coloring books and workbooks for the subs during the strike?? And now we are hearing that they flew in subs from LA? These are things that have been substantiated. And you question us on things you made up?


  • concerned citizen

    I second that, Angela you do not know the facts, so please until you have done your research stop writing this nonsense.

  • hayward teacher

    Police reports do not amount to violence. Disturbing the peace is not violence.

  • QUestions for the district:

    (1) What specific actions has the district taken to restore trust and accountability?

    To expand: Many statements by Dr. Vigil have been blatant lies; Mr. Schimmel and Mr. Peterson have verbally attacked teachers. Apparently the district endorses these actions, since nothing has happened to acknowledge, apologize for, or discourage such actions.

    (2) Why does the district continue to make offers that contain contingencies that seem to be “deal-killers” for distrustful teachers?

    To expand: In a climate of distrust and disrespect, the district seems to be wasting time and money, and insulting teachers, by making complex “contingent” offers. If the district won’t admit that its leaders have lied and disrespected the teachers, how can it ask them to trust it?

    (3) Does the district want to reduce enrollment further? Will HUSD be a better place when enrollment drops below 15,000?

    To expand: My perception, as I’ve mentioned at recent board meetings, is that the district’s unambiguous message to parents is “Leave – move your students to other districts.”

    (4) Why is the district working to “push out” experienced teachers (specifically, with the “retirement incentive,” but more generally through hostility, disrespect, inadequate support, and low pay)? Will HUSD be a better place when it has less experienced teachers?

  • TimeOutTeacher

    I think it is time to end this strike.


    I’ve tried to identify the various ways this strike might end, and I’d like to know which option others think is the most desirable.

    See the post at:

  • Leslie Cienega

    So mental abuse is not considered a form of violence??

    Please tell that to the psycologist that saw my daughter today!!!

    Do you think i am lying???

    How about i show you the report from her doctor!!

    Mental is the worst form of any kind of abuse!!! Get your facts straight!
    As for physical violence when protesters are trying to open apartments front doors and its tenats are scared and call the police and make a report then the police came and questioned me about it to see what i saw opps let me guess the ones that are holding the signs are not teachers ha ha yeah right !

    You deserve your raise i agree on that i have saw proof to that but please do not lie on this blog about there being no violence people have done it but protected their identy because of fear!

    Take some responsibility as i have.. Ha and im not even a teacher but yet i see and am able to admit when i am wrong. Tell me who now has more education!

  • Leslie Cienega


    i hope it ends like number 4 it seems the best way but how can we as parents make it happen like that?