The day after …


How did area residents get to and from work today? Will it change your daily schedule for the next few months? Have suggestions for the rest of us? Let us know at (510) 293-2473 or mattobrien@dailyreviewonline.com.

  • monica

    My husband had the day off. We went to dinner at Jack London Square and took the detour at West Grand Ave. on our way home just to check it out. My husband services office machines so he travels throughout the bay area daily. Any way no left turns are allowed on W. Grand so the traffic is flowing and there are only two signal lights. I’ll keep you posted on his daily adventures.

  • Kim Santos

    Thanks, Monica, we’ll be interested to hear what it’s like out there.

  • Sally Raquet

    I don’t have to leave Hayward from home to work, so I won’t have to deal with that mess. But, the company who employed that driver needs to be held finanically responsible for the cost of the freeway damage.