Hayward = Biotech?


Despite the demonstrated struggle of trying to attract high-tech business to Hayward or anywhere else right now, people up in Oakland are apparently envious of the Heart of the Bay’s biotech-magnet abilities.

A well-publicized report released this week by the Oakland Chamber of Commerce declares that Hayward is the top seventh biotech city in all of California, if measured by how many biotech companies are located in town. The report, based on 2002 data, shows 11 companies total. We reported last year that there are now more than 30 “life sciences” companies in Hayward, ranging from pharmaceutical makers to medical device inventors. Of course, since that time, lots of other places — such as Emeryville — have attracted more biotech companies to their shores, as well.

(Review photo of Mendel Biotechnology in Hayward taken in March 2006.)