Peet’s on slow roast to nowhere

Downtown’s downtrodden Palmtag Building came up at the Hayward City Council’s “work session” meeting this evening.

“That thing’s about to crumble down. What’s going on with that?” Councilman Kevin Dowling asked his colleagues.

“Not much,” replied City Manager Jesus Armas.

It was more than a year ago that we wrote about the city’s great hopes for the 19th-century building.

The building owner, Oakland-based Browman Development Co., which also developed and owns the neighboring Albertsons/Starbucks/Jamba Juice/etc. shopping center and the new Target center on Hesperian, announced in March 2006 that it was going to restore the Palmtag and put a Peet’s Coffee and Tea Shop there. Their schedule was as follows: Start remodeling in June 2006, complete it by Thanksgiving 2006 and have the coffee shop open by spring 2007. Browman was going to use a $500,000 city subsidy to help restore the structure to its turn-of-the-century splendor, making it look like this:


And although Browman secured a lease agreement with Peet’s, the project never got off the ground. Armas said one of the problems is that the transformer that serves the area is “oversubscribed” and apparently can’t handle the additional load. PG&E could supply it, but the developer would have to bear the costs of expanding the system.

  • Kim Santos

    And while we’re on it, what about the old Zorn’s? I walked past it yesterday and noticed one of its windows had been busted out. Didn’t really seem like anyone passing by cared.

  • monica

    Kim we’re with you on that one. That building drives my husband nuts. It’s such a ugly building. You know what else is ugly? the Southland marquis, all of them except the one we see from 880. At one time the DR used to have an eye sore column maybe it’s time to revisit that strategy.

  • kelly avila

    While we are on the subject of ugly bldgs., what about the whole area where the 99 store and Bobby Lee’s burned down and coincedentaly the two abanded house burned in the same area as well, it’s such an eyesore. Does anyone know if will all be torn down anytime soon?

  • monica

    I agree with you, Kelly. There are so many eye sores in Hayward but I’m doing my part this Saturday to help clean up Hayward. I’m participating in the city sponsored clean up day. My husband and I will be picking up litter through out the city and then enjoy a barbecue picnic at Weekes park. This is a yearly event but it should be a monthly event. If I can find out what’s happening with the $.99 store and bobby lees I’ll let you.

  • monica

    From what I read in today’s paper it sounds like Zorn’s future is determined by the proposed mini loop, which I think is the worst idea ever! For once I agree with the chamber of commerce.