More than two years after Cal State University, Hayward (CSUH) changed its name to Cal State University, East Bay (CSUEB), causing great controversy here, some still feel slighted.

Take the latest newsletter from the Hayward Area Planning Association, which advocates sticking Hayward back in the school name:

What is a CSUEBH? California State University, East Bay Hayward. This name is necessary to distinguish our campus from Oakland and Concord, and I urge all to use it to avoid confusion and to protest the abuse of authority that changed the original name of CSU Hayward.

Sure to make an attractive sweatshirt.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Perhaps, if the children of HAPA stamped their collective feet, the name Hayward will creep back into the name of the University !

    Cal State was promised road access via the 238 route through the Foothills; that was part of the deal for locating here rather than in Pleasanton !

    No 238 by-pass ? Well, Cal State held up it’s end ! Then, due to need to work while attending school, students had to look elsewhere in order to raise the where with all ! Jobs in North County and Contra Costa compelled use of autos…. so Cal State moved the location of some classes,,,,

    Cal State held up it’s obligation to students….. Hayward did not !

    Now, the beutiful part….. folks travel north along Fairview to reach shopping in Castro Valley throutgh the five Canyons route to Castro Valley Blvd and/ or mall in Pleasanton…. to do that, they travel through the very heart of HAPA turf……

    So, let them cry !

  • monica

    I still call it Cal State Hayward and always will.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Good for you Monica !

    Do you apply the name to the San Mateo Bridge too?

  • monica

    of course 🙂