Evaluating Vigil

Not even a full month after Hayward teachers and the district negotiated salary increases, the teachers union threw a jab at Superintedent Dale Vigil, releasing a “No Confidence” vote to the district chief on Tuesday.

So much for a healing process that was anticipated by the community.

The “No Confidence” vote was spurred by a 10-day strike and 83 grievances filed by educators during Vigil’s tenure, which began in July 2005, according to the Hayward Education Association.

It’s obvious what the union thinks of Vigil. They are demanding trustees to not renew his contract when it expires next year.

School board President Grant Peterson has publicly said Vigil has done a good job.

But what about the community?

The superintendent is scheduled to be evaluated by the board soon.

What are your thoughts on how the district’s top dog has performed during his nearly two years in Hayward? Where does Vigil rank among past superintendents such as Joan Kowal and Marlin Foxworth?

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Here is HEA’s resolution:

Hayward Education Association
Faculty Representative Assembly
Resolution Expressing “NO CONFIDENCE” in Superintendent Dale Vigil

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil has created conditions requiring members to file a record number of grievances, 83 thus far; and

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil does not resolve grievances, and his failed leadership has resulted in costly arbitrations; and

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil’s management style resulted in Hayward Educators striking for ten days before an agreement could be reached; and

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil’s management style has resulted in morale among employees being at an all-time low; and

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil’s management style has adversely affected relations between the community and the District; and

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil has failed to garner community support in order to pass a facilities bond yet continues to close schools and change boundaries beyond what is necessary; and

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil has spent over two million dollars in administrative salaries at the District level producing little or no educational benefit for our students; and

WHEREAS, Superintendent Dale Vigil has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants and management attorneys who have provided little positive impact on our students;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Hayward Education Association Faculty Representative Assembly expresses a vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” in Superintendent Dale Vigil and urges the Board of Education to not extend his contract beyond June 30, 2008.

AND FURTHER, in the event that Superintendent Dale Vigil resigns from the Hayward Unified School District prior to June 2008, that the Board of Education accepts his unconditional resignation immediately.

May 14, 2007


  • Leigh Scott

    I sent this letter to Vigil and the school board members. Their response? A big fat nothing. Vigil and the board have shown an alarming lack of respect for Hayward teachers and parents.

    The letter:

    I’m a concerned parent of two children in the Hayward Unified School District. I have refused to participate in the flight to Castro Valley or San Ramon. I like my home and my community. I highly value the diversity of my community, and I have been satisfied with the quality of my children’s education.

    The strike has me reconsidering. The school board’s stall tactics and the lack of a positive resolution threatens to drive away top teachers. I recall the words of Nancy Snover, a former East Avenue teacher. She decided to retire from teaching last year. I chided her that she was too young to retire. She agreed, but also lamented that she was tired of all the “bureaucratic BS” (I’m paraphrasing a bit here but you get the gist) that came part and parcel with teaching in Hayward.

    I’ve tried to do my part to be a champion of Hayward schools (and my part pales in comparison to what a lot of other parents do). I’m a walking PR campaign for Bret Harte (my son Sam is in the 7th grade there); I think there’s a huge gap in perception versus reality in regard to that school. And over the years, I’ve purchased supplies for East Avenue teachers; I think it’s a travesty that teachers find a need to purchase basic supplies out of their own pockets.

    To bottom line this ramble, I see Hayward teachers and parents stepping up to the plate on a daily basis. The actions of the administration are, at best, more invisible and, at worst, counterproductive to me.

    • While I understand the need to redistribute the student population, how will the schools that are forced to absorb hundreds of new students cope? More combined classes? Teaching a single grade level and meeting the “No Child Left Behind” standards are tough enough. I can’t fathom teaching a combined class. Last year Sam was in a combined 5th/6th grade class at East Avenue. Laura Orabi rose to the challenge but by year’s end, she looked absolutely spent.

    • Traffic’s already a nightmare at our schools. Do you think “nightmare” is too strong a word? A classmate of Sam’s at Bret Harte missed several weeks of school because she was hit by a car in the school parking lot. This takes the issue of a decent education to a whole new level. It’s one thing to be concerned about the quality of the curriculum, quite another to fret about your child being able to safely navigate from the parking lot into the school.

    • I see our administrators on cable TV. On surface, you are an articulate and well groomed lot. The Hayward schools? Not so much. They’re in serious need of grooming, expansion, and basic supplies. And the last thing they can afford is to lose good teachers.

    The last thing our children can afford is to lose good teachers.

    If quality teachers like East Avenue’s Crystal Lee, Maureen Hayes, and Christine Carpenter (to name just a few) leave the Hayward school district, then maybe it’s time for us to leave too.

    Give Hayward teachers what they want; they deserve it.

    Leigh Scott
    mom of Sam, a Bret Harte 7th grader and Gus, an East Avenue 2nd grader

  • J. W. Kyle

    May 18, 2007

    Withdraw previous blog by me; submitted LAST EVENING

    DO IT NOW !

    Editor’s note: Please, let’s be polite. And I don’t see a blog comment submitted by you last night. -Kim

  • Rick Bartholomew

    Dr. Vigil scares me. His handling of the strike was a failure. I do not think he is capable of fixing the school district of Hayward. The reasons I feel this way are because of his presence as a member of the school board seated next to the President, after his successful pay increase in the bank and teachers on the picket line he vacationed in Mexico, and for our district to right itself we need all parties on board with a common objective. The Board is out of touch, and the administration is out of touch with the parents, teachers, and students.
    The problem with enrollment in the Hayward school district, is failing to provide the Hayward community with safe schools, quality education, and expanded curriculum. Until the District can offers these necessities, enrollment will continue to drop. This District needs to develope a partnership with the City of Hayward and the business community of Hayward. Good schools is a benefit to all concerned.

  • Kary Loredo-Welch

    Very well said Leigh. Might I suggest that you make a copy of the letter and take it to the HUSD office for the School Board. It is time to stop just going to one person with one letter, you must copy everyone.

    There are other parents that feel the same way you do. Please keep checking the http://www.haywardfamiliesinaction.org web site for upcoming meetings on this very subject.

    Thanks, Kary

  • J. W. Kyle

    Sorry. It was sent twice per reminder by your system. Here, I thought it was being purposely held back for whatever reason.

    On return from trip east last Wednesday, the 16th, I sat down ALMOST IMMEDIATELY to watch my privately taped VCR recording of the May 9th
    HUSD meeting.

    Thanks to Ms. K. Crummey for bringing up the irregularity of the manner in
    which presider handles public comment. One of these days, HUSD will learn
    to get it right but in the interim…. much dissatisfaction !!!

    After that dust settled, the race was on to push through votes on all matters requiring a vote by Trustees. No questions or reading of staff reports,
    which were not available on the agenda distributuion on website etc.

    So, HUSD has a plan for ‘making a profit’ on cafeteria operations; the profit motive having been briefly discusssed at the ‘local agency meetings’ which




    As a retired real estate appraiser let me advise that my ‘curbstone value
    estimate’ of the Darwin site, on a very conservative basis is $5 million US.
    But, after 40 years in Banking with 30 of that appraising existing and
    proposed construction of single family dwellings, commercial, offices, industrial, special purpose uses, and large proposed residential tract develoments….
    what would I know about the economiics of the Darwin site ?

    Shucks, let the neighbors take the beef to Hayward City Council and ask the seven what they think about violation of zone codes and City’s Master Plan.

    None of the above thoughts flopped out on the table for discussion by
    HUSD Trustees before approving the food prices to be used in the cafeteria.
    After all, we will be making a profit… while ignoring the interest income from the sale of the land involved at Darwin site.

    Interestingly, another item on the agenda, unaccompanied by a staff report
    nor openly discussed beyond …’ let us proceed to the vote..’ was an item awarding a contract to some construction project not openly identified……
    an act which really inspires confidence in those goings on ! Right?

    HUSD pays $230 K to Vigil. That sum of money excceeds the amount am
    announced in the Louisville ( Ky. ) Journal about one week ago with the appointment of a new Kentucky State Superintendent of Schools who will
    earn just $200 K per annum.

    Does anyone get the point?

  • teacher

    People continue to speak of all of these great programs that Dr. Vigil has brought to HUSD. I would really like to know what they are. I have been teaching in HUSD for the past 9 years. I can’t really think of any significant changes that he has made for the better. The only thing I can think of is the concept of “Instructional Read Alouds”. This is the only thing I remember Vigil talking about. He took an entire day from the students of Hayward to demonstrate how to read a story out loud to students. There was absolutely NO information presented during that day that was useful. We know how to ask questions while we’re reading. We know how to probe. We know how to check for understanding. We know how to expand on concepts. Is this the ingenious program that Vigil brought to us? I also keep hearing about all of this money that is pouring into HUSD courtesy of Dr. Vigil’s networking. Where is it? Walk into a classroom and show me where it is. Our copies are being limited. Our Latchkey programs are being shut down. Our schools are being shut down. Our computer labs (where there are labs) are archaic. Our class sizes are getting bigger and bigger. We have more combination classes than ever. Our speech therapist is working out of a closet. She has no phone, no loud speaker, no window, no heat. She’s in a literal closet. We had to strike for 10 days to get a fraction of what we deserved. Where is this money to which Vigil and his supporters so proudly point? I, personally, was excited when Dr. Vigil arrived at HUSD. I was so happy that we finally had someone that understood curriculum. I welcomed him with open arms. I really believed that he was going to right the wrongs of Joan Kowal. I trusted our school board. I couldn’t be more disappointed. We gave Vigil a chance. He certainly has not impressed me. Perhaps someone can point out some positives here. Specifics. Not just “he brought in money” or “he implemented programs”. I want to know where this money is. I want to know what successful programs have been implemented.

  • teacher

    To Grant Peterson:

    How dare you say that the grievences filed are frivolous. Most of them are regarding class size. Some of our classrooms had 43, 47 and 50 students in them at the beginning of the year. Is that frivolous to you? I suppose it has no effect on you at all, does it? Many more had 35 or 36. If you read the HUSD/HEA contract you will clearly see that the maximum number of students in an elementary class is 34. A teacher can accept the 35th with the agreement to be paid. Under no circumstance should the 36th student be placed in a class. It was done over and over and over again. And many of the teachers that had to endure these working conditions have not been paid what they are owed. You have some nerve minimizing the needs of your teachers and your students. I wonder how you would feel if your child was #36, #47 or #50. Shame on you.

  • Sadday

    It is another sad day at HUSD. Vigil has offended the teachers, the parents, the students and the classified employees. If this is not directly on the back of the superintendent, where does it belong? There is building to be done, but can this superintendent, who has caused the rift, take care of repairing it?

  • debra j sarver

    To the board:

    When I came to work at HUSD I attended a presentation by Marlin Foxworth. For whatever his othe shortcomings may have been, I found him extraordinarily personable and inspiring. He presented himself as a person who cared about teachers and children.

    Joan Kowal was a shocking change. My only dealings with her administration were (1)when they joked about getting lost coming to out school, because they didn’t know where it was, to present us with our API award, and (2)discovering that she had been putting large sums of money into consulting with SODEXHO, whom she had close relationships with from other boards she sat on. (As discovered in a simple internet search).

    Now, Dr. Vigil. This year we also had class lists up to, I believe, 70ish students and only were able to ‘lower’ it to 40 by use of the fire occupancy law.

    My standing grievance is that in 2006/2007 I was forced to take a 35th child, in violation of the contract, into a 4th/5th grade ELL split for the regular year, past the three week fiasco. I refused orally and in writing and nothing was done to take my class to contract limit. I presented the evidence months ago, but as in the case of the great majority of the grievances, nothing has occured. This September it will be two years since I filed my grievance.

    I also agree with the above writer regarding ‘change’ in the district. I have seen no positive change in my job since Dr. Vigil’s arrival. It is time for change in leadership. The fact that the board continues to support him without question and belittles the efforts of teachers to create a minimally acceptable teaching environment shows that it’s time for them to step down.

  • Fred

    Okay folks, it is now time for the discrediting of the Hayward Educator’s Association. HUSD played us during the “strike” and played us well. Now the first priority is to remove the leadership that brought us into a strike. Teachers of Hayward, understand that Dr. Vigil was also brought here to break HEA!! It is common knowledge within the educational community in the Bay Area and northern California that since the srikes of the 1980s and 1990s, HEA has become a negative force.
    Do not sell the Trustees short either, they have been doing their homework as well on what has to be done within a school district to negate the employee unions so that hard decisions of economies of scale can be made.
    The unions need to face the facts that HUSD is operating an out-of-date physical plant sorely in need of renovation, [“Leroy Green” was a cosmetic farce], a declining student population that is affecting all Bay Area districts, a very senior group of emplyees drawing down the highest level of their union pay scales, and a population of students needing more and more support services at all levels.
    The unions, lead by HEA need to seriously sit down and deal with what HUSD needs to be in the next 5-10 years.
    {I remember seeing all the bound curriculum sets in a county educational support services office, not Alameda, written by HUSD teachers during their heyday of the 1970-80s. In fact I used some of those sets during my first two years in Hayward.}

  • Kary Loredo-Welch

    Strong words…. strong emotions… what is going to be done. I’ve been told that two of the board members are ready to walk… how do we get that to happen. Three are finished but not till next year… is there enough time for a recall on them or do we just suffer another year?!

    Let’s recap shall we…

    Oversized classes
    Combined classrooms
    Adminstration raises
    School Closures
    Boarder Changes
    10 day strike
    Food service layoffs
    Closed campuses with not enough space and support
    Safety issues on many campuses
    8 of the 10 Latchkey programs being shut down
    Mt. Eden losing its stage and not being replaced

    hmmm how much more do our children need to suffer before someone says…


  • David Gomez

    The HEA is a joke. The truth is a large number of teachers are upset with the inept handling of the recent contract negotiations. I personally know teachers who want to decertify HEA and re-band under the AFT. This is nothing more than a diversionary tactic by the HEA to get the heat off its leadership.

  • Kelly Rocchio

    Text of a letter I sent to the Board Members:

    I am a parent of two students currently enrolled in the Hayward Unified School District. I am involved in the schools and try to keep current on what is happening in our District. I again find cause for concern after reading the “Teachers: No new contract for Vigil” article in the Daily Review.

    I would like to let you know how troubled I am by the statements made in this article by our Superintendent and School Board. The fact that they would step forward and speak out against our teachers union so publicly and vehemently is very upsetting. First of all, HEA represents the very teachers we send our children to class with each and every day. These are the people this association is comprised of, and if you are saying they do not have our best interest in mind, how can we restore our faith in this district. I’m sure, as the article states, this vote was no surprise to the Board. I believe they know the teachers, as well as the community, have little or no confidence in the administration as a whole.

    Dr. Vigil points out that HEA does not hand out kudos to the administration. I would like to see evidence of administration coming forward to recognize the professionalism and experience of the teachers of this District. Many of these teachers have 20+ years of service in this District and have served our community and education system well, I believe they deserve the kudos!

    Board President Peterson said “The grievances, for the most part, have been frivolous.” I am astounded by this direct quote. It is my understanding that a significant number of these unresolved grievances relate to class size. Mr. Peterson, as a parent, let me point out to you the importance of this program. This program was put into place to improve educational achievement. I would like think this is something the Board might also take interest in. This is a program designed to allow our children to learn in a classroom setting where they will be noticed and can get the attention they deserve. This program allows our teachers to know their students and have more contact with parents. There are many statistics available on the benefits of this program. Perhaps you should research this before you make a statement regarding how frivolous it is for the teachers to demand fair class size. I would also recommend you try to recall the parent support this program received a few years back. This program is not just about a set of numbers to be manipulated on paper to qualify for funding. These are our children and their education at stake.

    It is stated in your Board Policies that you want our District to provide conditions that will attract and retain the best and most qualified personnel for ALL positions. You want employees who will devote themselves to the education and welfare of the students. You speak of an atmosphere of mutual faith and good will. How can you say this when you are putting out “deals” for our experienced teachers to retire? When you are allowing students to transfer out of this district at an alarming rate? I hear Dr. Vigil speak of the declining enrollment and the shift in population in the City of Hayward and I am shocked he can do this with a straight face. Do you really believe that people in Hayward are no longer having children? Or do you think it might be that they are able to find a loophole into another district where they feel more confident in the administration and education process? I will agree that some people figure out when it is the “right time” to sell their homes in Hayward, based on the age of their children and what educational options they have. I have to tell you as a parent who talks to other parents, that “time” is getting sooner and sooner.

    I realize that Dr. Vigil is due for his annual review. I would like to refresh your memory on a few important points from your own Board Policies that need to be considered during this time. The Superintendent is responsible for executing “consistent, fair and fiscally sound personnel procedures and practices”. After the spotlight has been placed on the review of the top three administrators, I can’t imagine how this category can get a “thumbs up”!

    The Superintendent is assigned the task of articulating educational issues and values before the community. I believe the only articulation I’ve seen was during the strike. Dr. Vigil appeared detached and emotionless. At that point he was pointing fingers and you know what they say about when you point … there are always three fingers pointing back at you. I would like to see a visible, engaged leader in this District.

    I realize that, as a Board, you would like to encourage the Superintendent’s long-term commitment to the district and community. I understand that you are looking for some continuity, but this is not the direction this community wants to continue heading.

    I think any consideration for extension of Dr. Vigil’s contract would be a hasty and ill-considered move on your part. The Board is elected to serve the community and, if you listen closely, you will hear what we are saying. I hope you take the time to consider this input and not just defend where we’ve already been. It’s time to move on and work together to mend this District.

  • think

    Does anyone know if Crummey was paid during the strike? I heard she was.

  • fernando hernandez


    My wife is a Union rep. at her school and informs me of the following:
    Mrs. Crummey DID NOT get paid during the strike. She could have been paid, as her salary is paid by the Union, not the district…
    But she DID NOT in order to be in solidarity with the teachers.
    Mr. Vigil, Mr. Schimmel, Mr. Peterson, Board: How is THAT for leadership?

    I find the Board’s attempt to blame the Union for the strike and current climate in the district offensive.

    Can you imagine how the strike would have been different if:

    There had been no 16.84%

    The board made 16.84% an issue by giving the top administrators pay raises that were not due. They did this knowing full well they were about to engage in a labor dispute over salaries, and they didn’t see these pay raises as an issue that would come back to hunt them? I just can’t imagine how no one on the board saw this coming!
    The Board’s explanation to the community was that they wanted to retain these administrators, yet Mr. Schimmel has applied for a job at Ohlone despite his 16.84%
    raise. Maybe he didn’t get enough of our money…?

    Can you imagine how the strike would have been different had Barry Schimmel not inserted his key board into his mouth? Had him not publicly insulted a teacher he didn’t even know, just for expressing her opinions?

    Can you imagine how the strike would have been different if Vigil had NOT gone on vacation while the district’s team “not negotiated” during a whole week of brake? Why in the world was he not in the negotiating team?

    As a parent, can you see how the strike would have been different if the Administration (and the Board) had been honest with us about the reality of how many subs. they had to cover the strike? If they had been honest about how much instruction was REALLY going on at the schools during the strike?
    What did they think, that we don’t watch the news and read the papers?

    I simply can’t imagine how the Board would choose to give Vigil a clean and positive performance evaluation, taking into account that a strike, no matter what angle you choose to view it from, is still a failure of leadership.

    I do believe Mr. Vigil should not be rehired, the teachers and the community have lost what little confidence we had on him.

    A possitive evaluation that doesn’t include a strike on Vigil’s record on account of The Strike and Vigil’s disastrous handling of it, will surely make the community loose what confidence we have left on the Board.

  • monica

    Great letter Kelly. let us know if you get a response. And to “think” what’s your point? Who paid her?

  • Paulette

    Wow Kelly!! Your letters get better and better every time!! We’re lucky to have you as part of our learning community.

  • another tired teacher

    excellent letter. I too was so insulted by the words of Cook and Vigil. For me it is so
    obvious that the board, supt. and district admin. do nothing day to day that affects the
    students’ quality of life. They obviously spend a huge amount of time in meetings
    discussing what to say to defend their ineptitude to the public, and what to write in the multitude of letters to the editor, postings on the HUSD website, letters, messages on the “big mouth”, and fliers to discredit the teachers who do the hard work of educating our kids.
    Education should not be muddied by people like Vigil and Cook’s personal agendas and not political aspirations. I agree with “teacher” Vigil has contributed NOTHING to this district. Nt one new program or staff development has come into HUSD since his arrival. Cook and
    Peterson’s rabid defense of Vigil is only to save face for making such a HUGE mistake in hiring him. The positive changes that have happened since Joan Kowal left were started by Janice Duran. We would have been truly lucky if she would have stayed. The teachers liked her, and she was smart. She was too smart to stay and deal with the ding bats on the Hayward chool Board. I hear that a school board in New Mexico swept her up. Hayward gopt conned by a slick talking out of towner once again. They need to own up to it and move on.

    The ONLY “new” thing Vigil has “introduced” is the “Instructional Read Aloud” which literally has teachers in hysterics because we have been doing it for years. It is literally like the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”; Vigil’s closest assistants must have praised him and really made him think it was a novel idea. The teachers are all laughing at him and wondering what the heck he is talking about, there is nothing there that wasn’t there before.

    As far as Vigil bringing in 4 million dollars to the district, WHERE did it go????!!!! It sure didn’t go into the schools! Must have gone to his assistant superintendents’ salaries; all those 16.84% raises for his buddies!

  • hayward teacher

    Today I picked up a $300 grant from the HEA office. This is a far cry from the amount of money that I lost due my sacrifice on the strike line, but it is something all the same.

    Kathy Crummy was the only one there, so she was the one that handed it over to me. I told her with a laugh that my upcoming paycheck was close to zero, but she did not find this very funny. She honestly offered to pay out of her own pocket until funds were available to me from the strike fund if that was something that I really needed.

    Anyone suggesting that this woman was getting paid during the strike and doesn’t care about the union members is living in another world. If your finger is on the pulse, you know that the union is beholden to its members and also the community, while the administration answers to no one but the board.

    I went to a beginning teachers support celebration where Dale Vigil and Kathy were both in attendance. Vigil was greeted by a small contingent of boos. Kathy Crummy got a clear round of applause. That tells me where the confidence of the teaching community lies. The vote of “no confidence” was no joke. Anyone that doesn’t think morale is important in ANY workplace is delusional. A classroom is no exception. I am leaving this district, and I pray for all those that are staying behind that Dale Vigil will be close on my heels.

  • analisa

    okay the strike is over enough already! the board is crap well hey they are closer to getting out..so lets deal with them by pushing them out by showing how much work still needs to be doneto the schools! We as a community need to get together and do something stop complaining about the past (yes the strike is now considered the past) and lets work on the future! Who cares about who got paid and so on i know i dont and why are you talkin about how your check is close to nothing you knew that was going to happen on the first day of the strike so please deal with it! While you teachers lost money OUR kids fell behind and now all three of my kids still have not caught up and that is what i saw yesterday at open house! The teachers response was “well after the strike we only have a few weeks to finish the lessons so if your son does not get it quickly then i suggest summer school”!
    now you see while you were out there striking our kids did indeed sufer! And for what? Nothing has benifited from the strike only suffered! what is your plan to better hayward schools in stead of worring about your pockets?

  • another tired teacher

    Analisa I agree that the strike is over. For some of us the scars are deep. Respect that if you want respect. I think that Hayward Teacher’s point is that Kathy Crummey is a person of integrity, unlike Vigil. I also think that us being out 11 days is not a valid excuse for any child to be behind in school. there are obviously other reasons for that. Year Round schools regularly take off 3 weeks and those kids do not suffer from huge set backs because of the time off.

  • another tired teacher

    Another thing Analisa, Hayward Unified will be losing a lot less dedicated, experienced teachers because of the strike and its outcome, which does have a huge effect on the schools and the children. A dedicated, experienced teacher would not have told you what that teacher did at Open House. A brand new credentialed teacher would be struggling to survive and would not have a clue how to reach and help most of the children. I know I was one many years ago.

  • analisa


    My point is now there are things my kid does not know and it is due to the days of the strike and i have heard it all month how the teachers suffered and it gets me angry cause the kids had no choice in it but have suffered the most! who is going to take the responsibility for that …i asked the teacher a week after the strike and asked how he was doing and the teacher said great they are right on schedual..so why now are they not? Is it because they did not get the full 16 percent are they taking it out on the kids? some hayward teachers did not deserve to get anything at all! so now move on its over we all have to deal with this out come. good or bad it is now the reality!

  • another tired teacher

    that is not right. In my opinion as a teacher, it was our responsibility to work extra hard to make sure we made up for those days. The kids should not have to suffer any more than they already have. I agree, I would be angry with that indifferent attitude of your son’s too. That is not right for the teacher to blame the strike for not teaching what was supposed to be taught when we got back. I personally made sure I covered what was supposed to be covered. There are kids who are still behind in my class but they were behind before the strike, I did all I could to help them and make referrals to support services, and their parents were very aware of that fact well before Open House. And, I gave all of my kids lot’s of work to do during the strike because I knew lot’s of them would stay home, and I could not count on the subs to “provide an academic environment, with a standards based curriculum being offered” as Vigil promised the parents. (Even though they spent over $35,000 on copies at Kinko’s, on coloring books and work sheets, and $300 a day was paid to each UNcredentialed sub. They could have used that to give us our raise so we didn’t have to strike). I think you should talk to your son’s teacher again before the school year ends. She should give you a better response and explanation than she gave you. Good for you for being so involved.

    It’s not even a matter of “deserving a raise” Analisa. The money was allocated to the teachers by the state for cost of living allowance. That is how it works. The district had no right to hold on to it. And, no, I don’t think anyone is taking out a lack of raise on the kids. I believe that the majority of teachers are fine with the raise and have moved on. I think some people are just really, really tired. That is probably the attitude you are sensing if any. It is the end of the year, and it has been a really hard year.

    You are absolutely right though, we all need to ensure going forward that the students come first. Hopefully that is why we all here. Anyone who does not feel that way should not be teaching here. That is why we want the best and brightest teachers in Hayward. We also want them to feel supported and appreciated, not constantly picked on and dumped on. Otherwise they WILL all leave to teach in places like Pleasanton, Piedmont, Danville, Alameda, Union City, and Dublin where all of the parents support the teachers 100% and have huge active PTAs and fundraisers and donate to the schools, and Hayward will be left with the teachers other districts don’t want.

  • another tired teacher

    Analisa, Oops, I meant that I would be angry with the indifferent attitude of your son’s TEACHER, not your son! Sorry!

  • jeff

    I am sure Hayward has good teachers and not so good teachers, but with any union,
    can not give a raise to the good ones without give it to the bad ones. I think Vigil did a good job holding the line on cost. As a tax payer, I wish he would done better.

    How many people do you know that gets 2 months off in the summer plus two weeks at Christmas and another week for Spring break, granted without pay. Now teachers wants to get paid like everyone else who works 48 to 50 weeks a year. It sounds a bit greedy to me.

  • fernando hernandez


    Teachers get paid ONLY for the hours they WORK, just like everyone else…

    (actually, many teachers spend many hours working doing things they do not get paid for, but lets forget about that work!)

    Why is it greedy to demand a fair wage for the hours WORKED?.

    If anyone else wants the benefits of time off when school is out, they should become teachers and then be very carefull to save their pennies during the school year, so that when summer time comes around, they have the means to live through the vacation.

    Vigil might have gotten the district back on the black in just a couple of years, but lets remember he did this on the backs of the teachers and other service employees of the district.

    As a tax payer and resident of Hayward, I would have rather taken three years to get back in the black if this would have avoided the strike.

    The damage done to the trust between the parents / teachers in Hayward and the Board and Vigil/Schimmel will last for a long time, particularly on account of all the lies told to parents by the Board and the Administrators while the strike went on and on…

    Having been lied to about the safety at the schools and the learning environment during the strike, I don’t feel I can fully trust HUSD, and the thought of my child being stuck in school after THE BIG ONE hits if I can’t get to the school to pick her up is really scary.

    Is HUSD really prepared to care, house and feed thousands of kids in their trust after a devastating earthquake blocks roads so parents can’t pick up their children?

    I doubt it.

  • another tired teacher

    Thank you Fernando. A couple more years of study and I could be teaching at a university an dno one would be questioning me. Alas, I am doomed to the constant critique of the public because of my love of children…oh well.

    Jeff, I work 50+ hour weeks typically thank you Jeff, and all weekend and during the summer actually and am only paid for 30 hours a week, and not paid for any holidays unlike just about all other workers. Summers and “vacations” are also unpaid. The district portions out our pay to us throughout the year, but we are only actually paid for the days we work. We are not allowed to ever take “vacations” during the year, never more than 3 days in a row without a doctor’s note. Like Fernando said, for all those who think it’s so easy, then become a teacher. It is not so easy. There are many exams that are costly, not to mention a degree, credential, and a series of lengthy exams after that. Most teachers also continue on and get a Masters degree. That is a lot more education, and a lot more money spent on education than the average worker Jeff. And, the education must continue forever to renew your credential.

    As far as Vigil getting the district in the black, why is no one acknowledging the things that Janice Duran did, and set in motion before Vigil was ever even considered for the job? He gets a lot more credit than he is due.

  • fernando hernandez

    Has anyone read Vigil’s evaluation by the Board? Or is this one of those “personnel matters” that we have to fight the board to see?

    I beleive the evaluation was done during a “closed session”, but…

    Kim: Is there a time when this document becomes public? I would love to see what it says, after all, we taxpayears pay him his salary

  • Jenn

    well Vigil has given Hayward Parents false hopes once again folks, last week we all got letters ,
    about are children’s placement of school for 07/08 year , and in that letter it says that all children on open-enrollment would have to find transportation to school , why is that in
    March of this year when we all had to fill out those papers about what school we want our children to go to, we wre told by the district/transportation that if your child went to that school last year and u wished wished for him/her to stay there (grandfathered in ), they would be transportation for those children and now all the sudden with the way the letter reads , there is not going to be!!!!!!!!!! I am a disabled single parent and this is going to cut into my budget like u would not believe and sure I go send to the school that the district says he is suppossed to go to , but IS HUSD willing to pay for my son’s mental health bills , considering that I was going to be a good Hayward parent and go with Vigil’s proposed boundary changes and send to him to Burbank, but when I went to get the paperwork , the lady in the office said that they were not going to put up PARKS unwanted trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn

    sorry I accidently hit post comment !!!
    As I was saying, so then I went to the district and Park school and both said that transportation would be provided to him even though I was sending to Burbank, Park would have a bus for those kids that got )to say) grandfathered in!!!!!!!! I am still goiong to send him to Park ,
    because there is no way in hell I will send him to Burbank after that comment was made , the district in my book , if I had to evaluate it today as of this minute would recieve an F all together !!!!!!!!!!

  • fernando hernandez

    I can see why you would be upset if you were told one thing back in March and now they seem to have changed their mind but…

    I’m a little confused:

    Why would the district pay for your son’s mental health bills?
    Are you implying that going to Burbank is going to cause the mental brake down of your child?

    If the secretary use that very lenguage with you, you should probably take it up with her boss, she should be reprimended.

  • Jenn

    yes the secretary used that language with me and when I went back to Park and told them
    what had happened over a Burbank , I was told that they were not surpised !!!!! So yes, someone knows about her behavior, but I bet very little was/or is going to be done about it !!!!!!!!!
    I am Fed uo HUSd, thier staff and the views are what is right for our children and yes his Mental Health bills for what she said , he has been some tramactic things with father and he is just beginning to get back to his old self and the freaking says what says, NO WAY IN HELL WOULD I EVER SEND MY KID TO THAT SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! and when I fall down from walking my kid back and forth to school everyday and injure my back more, the district can pay those bills too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a parent who is very fed with Vigil and the HUSD !!!!!!!!!!

  • debra j sarver

    As of July, 189 credentialed job openings listed. Dr. Vigil has driven these people out of the district. Note the listings for teacher-trainers in the District Office. As best as I can guesstimate, this is taking another million dollars out of the schools to put into the district office. It also removes experienced teachers from the classroom.

  • Hey there everyone… a few things regarding Jenns post…

    If a child is “grandfathering” at the school they attended last year then they will have transportation as they did last year. If a child is an ‘open enrollement’ student then no transportation will be available for that child. It is important to be sure that the school the child is attending is the school that was the ‘assigned school’ prior to the boarder changes.

    The opening of school is not going to be easy this school year with so many acancies, changes in staff and moved students. We need to continue to work together to get answers and share them with each other.

    Incidents like what happened to you while you were at Burbank are unaccaptable. It is time that we as parents start a process of documentation in order to do something about them. We are working toward putting together a process of reporting things like what happened to you and have a committee to help follow up on them. For now, please document the things that are happening by noting the day, time and person’s name and a brief description of what happened and we’ll try to work together to compile a list of these things so that we can do something about them.


  • bev

    He’s your headache now. No surprises here. He got terminated in my district about 4 years ago, along with all his cronies. Glad to see he hasn’t changed. Sad to see he hasn’t changed.