Immigration: A big deal

With today’s big news that President Bush and top senators have reached a deal on overhauling U.S. immigration policy, we’d like to hear from you all about the impact you think this new direction — if it gets through Congress — will have on yourselves, your families and your jobs and livelihood.

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  • analisa

    i think it will be better then they can have license to drive get real insurance and not have to worry about getting deported at work and leaving their kids behind. I think we are already living with the illegals and it is working out fine so just go ahead and make them leagal!

  • jeff


    What does driver license have to do with illegal immigrants getting deported at work and leaving their kids behind?

    Since illegal immigrants don’t have to pay taxes, I admit some do, lets let their kids go to school for free while the rest of us pay. Is it not our schools working out fine, so let’s just make them legal citizens.

    I feel like I am getting robbed at my house, and I can’t stop the them, I can only watch and maybe say, “hey stop taking my stuff.” Some take more than other, while others actually give but my point is don’t I have a say as to who gets to come into my house.

    Am I the last person to believe in fairness around here.

  • analisa

    what are you talking about jeff?

    are you trying to imply that immigrants should have no rights? well sorry but every human has rights and i believe that if we make the immigrants that are here residents than it would be in our favor!

    You mentioned something about stealing…what do they steal? jobs that you do not want?

    Schools??? what are you talking about it is on our dime wasnt it vigil and his group that stole thousands of our dimes?

    I am all for amnesty.. it will better the usa..anyways jeff this was not our land in the first place it was mexicos so who is the real immigrants?

  • fernando hernandez


    I second your last sentence,

    The US “appropiated” about a third of the Mexican territory, and Jeff, we Mexicans did not have a say about it either…

    Americans simply moved on west looking for greener pastures, and at the time, they were the illegal ones! ( Doesn’t that sound familiar?)

    After European Americans moved on west onto Mexican territory, they manipulated the situation to steal “our” territory once gold was found in 49, (Of course lets not forget that we European Mexicans stole this land from the indians to begin with!)

    Jeff, you might call us “illegal” and call for our deportation, but like it or not this country depends on the labor of all the illegal workers more than most americans would like to admit,

    Illegal residents pay all kinds of taxes simply by buying the things they need to live, and lets not forget that many illegal workes actually contribute to social security and will never collect benefits,

    Somehow I don’t think any Americans will mind cashing their SS benefits, or will question wheather their SS money comes from the contributions of illegal immigrants.

    Why is it that the US government is so linient with employers who hire illegal workers? The fines levied on those people are so ridiculously petty compared to the amount of money they make by hiring cheap labor they have no incentive to check if their employees are permited.

    What about jail time for all the employers whose businesses are being raided by the immigration authorities? I bet you a few months in the slammer might make many business owners warm up to the idea of a national id card that could be used to verify the immigration status of their employees, but it is so much easier to turn a blind eye and claim ignorance!

    Funny how short a historical memory we have, isn’t it?

  • analisa

    mexico is our neighbor.. one day we might need them like with katrina mexico sent trucks filled with goods for the victims and i didnt see iraq or the other countries that we are currently helping contribue anything!

    Here is a question for you all: if global warming takes california and above and all we can do is move south of the border or drown then what? Of course move south but do you think that mexico will greet us with open arms?? no they wont they will turn us away and say ” stay behind the great wall you built to keep us out”. But if we keep things cool grant amnesty to a certain degree then mexico and us can be on good terms in case of anything? who knows when we might need them!

  • another tired teacher

    analisa and fernando I agree totally,
    this zenophobia and immigrant bashing has got to stop. People use immigrants to do the jobs they don’t want to do, pay them terrible wages, treat them terribly and then want to kick them out?! It is so wrong. I need to say, as a teacher who teaches a majority of immigrant children,; the immigrant families are the most respectful, positive, eager to learn and be productive members of the community. Many do pay taxes, and get nothing for those taxes in returnhool. They do not receive Wefare, or Social Security benefits when they are injured or retire. Most immigrants are adding to our economy, not taking away as many claim. And yes, California was part of Mexico once. Analisa is right, we may need Mexico one day. Mexico has lots of natural resources, besides being a beautiful country full of beautiful people. This Euro English superiority crap is really tired, and old. Just like we tell little kids: people who feel the need to put down people who are different than them do it because they don’t feel very good about themselves and are trying to make themselves feel better by making someone else look bad.

  • another tired teacher

    ay ay ay excuse all the typos. it’s the end of the year and all these 12+ hour days are
    catching up to me.