Hayward nearing 148K people

Hayward’s population rose by about 1 percent last year and hit 147,845 people by Jan. 1, according to new info released by the California Department of Finance. The statewide growth rate was 1.3 percent and the Alameda County rate was 1.1 percent.

San Leandro rose by .5 percent and the city population is now 81,466. Unincorporated areas of the county, which include Castro Valley and San Lorenzo, grew by .6 percent to a total of 139,880 people.

The population report can be read in spreadsheet form here.


Using the BART


Hayward resident Julie Cambra, on her way to classes yesterday morning at the Fashion Institute of Design in downtown San Francisco, said she drives to the South Hayward BART stop every day but had a harder time finding a parking spot Tuesday morning. BART has a total of 1,212 spaces there, including an overflow lot across the street from the station, and most had been grabbed by late morning. “It’s way more crowded, definitely,” Cambra said as she waited for a train. (Photo of the lot by Aric Crabb.)

BART said yesterday brought out 9 percent more riders than average, but our transportation blogger wonders if morning rains might have driven some people back into their cars today.