The facts on Frumkin


What do San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew and Hayward schools trustee Paul Frumkin have in common? Not much, until an anonymous caller left the Review a message claiming Frumkin resides in Pleasanton.


Frumkin, who prides himself on his south Hayward upbringing, put down such speculation.

“Not true,” he said with a laugh. “Jesus, what are people thinking?”

The school board member says he is content with his pad at the Bentley Place Apartments, 22525 Third St., in downtown Hayward.

“It’s nice, and safe,” Frumkin said. “It also has an underground parking garage.”

Officials at Bentley Place confirmed that Frumkin does indeed rent at the complex.


  • TheVoice

    I hope this was researched by the Review before posting and not just for ratings. Did they check the water or electric usage as was the case in the Ed Jew case. Was this a retaliatory call surfacing from the teachers strike? If so the Review bought into it. Either way there must be some research done and post the facts that are found to justify this posting.

  • Mark Kovarik

    I would like to know the logic in the decision of positions for layoff of classified employees. Was this a negotionation with the union? Was it based on the need of services or for someone with negotiating powers trying to save their own position? This board really should analizezeze each item on the agenda rather than rubber stamping recommendations by management to to to collect an easily made stipend ( money for serving on the board). Do we have leaders or a flock of sheep serving on this board?

  • monica

    Classified employees belong to different unions than the teachers union. They have their ownn contracts and union reps.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Do we have leaders or a flock of sheep serving on this board? Interesting question…

    The way I look at this is the following:

    The fact that the board seems to “rubber stamp” the recommendations of the administrators is that they (the board) set up the policies for the district to begin with…

    Vigil and Schimmel took a lot of community anger over the strike and other firings, but lets not forget that they were tasked with implementing the Board’s policies.

    As much as many in community dislike the super. and his underlings, they were acting on behalf of the Board. The Board members simply shielded themselves behind their silence and their meeting policies, where discussion of the issues or answering of community concerns go unanswered.

    If we want to see the district run in a different manner, we first need to get a different Board at the helm.

  • bently place

    I can say Mr. Frumpkin does in deed live on third street i have seen him with my own eyes pleanty of times! He lives in my complex.

  • qodrn

    If one slogs through the latest agenda of the next regular school board meeting, low and behold the list recalling layed off teachers reaches two pages. What was the cost of these layoffs that clearly were not needed? Then one notes that teachers who share jobs have been put on leave for the whole school year. Then we have a nice list of substitutes being hired. What gives? If the lack of children seen in my area this summer holds up throughout the city, I think the school district may be in for a bit of a shock.