But, wait, there’s more…

Just as news came in yesterday about Wal-Mart’s plans to move in to the old Target building at Hesperian and Lewelling boulevards — making it the second Wal-Mart in San Leandro — the city announced today that In-N-Out Burger will soon become its neighbor, according to a city staff report to City Council members.

The staff report from the Community Development Department states that In-N-Out “is planning to commence construction of their new restaurant in coordination with the Wal-Mart; both stores should be open in late 2007 or early 2008.”

But, wait, there’s even more. Bayfair Center is continuing with its plans to bring in everybody’s favorite juice bar, Jamba Juice, and a Red Brick Pizza. Both are scheduled to open in October.

Also, Jamba Juice has just finished executing its lease to put a second store at Westgate Shopping Center next to Starbucks.

Looks like two is the magic number.


  • J. W. Kyle

    Great news about “In and Out” being located next to the much welcomed Wal-Mart Store at Lewelling and Hesperian. It ought to save much in the way of personal auto fuel expense; my spouse of nearly 54 years loves bargain hunts at Wal-Mart in Union City; her inducement to have me do the driving to that site is…. ‘then we can visit the “in and Out” store”, also located at Union Landing. That should save me about one gallon of fuel per trip so I say welcome! I look forward to my twice monthly well prepared Hamburger treat. especially since the other burger joints, profusely located along Hesperian are unable to compete with quality offered by “In and Out”

  • Oaklandfan72737489

    Do we really need another Wal-Mart in San Leandro? Yuck! I’m all for IN-N-OUT, but Wal-Mart?

  • Jerkins

    Shows you where San Leandro’s priorities are. Two Wal-Marts in the same
    city? And Hayward doesn’t have any. GO Hayward!

    That’s pretty funny that Mrs.Kyle has been driving all the way to Union City
    when there is already a Wal-Mart in San Lo. What a maroon.

  • Jerkins

    Hurray! Let’s get all excited about some fast-food joint!! Geez.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    I think you meant “moron”, you moron!

    Do you even know where the Kyles live? If they live in south Hayward, why would they go to San Lorenzo? Union City would be the way to go.

    I for one, would hate to see the bay area turn into another L.A., where as you drive down any freeway you will pass yet another Wal-Mart or Home Depot every three minutes.

    I find the fact that these transnational companies are doing the same in many other countries (Mexico City is well under way!) is insidious, and I find your calling Mrs. Kyle a “maroon” (to put a person ashore in a deserted island?) either confusing or insulting.

    Please keep you comments civilized, no need to offend anyone, unless you are trying to be a prococateut, Mr. Jerk(ins)

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Sorry about my last typo, I meant to write provocateur.

  • Poor Mr. Intolerent Jerkins. Does he hail from W. Virginia or E. Kentucky?

    Mrs. Kyle is a heroic woman who, being a diabetic for 59 years has taken insulin shots since age 17. Yet, she has successfully mothered four children and keeps active with Senior Citizen interest at Church. A major source of inspiration since she also chooses to aid christian ministry to shut-ins at local retirement / hospice facilitties.

    She chooses Wall Mart Store in Union City as a matter of convenience and concern for ecology
    by tying those trips along Hesperian with visits to Kaiser facility at Union City where her primary care Doctor is located. We visit In / Out fast fiood facility simply because it is
    well prepared, contains no “secret Sauce’, meets dietary requirements imposed on diabetica etc., etc. as if that were any of your business.

    I find it moronic that you describe my bride, in a match celebrating 54 years come September.. as being ‘moroon’. You make judgments without knowing who is being judged. Why if I recall, heinz foods once had a character in it’s advertising shaped remarabl;ly like a pickle of
    the type known as ‘jerkin’ ….. must be some relation of yours “””

    As to where I live, as if any of your business, our dwelling is near Longwood School which is just east of the Hayward Airport. We have lived in our home since early 1961. We are both natives of Oakland and my grandparents on one side moved to Oakland prior to the turn of the century; my mother’s people arrived here 2 days after SF earthquake from Australia. She was the youngest of four but the only one born in US at Oakland Ca. My grandfather left
    Australia for what he thought was a good business opportunity, only to find his associate, the investment money and the businees lost in the fire./ earthquake. But he toughes it out
    and lived to see his sister’s son pass through San Francisco as part of the Australian delegation to League of nations and later as WHO representative to UN.

    I have particpated in voluntereism at Church,Private Schools, City of Hayward and and Hayward Unified Schools as well as other Civic & Social matters to the extent of several hundred hours per year. I have consuistently done this since reaching voting age.

    My guess is that, given the brevity and rudenss of your remarks, that you are simply a complainer whio does nothing but cast aspersions upon people who, contrary to your
    own style, move off their fanny when something needs doing.

  • Jerkins

    Calm down guys, you’re reading too much into my comments. I’m against
    Wal-Mart, not you. I wasn’t calling anyone a “moron” either. It’s just a reference
    that you don’t understand. I just didn’t realize where I was posting obviously.

    I don’t think a thoughtful, giving person who is an asset to their community should
    support businesses like Wal-Mart. Do a little research and you might agree. Now I
    can’t help but wonder if the Kmart on Washington will get squeezed out and replaced
    by yet another China-Mart, I mean Wal-Mart. I was hoping they would be closing the
    Davis store and moving it to Hesperian personally. That daily jam at Davis is

  • Tune into world wide ‘globalization’ of the economy.

    When autos were produced at Fremont with GMC brand, you could see the union loyalty to their product betrayed by the number of imports parked in the employee lot.

    So, now Wal-mart is responsible?

    We are not all San Francisco Police or fire fighters who just received news of a 25% increase in wages and benefits spread out over Five years; this in an attempt to reduce ‘overtime; which in some instances more than doubled the income… No wonder they retire early and go for the double dip ! Right.

    Must be something Wal-Mart inspired !