A comment becomes a post

From regular HayWord reader Monica:

Who will be our new school board member? Does anyone want to bet on who the school board will choose? Read Saturday’s article and blog who you think will be appointed.


  • Mark Kovarik

    Hopefully the new appointee will not be another sheep on the rubber stamp committee, but if its an appointee, I wouldn’t be surprized if they just join the flock.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Be constructive, not destructive in these comments !

    One of the problems presented by the communioty when expressing their angst is a lack of understanding the fact that the HUSd Web Site is a disaster. As of July 25th, at the lightly attended meeting, it was learned that we have a new or revised Web Site coming on line. Supposedly by August 1, 2007

    Personally, I am not happy with the fact that, as I am given to understand the new site, we will not be able to pull up data from staff reports which provide insight on the actions occurring with the votes assumed to occur sometime within the next two successive days.. The who, what, when and why is not available prior to the meetings, nor is it possible to review a replay of the meetings in the event other obligations prohibit attendence or review of personal recording effort at home.

    To use “public Comments” to discuss items on the agenda is inappropriate and not permissable; on the other hand if a matter is on the agenda and
    and not supported by opportunity to read the attendent staff report either because the matter was posted barely within legally prescribed requirements for advice to public, then those interested must run to administration HQ, and after serach or expense in terms of time or money for that parking, walk into the building, pick up a book weighing a pound or two, run home in anxious anticipation that it will read easy and that we all ask intelligent questions, not under ‘public cimments’, but at the speaking opportunity permitted each of us to address those agenda item, as the subject is opened, for better understanding.

    Frankly, school district ought be posting data on the web in the same fashion as the City of Hayward which usually posts its’ agenda complete with staff reports. four days before the announced meeting time. Consequently, City Council meetings are more orderly and better managed to the satisfaction of all.

    On City website, it is possible to review all meetings of Council and Plan Commission, by day and meeting, with archives dating back 10 years. In addition, you can on City web -site, watch re-runs of the meetings for over 10 years, by date…. instant opportunity to see and hear who said what and when they voted with explanations, makes for civility and more effectice ACHIEVENT OF DISTRICT’S SYTATED MISSION.

    Education community has much to learn as do those who, as citizens at interest, have yet to learn how the system works and how to make it work for the betterment of all.

    Accusations, fingerpointing, shouts of approval or disapproval during HUSD meetings are sophmoric and unbecomming.

    In addition, the manner in which the meetings are scheduled needs an overhaul. “Special Features” is an unregulated time consuming entertainment which can be video taped at a school location then shown on Channel 15 well before the meeting starts, or on another time period, o that tired, interested adults do not doze off before the ‘business’ of the meeting starts. Splitting “public Comments” into two sections or time periods is “a turn off” which can be avoided by simply assuring that public as well as Board of Trustees, has opportunity to learn and observe better personal performance, leading to more harmony in matters of common interest.


    As I Review the names to be interviewed. I would hope to see Sergio Saenz given consideration. Apparently Francisco Zermeno has dropped out due to desire to vacation in Spain. An attorney, unknwon to me, a new name might bring some ‘legaleeze’ to the board. Other recognized names, some active in city colunteer activity such as Library or Advisory groups are listed. I leasn to the Saenz whose educational degrees are advanced and who is employed by University of California at Berkely. I have met him, he is well spoken, moderate in manner but in possession of a good mind amd has the advaantage of being able to bring new thought to the Board.

    Voters shopuld nebver vote a new member into a seat for the first time when that candisate is abbove 70 years of age. Mental and physical decline after age 70 does not bring adantages; it detracts from the process. Take it from me….. I am near the point where I change over into a start on my 78th year. My chances of surviving a term are pretty low but I do have some ideas about aiding public undesrtanding of the process which I will continue to share at public comments.

  • Mark Kovarik

    Sorry about the negative comment, but when classified employees hear a coment from a supervisor about their position, and don’t have a clue about addressing the Board about it because of an insuffiesent web site and ways of going about contesting the agenda item (this was item H3 I believe), and the circles that are involved in obtaining the information, I agree that the agenda items need to be made more public in a timely manner ( could this be a violation of the Brown Act? ).
    The affected employees should have a chance to have this item to pulled from the agenda for review and have a chance to consult the Union and meet and confer with management.

  • J. W. Kyle

    I am not sure what your issue is all about but my impression was that the classified employee was done a dis-srervice by her supervisor. That being the case the grievance against him ought be examined. The Peter ptinciple: Some get promoted beyond their capabilities after doing a good job in the rise up from previous rung on the ladder.

    Personnel issues do not make it to the agenda brought to the public sessiopns but are handled in closed session for matters revolving around personal privacy.

    What really needs be done is creation of groups within departments for the purposes of raising awarness on subject of California law on matters pertaing to how items are brought to agenda; how much time is needed to examine the agenda by the public without dealying the really important stuff
    about which a time element is a consideration.

    Having made oneself aware of the ‘process’ the meetings of Trustees will go more smoothly. To do that HUSD needs a more efficent and respected web site.

    I suggest you examine the City of Hayward web site at http://WWW.Hayward-ca.gov and see the extent to which information is available. On first page at right side see Council meetings and agenda items as well as staff reports and an opportunity to actually see and listen to full meetings going back over 10 years in archival form. Then compare that with HUSD and you come to understand the basic problem at schools.

    In the mean time the newly chosen replacement trustee is an excellent choice and in next year’s election there is available a female African American lawyer
    who is smart, attractive, well spoken and active as a parent in special education.

    I hope she runs in which case all in City will apperciate difficulty board members experienced in making their choice….. all in all a successful night for HUSD as well as Parents students and voters.

  • monica

    I also am happy with the appointment of Sergio Saenz. There is hope after all, we need to keep this momentum going for the upcoming election. Congratulations Sergio Saenz!

  • monica

    I meant the 2008 election. http://www.husd.k12.ca.us/m3i2.html

  • Mark

    I am happy with the choice of the new board member. I feel that having children in the Hayward schools is also an important factor. For your information, the lawyer you speak of currently serves on the H.U.S.D. personnel commission and her term is up in I believe November. I feel she would be a good choice also.

  • another tired teacher

    I was going to bet that Sergio Saenz was going to be appointed. There is a small clique of up and coming political types in Hayward. He being one of them and a member of a group
    that both Sara Gonzalez and Paul Frumpkin belong too. I believe it is called Southern Alameda County Latino Democrats. Francisco Zermeno is another, but he is older and already lost one election for school board I think.

    I hope that Sergio does a good job and doesn’t get lulled into complacency, or dazzled/blinded by Vigil as some others we had high hopes in have seemed to do. I do think that it is great that he has kids in HUSD schools. I hope that he can maintain his integrity and strong moral convictions. I am sure it get very tiring to sit on that board, and have to siftthrough all you must sift through. It must be easy to lose perspective.

  • monica

    Zermeno lost the election for city council.

  • jeanne

    Mr. Kyle’s insistance upon ‘civility’ is just another way to squash any deviation from the Board and HUSD status quo.

    I can’t get the facts beforehand about what goes on in this district, can you? Did you know they were going to move about a million dollars of experienced teachers into the admin for training purposes? I didn’t until I saw the jobs posted on the web site. What is all the technology money going for? I’m a teacher. I don’t know. The website is a disaster because it reflects the district… Junk in, Junk out.

    I’ve asked for a budget a number of times and have been ignored. Have you seen a budget? Remember what Dale said about people being able to see the budget? Nobody I’ve talked to has seen a budget no matter how many times they’ve asked for it.

    I understand the necessity for certain personnel matters to remain confidential, but until the district becomes transparent in all other matters people should protest in whatever way necessary. If any of the world’s great leaders had obeyed the law and acted ‘civil’ according to Mr. Kyle’s definition we all know that many important positive changes would not have occured. Enough to all of this secrecy! Stop the rubber stamping of the administrators. For goodness sake, at least ask some questions!

    “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
    Albert Einstein