Surprises at the Green Shutter

The Green Shutter Hotel: Should it stay or go?


The Daily Review’s Rachel Cohen and Jane Tyska went beyond the rhetoric and spent some time at the downtown Hayward landmark. Here’s what they found, presented in an audio slideshow and story.

  • Lulu

    This was a moving piece.

  • monica

    the rumors are that a lot of drugging occurs at the hotel and in downtown hayward.

  • Atta girl Monica….. keep the rumors flying !

    Facts Moncia, not rumors, please !!

    Runors I can get aplenty at back fence conversations with neighbotrs, particularly those
    who fail recognition of the plight of students at HUSD or those down on their knees due
    to drug use but who with some decent help might restore themselves to a better life than
    living in cheap hotels.

    Back in Reagan’s day as Governor of California, we had a small budget problem involving mental Hospitals… so Napa State Hosp[ital and Agnew State Hospital in Santa Clara
    was closed to mental cases… put out in the street and the facilities used for ‘thalidomide babies’ whose bodies were so defornmed by faulty drugs that their own families could
    not cope.

    Reagan indicated that it was ‘….”time to rely more on churches for help…..”
    I found that odd since at least half of America was, as the expression goes …
    “unchurched”. So, of course, the “unchurched” thought that was a wonderful idea…!!!
    They demonstrated theri willingness to let the “churched” folk do the worrying as they observed Tammy Faye and her hubby, ‘shop till they dropped’ !

    Rumors go on forever but accomplish nothing….. !!

  • monica

    that’s what you think………

  • Yup !

    Obviously, your response favors ‘rumors’.

    It would be amusing to read a defense of ‘rumors’ ! Is there one ?

  • Latimer

    I’ve lived in Hayward for over forty years. The Green Shutter Hotel has always had a “questionable” reputation and there have been previous attempts made to clean it up or shut it down. Obviously, it’s still with us, and when you look at what all is REALLY amiss in Hayward, The Green Shutter Hotel doesn’t even enter the picture. The place is kind of a joke, really, in that it’s exactly the sort of third-rate dump you’d expect Hayward’s third-rate pimps, prostitutes and meth heads to live (and ‘work’) in.

  • monica

    obviously, you don’t know what you’re writing about…..

  • Well Monica, and Latimer) at least you kinow who I am! I do not hide ignorance behind a ‘nom de plume’ while relying on rumors for conversational bits.

    As a second generation native of Oakland and 46 + year resident of Hayward and a retired reakl estate appraiser of 30 years experience within a 40 year banking career, who has donated time by particpating in about 16 or 17 ad hoc groups sponsored by City as well as School district, I can truthfully say that I am in possession of fdull awareness of the
    separate but intertwined images of City and HUSD. You and I are unable to seperate those images and to improve one, we must tackle the need to improve both.

    On the whole, if alcholics or drug use victims are able to find shelter at Green Shutter, i’d say that was a superior arrangement to ‘camping’ on Markham School site, where a few years ago the then principal made a habit of rousting the ‘campers’ well before the time students
    were admitted to class.

    In one memorable instance the principal attemptred to rouse a man, only to discover that the
    individual was dead of an overdose.

    So, my dear, it is easier to have them at Green Shutter where children, presumably are excluded from the sights, than at local HUSD Camp grounds, where their presence does
    not seem to disturb some wonderful, if thoughtless, folk.

    That’s “30” and I am finished with you on this subject. Good luck in future ‘blogging’ !

  • Mariya

    Green Shutter stays! i lived there for 11years, i was born and raised there in Hayward. My father was the manager for a long time till we had to move in 2003. before 2003, that hotel was a lovely peaceful place where everyone was happy. now i dont know, but the Hotel holds tons of memories for those who were there. If Green Shutter goes, everyones memories will be crashed but forever remembered.

  • Neville

    I wanted to know if ANYONE knows about the Green Shutter Hotel during 1955 to 1962, especially knows about the stores, its VERY URGENT if someone can reply to this post or email at neville4970@gmail.com

  • bea

    i was totaly suprised about the greenshutter.there are appartments there. and rooms from the pictures the hotel looks pretty nice . now understand i only know what i have seen over the net.is this a historic landmark like i said idont know.do theyserve meals there. there are children living there? there must be a large yard. i have never noticed the hotel i have been down main street so many times.is this the only residental hotel. seems they allow animals there seems like a homey place. i dont know i have never been there.

  • Dan Warner

    I lived at the green shutter from 1961 – 1963
    My rent was 20.00 per week. The lobby was nicely kept
    and had a tv for all to watch.There was an adjoining
    bar next door called the Le club modern and on the other side of the hotel was a nice little gift shop , ran by very nice Old lady. When you took the stairs to get too your room , you had to walk along a fairly long hallway, there were beautiful crystal chandlers hanging from the cealing. The floor had nice carpeting
    and a snooker table to play on, also a vintage piano was up there for anyone to play.The hotels Mgr name was Enid. Later on in the 70s A lady named Rose ran the place. The 2 night clerks were named Bill and Major ( A retired army officer )In 1961 I met a beautiful girl there , named Kitty i almost married her , but life took a different turn.At least for me this was a great place to live at the time( No drugs then)So ill always have fond memories of the old place.
    BTW The owners of the hotel were the Eggerts who lived in San Francisco. Long live the Green shuttet.