San Leandro-San Lorenzo union in the works?

In a recent meeting of the San Lorenzo Homes Village Association, administrator Nancy Van Huffel announced that plans are underway to explore annexing the unincorporated community of San Lorenzo into San Leandro, citing residents’ desire to have more control over land-use decisions and neighborhood preservation issues.

San Leandro City Manager John Jermanis confirmed in a phone conversation earlier this week that talks about a possible annexation were happening, but noted that the talks were only preliminary and not yet set in stone.

Well, it turns out this isn’t the first time San Lorenzo civic leaders have approached San Leandro city officials about annexation. But we’re wondering why now, especially since every time the offer has been put on the table in the past it didn’t go anywhere.

We’re working on this topic for the weekend, and we’d like your input. If you have a stake in this issue, please share your thoughts.


  • In this case “San Lorenzo civic leaders” (plural) did not approach the City of San Leandro. This initiative was the work of a single person on the board of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association acting without the benefit of community discussion.

    Another instance of why the overwhelming majority of residents in the village think “the association doesn’t speak for me”.