Weigh in!

I’m meeting with Sergio Saenz on Thursday for a feature on Hayward Unified’s newest school board member.

Have a question for the trustee? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

His responses will be reported back here.


Those metal thieves are at it again


If you’ve taken the Estudillo Avenue exit off of Interstate 580 lately, you might have noticed something different about the entrance sign to San Leandro: It’s gone.

During my many trips into downtown from I-580, I’ve noticed bits and pieces of the sign missing. But never the entire sign.

Well, apparently, there’s a reason the whole thing is gone — and you probably already guessed what it is.

At a town hall meeting last week, Police Chief Dale Attarian told residents that metal thievess had lifted the precious letters, leaving the entrance sign nearly bare.

But Attarian said the brazen theft hasn’t gone unnoticed. He said the Police Department has dispatched a metal theft investigations team, and thieves are now “aware” that they are being watched.


Mayor leads anti-litter militia


Deep South Hayward gets the clean-up treatment tomorrow morning as the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force sets its sights on Industrial Parkway. The group meets at 8:30 a.m. at the Silver Star Veterans Park near Huntwood Avenue and Industrial.

From a press release:

Monthly clean ups are on 4th Saturdays (except in November). Please mark your calendars and meet us: (October 27) Kennedy Park, Hesperian & Golf Course Road; (November 17) South Mission Blvd. & Arrowhead Way; (January 26) Wells Fargo parking lot, A & 2nd Streets; (February 23) Mt. Eden Park, Hesperian & Tennyson; and (March 22) Safeway parking lot, Mission & Foothill.

For more information, visit our City’s website www.hayward-ca.gov and click on the Keep Hayward Clean & Green banner. To be notified of upcoming events, give your name, address, and phone numbers and email address to Ms. Kindra Mendall at tfmendall@sbcglobal.net or fill out the registration form on our website.


Let love rain down upon this blog!

Readers and public relations specialists sometimes blame journalists for dwelling on the negative. Journalists, in turn, sometimes blame the readers who comment on their Web sites for being even more negative than they could imagine.

So here begins the first ever HayWord Positivity Forum.


Tell us what you love about Hayward, San Leandro, Castro Valley and the unincorporated areas sometimes known (for good reason!) as the Eden Area. We know there’s lots to love and we don’t have a monopoly on telling you about it.

For starters, there’s an open studios arts festival coming up next week, not to mention an electric car Ride-a-long Rally and a downtown street party on Thursday evening. And that’s just the organized cheer.


Breakfast on the bus

They always tell you not to eat breakfast on the bus, but you can eat breakfast with the AC Transit Board of Directors tomorrow morning at Hayward City Hall.

The seven-member board has a tete-a-tete set for 8 a.m. Friday in Room 2A, located on the second floor of 777 B St.

Will they talk about the so-called “tin can” buses some Hayward commuters complain are now taking them to San Francisco? Not sure, as there is no specific agenda topic and a press release says the board “will conduct no official business at this meeting.”

But there will be croissants.


There goes that picric again


Oops, they did it again. Another batch of the sometimes helpful but potentially dangerous chemical compound known as picric acid ended up causing a scare on Depot Road in Hayward today. You may remember this also happened late last month, involving the same company. It’s apparently not just Hayward. It happened this week in Virginia, too.

So what is picric acid? We’ll refer to Wikipedia and the universities on that one.


Last-minute jitters: Part II

The FAA today joined the Hayward City Council in some last-minute introspection on the Russell City project. But in the FAA’s case, the jitters were enough to postpone the California Energy Commission’s hearing in Sacramento.

Here’s the letter that the FAA sent to the CEC in July, downplaying the same concerns that it raised again today.

And here’s a story on the council’s 2005 vote to facilitate Calpine’s plant project.