A note to our blog readers

UPDATE: I have spoken with the company lawyer, and we are OK keeping the “Letter from a parent” post up with all its current comments.

You should note two things:

1. The HayWord now has a posted blog policy. You will find it on the right-hand side of the blog, under “About” (near the top). Please heed it.
2. You must register in order to leave comments on the blog. This process is easy. When you go to leave a comment, it will tell you that you need to be logged in. Click on the link. You will get a screen with a blue square asking for a name and password. Beneath the square there are three links. Click on “Register.” Enter a desired username and an e-mail address where you would like your password sent. Once you receive the password in your e-mail, you’ll be able to use it every time to log in and leave comments. Hopefully this will help cut down on multiple-personality posters.

Questions? E-mail me. Thanks for your patience.