Frank Lynn has left the building

For those who remember when we did a story several months ago about the two San Leandro bloggers — and introduced our readers to Frank Lynn, one of the newer bloggers in town — you might be surprised to find out some disconcerting news we learned this week about one of the bloggers.

Frank Lynn, who launched his blog just three months ago, has decided to shut down his forum for good, according to a post on his blog today.

He has been alluding to the idea in his blog in recent weeks, but according to the post today, he has been fed up with city leadership in San Leandro (and just the general direction of the city) and said that his frustration has led he and his wife to leave the city and move out to Pleasanton.

These are his departing words:

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for participating in this thriving online forum these past few months. Truly great blogs are interactive and I’ve received lots of great comments on here.

I started this blog because I’ve been frustrated with San Leandro’s “leadership”; and the San Leandro Times’ liberal bias. I wanted to see if there were other “closet conservatives” who felt the same way I do. And also, I have a blogging addiction. I used to blog heavily about non-San Leandro-related stuff on another forum. I thought that delineating my writings to only San Leandro issues would be a step in overcoming my addiction and would take less time out of my life. Turns out, it wasn’t, and it didn’t. Due to the neverending stream of city wrongheadedness to write about and interaction with others who comment, this blog ended up taking even more of my time than anticipated.

Frank’s blog — which at times could be brash, other times enlightening — seemed to create quite a buzz over the past several months. It had its own little group of “closet conservatives” who followed it, and like it or not, it offered a persepective on San Leandro politics not seen in quite a long time (or, at least, on the Web).

I guess that now leaves only one blogger, Mike Katz, sounding off on San Leandro politics on the Web.

But who knows what will happen next?

Can anybody say LouFilipovichSpeaks.com? Probably not, but the thought just sounds interesting.


  • falynn

    I think my blog was BOTH brash and enlightening. Because I was willing to say what other people think; but are afraid to do so. And while many liberals disagreed with my points; no one could successfully counter my arguments.

    As San Leandro downtown devolves into the muthaf*in’ ghetto-hood with vagrants, thugs, gang members and drug dealers; San Leandro crime increases; and our schools don’t improve — more and more white-collar educated families will move out; and fewer and fewer will move here in the first place. Blame it on racism; call it “white flight,” but you can’t deny it’s happening. People who think things are great or just fine are usually old and out of touch. Read Yelp.com’s review of the Bayfair Mall and many of San Leandro’s establishments and learn just how “ghetto” the younger generation thinks this town is…

    The sad thing is that San Leandro has so much going for it; and could be so much better. We have small, close-knit communities and friendly people. Two BART stops. You can’t beat our centralized location and weather. I would like to do more to change San Leandro; but frankly, the ROI of my time is better spent elsewhere. I sincerley hope a lot of things about this town change for the better and would like nothing more than to drive through San Leandro 10 years from now and say, “Wow–what a mistake a made moving from here.” I just really doubt that’s going to happen…

  • craig

    A lot of people from Oakland shop in San Leandro because there are few big retailers in Oakland. We benefit from a lot of sales tax dollar, money the poorer people of Oakland could use for their schools , safety and other services. A regional approach to sales would be
    fairer. Some think the new diversity is a plus , especially the local retailers.Maybe we should
    think of these folks as great philanthropists, usually working low wage jobs with few benefits
    yet helping their more affluent neighbors in San Leandro.
    I live off East 14th Street near City Hall and see the constant stream of people driving in
    and out of San Leandro , helping our schools and city government every day with their sales
    tax knowing they need the money more than us. All that mofo money and yet so many people think like Lynn.

  • monica ruiz

    Is any one happy with the city they live in?