Last-minute jitters: Part II

The FAA today joined the Hayward City Council in some last-minute introspection on the Russell City project. But in the FAA’s case, the jitters were enough to postpone the California Energy Commission’s hearing in Sacramento.

Here’s the letter that the FAA sent to the CEC in July, downplaying the same concerns that it raised again today.

And here’s a story on the council’s 2005 vote to facilitate Calpine’s plant project.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Septembe 13, 2007

    FAA hesitancy does not surprise me!

    When I wrote of the probable air turbulence problem which will occur above the second of two power plants, (the ‘peaker p;ant’ at Clawiter and Depot Rd.) FAA individual whose name is affixed to he letter addressed to the Energy commission, he replied that there was no structure or building along the Route to Oakland Airport which would endanger passengers. He made no mention of the air turbulence problem emanating from the 14 stacks of the peakler plant.

    They had studied the other, ( Russell City plant) not the one which is described as the peaker plant !!!

    The peaker planr is a beast of another type since it has a great number of ‘stacks’ each attached to an interior combustion engine, unlike the steam generator- turbine type of the Russell City proposal,

    The Peaker plant will come to full power within three minutes of “‘turning on” ! Carrier aircraft on an approach to Oakland International are on a straight line approach to runway 29 at Oakland when they pass over the intersection at Deopot Rd and Clawiter. The flights are three minutes apart for about 12 to 15 minutes each period…. then the single runway at Oakalnd is used for a lot of quick departures… there seems an abilty to provide faster departures since runway obstruction is of less concern for takeoff operations than is the case for srrivals.

    When the 14 stacks of the “peaker” plant are in use for an internal comustion engine, the air turbulence is sudden, unseen and certainly more violent than is the case with steam / turbine plants.

    Flights into Oakland are supposed to be at 2,500 feet when passing over RTe 92 but if one parks in the parking lot of the Chiropractic school at Clawiter and Depot Rd, one easily observes a gerat number of flights at less than 2,000. a height which is permitted by FAA when aircraft reach the Golf Course at Hayward Airport.

    Because of the suddeness of the ‘turn on’ at the peaker plant, I maintain that a study must be made so that air turbulence does not catch a pilot unaware, at the end of a long flight/ day when mental acuity is at low ebb.

    These plants are a new creation and the analysis of the air turbulence above them is quite necessary……

    So dear reader, shout your objections to the energy commission…. demand a real study of air turbulence !

    Do it today !