Take your passion … and make it happen!

As reported today, an affiliate of the National Bike League is gearing up to build a BMX track behind San Lorenzo Adult School.

Hey, Hayward, remember the 1980s? When you hosted graceful BMXers doing flatland tricks in jumpsuits?

And if that wasn’t enough:

  • denny18

    Hello Matt-
    I read the front page story about the soon to be class action lawsuit involving the female HPD officers. Considering this news came on the heels of the $20 million wrongful death filing, its a devastating 1-2 punch aimed straight at the wallets of Hayward taxpayers. In the wrongful death case, a Hayward officer responded alone to a call outside the city limits (how that happened only HPD and the Sheriff would know), ended up in a street fight with the suspect and finally pumped several rounds into him. The case has the potential to cost Hayward taxpayers millions. Now, in a city with a reputation for welcoming persons of all sexual preferences, a number of HPD lesbian officers have formed the bulk of the antiscipated class action, another huge money liability for Hayward citizens. The only openly gay member of city government, Kevin Dowling has kept his mouth shut so far and that is a real shame. At a time when Hayward’s gay community needs to at least hear from Dowling, he has remained silent. Hayward needs change, but change begins at the top and that’s not likely to be seen anytime soon. The Matt Jimenezs and Doris Rodriguezs of the Hayward political scene have proved that clinging to power trumps developing new leadership in this town, and that’s a shame.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Hello, denny 18

    I was saddened to read about this lattest law suit against our police department.
    Our police department does seem like a bit of a liability, doesn’t it?
    Let’s hope that this latest snafu doesn’t cost us to much!

    At the same time, let’s also hope this doesn’t get swept under the rug as has happened in the past.

    I seem to remember another little “problem” couple of years ago when a police officer was involved in some pretty despicable behavior. If I remember correcly, he took a homeless girl against her will to an empty parking lot and asked her to show him her breasts.

    I know if I was caught doing the same, I would probably have been prosecuted for kidnapping, and would have been tagged as a sexual offender with all the ramifications that such a status would bring.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this “police officer” was allowed by our police chief to just “go away” without prosecuting him. I’m not even sure if he got the incident included in his record. Kim can probably verify the verasity of my memory.

    We need to hold our police officers accountable for their actions. Laws should apply to them as well. Unfortunatelly, we end up footing the bill!