• Haystack

    I am very saddened by the death of these young members of our society. I’m sure all three were precious children and I’m sure they are surely missed by their family members, friends and the community.

    I’m also saddened that the public, including all the students at Tennyson High School, have no fear of the Amtrak passenger trains that are rolling through their backyards at 80 miles per hour. Amtrak is entitled to roll through that area at 80 miles per hour and I understand that the train from this latest tragic accident was traveling at 79 miles per hour.

    While we can argue whether the train tracks or the school was there first and what modifications, over time, that we can make, we can’t argue that these children have no understanding how fast an Amtrak train is traveling and how deceiving it is.

    We can start by reminding these students about the speed of these trains during assemblies at school, through school newspapers or bulletins and from the local media. Lets start today!

  • denny18

    There is, in fact, a reasonable way to make the tracks through South Hayward less danger-
    ious….the Hayward School Board need only show the leadership they were elected to
    provide. That being the case, no one should hold their breath waiting for it to happen.

    There have been 5 or 6 student fatalities on the tracks since 2000. It would be costly to
    secure the effected area, but the lives of these young people are priceless. In a district that can find the money to pay Dale Vigil what he makes, surely the funds can be found to post security
    persons at the problem area, not to mention close the gaps in the fence that allow the
    shortcut to me taken.

    Hayward school administration being what it is, this problem is likely to get much worse
    before it gets any better.

    There is some good news at HUSD. Myrna Truehill quit the board-if only Paul Frumkin would foll
    follow her out the door.

  • monica ruiz

    My condolensces to Ahmad’s family and friends. It breaks my heart that another student has died on the tracks. My husband and I will visit the site today and leave flowers to show our support. .
    As for the nasty and cold hearted letter in the paper today from a STUPID Walnut Creek resident luckily most people don’t read the paper and will not read HIS ignorant opinion!

  • don

    This is sad- Sad as the last time and it will be sadder still, if it recurs. Instead of falling into the sadness and being paralysed by it, share the news that this never has to happen again. It may be helpful to have fences or signs, but it will be priceless to take the opportunity, with this glaring example, to recognize the danger of being around tracks, being careless anywhere and following others who take this kind of risk. Talk to your kids. Friends, talk to each other, and emphsize the importance of staying aware of your circumstances. If this all sounds lame to you, ask yourself, will you be next?

    Parents cannot follow you everywhere, seeing to your safety. School officials cannot emphasize too much, the individual responsibility of watching your own back.

  • Just1lina

    Where my heart goes out the Rahimi family, I do not see where this is a district problem,
    or an Amtrak problem. I have young children in school
    myself and I cant imagine the pain this family is feeling. Im also not implying that they
    did not instill good values in thier child. No matter what we do as parents, kids will be kids
    and unfortunately they will all make bad decisions at one time or another.

    My problem with the public outcry regarding this situation is that once again, parents as
    a group are pointing fingers at everyone and refusing to take accountability for thier
    own kids. There is a crossing clearly marked. Clearly identified complete with
    flashing lights and alarms that are engaged when a train is approaching. According to
    reports, kids are “taking a short cut” that requires them to ignore the marked crossing
    area a short distance ahead, and then hop a fence at the rear of the school. What this
    boils down to is a tragic and unessesary accident caused by not following the rules.

    Instead of parents demanding that the district “do something” or Amtrak, or the State for
    that matter, My suggestion is that parents “do something” with thier own children by
    re affirming the fact that “following the rules” is important. Yes Amtrak should make
    sure that “Danger/No Tresspassing” signs are abundant and visible. Yes the district
    should enforce the “front entrance to the school” as opposed to the “fence climbling rear
    entrance”. There should be stiff punishment for anyone caught “taking the short
    cut”. But no, I dont support the district or Amtrak being forced to fund ramps and
    overpasses etc. when a crossing is clearly marked and simply being ignored.

    Every day I sit outside the school waiting to pick up my child and every day I see kids with
    a clear disregard for rules, and consequences. Society today as bred a generation of
    kids with no respect for rules and authority and with no fear of consequence. On top of that
    parents have no accountability. Wake up parents. Just because your kids go to school
    does not mean you are off the hook. It’s what we teach them at home the counts the

  • monica ruiz

    Don’t worry the school district, city, amtrak, or the state won’t spend a penny and I’m sure the parents feel extremely guilty for the decision their son made and wish they could have prevented his death. No matter how much you teach your children to follow the rules they are humans and they are going to make their own decisions especially when they are teenagers. We all have made not so smart choices and in this case a life was lost.

  • Kary Loredo Welch

    My heart is saddened that another family has lost a child. The fact that the CHILD made a bad choice does not lessen the pain. These are children that we are sending into the world, they think they are invincible and nothing bad will happen. It is our job as parents guide them with the rules and instruction to help. But as a community it is OUR job to help the children be able to follow those rules.

    How can anyone in the community not feel this is partially their fault? Two people killed just this year, three in the past 2 years and two of them our students from the same high school. Is it not our job as a community to support the children and help them find a safe way to get to school?

    The crossing area is there, yes, however only the bells ding, there are no safety bars that come down. I challenge anyone to go to the crossing area and stand there when a passenger train is going 80 miles an hour, it’s scary at the ‘safe’ area. Then there is a matter of the ‘back gate’ at Tennyson that is open only randomly. While I was out there just this week I saw students having to jump the ‘back gate’. Think about that… if they have to jump the fence at the gate then why should they bother walking an extra quarter mile down to the “back gate” if they can jump the fence just as easily in other places??

    As an apartment manager for 14 years I have learned, once something is allowed more than once or twice then it is a change of rules, and since I don’t have the authorization to change the rules then I cannot allow it. If you go to the tracks and observe the paths that have been made after years of walking the, the broken fences that have been repaired constantly then anyone is going to know that a better way for our children to get to school is needed.

    Really think about it from a kids point of view… how much more safe it is to walk ½ mile (from the point that this child was killed) down to Tennyson with no sidewalk, cross with all the cars, walk another ½ mile past all the students and traffic at Chavez to reach Tennyson High then it is to jump a broken down fence that will save them a mile walk and 15 minutes of time in the morning.

    Stop pointing fingers at the children, parents, and all the powers that be. Create a task force to actually do something about it!! Our children in the community are dying because of this one particular thing, obviously it is not working, it is time to do something else. The question is… what?

  • monica ruiz

    Kary, I agree with you. Last Saturday I took flowers to the tracks for Ahmad & his family and friends. I was surprised at the condition of the path and the surroundings. It is very intimidating to say the least. Something has to change. It’s not a good situation at all!