Pretty pictures of miniloop

Whether you think the planned Route 238 Corridor Improvement Project (aka the “mini-loop”) is a great idea or a horrible one, you have to admit the city’s new renderings of the project are more colorful than those loop maps we keep running in the paper.

Here’s what Foothill Boulevard would look like as six lanes, all going north toward B Street past the future Cinema Place complex:


Here’s what the Five Flags intersection would look like, complete with a wandering florist and The Ranch restaurant (you can click on all photos for a closer look):


Here’s what D Street would look like heading west at the Foothill intersection:


And here’s Jackson looking east (top photo) and Foothill looking west near the end of Main Street (below):



So what do you think?

Update: For more information, you can read the entire final environmental impact report in PDF form. The City Council is scheduled to vote on the report and thereby adopt the project on Nov. 27. We’ve also published a little map and stories on this.


880/92: And they’re off …

Today is officially the first day of what will be a long, complicated and expensive project to reconstruct the interchange of Interstate 880 and Route 92.

So from now until February 2011, commuters can expect more hassles than usual at the infamously clogged junction.

In the end, though, the route is supposed to be more efficient.

Today we asked Caltrans spokesman Steve Williams to keep us updated on progress and let us know in advance if there are to be lane changes or other commuting obstacles.


More books, more cops?

In an e-mail letter, Hayward reader and Realtor Joanne Gardiner mentions panhandlers and power plants as she invites people to participate in the Hayward Public Library’s new online survey about the main library.

Gardiner writes:

The city of Hayward is conducting a survey soliciting input on what you think of the Hayward Main Library. This is your chance to let them know your thoughts.

As you may recall, the city is to receive $10,000,000 as a “gift” Continue Reading


Readers call for peace, prayer, solutions

The letters keep coming in on downtown’s challenges and how to deal with them.

In a guest column to be published in Thursday’s paper, the former city manager, Jesus Armas, calls for an end to the “finger-pointing and accusations” of the past week and suggests building a multi-service downtown center to provide for the less fortunate.

Meanwhile, Tom Green, whose last letter we printed on The HayWord last week, sent in another one echoing some of Armas’ remarks. In the meantime, Green says, his church will be praying every Saturday outside City Hall:

I wanted to give you a brief update on what has transpired since the City Council working session last week. As you are aware, Neighborhood Church of Castro Valley decided to comply with the wishes of the City that the mass feeding of poor and homeless people in downtown Hayward be curtailed. To this end, we went to the Library on Saturday and announced that are program had been suspended. We then walked to City Hall with a group of about 50 people and had a time of prayer for the blessing of the City of Hayward and for wisdom and courage for the City leaders in addressing the needs of the poor. We will continue this prayer time in front of City Hall each Saturday until a solution is found, or Continue Reading


Rock the vote!

The Hayward school district is set to re-up a contract tonight with Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin and Associates to conduct research on how the community would respond to a school bond on the June 2008 ballot.

If the name rings a bell, the firm may have asked you a few questions for the district regarding a facilities measure that was ultimately removed from the ballot in 2006.

Trustees will more than likely approve the contract — worth $21,500 — during its regular board meeting tonight.

Just in case you are overlooked during the survey, we’ve added an informal one here. So go ahead and let your gut instinct flow to your fingertip when clicking “Yes” or “No” on whether you would support a facilities measure that has eluded Hayward schools for 40 years.

Instant Survey: If school officials place a facilities measure on the June 2008 ballot, will you support it?


The Wish List at Eden Shores

Shopping-starved residents of south Hayward might find a familiar refrain in the recent promotional material distributed by Standard Pacific for its new Hayward housing developments. Take the Web site for Bridgeport at Eden Shores, which has this choice quote:

Appropriately called the Heart of the Bay™, Hayward offers everything you need to live, work, and play. Need a night out? Enjoy a movie at Union Landing.

Well, Union Landing isn’t in Hayward, of course. It might be close enough for Continue Reading


Another clean-up coming

An announcement from Burbank neighborhood resident Kathy Super:

Have you noticed? The Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force has quietly been organizing, cleaning, greening, repainting and generally helping Hayward to look a little bit nicer. Our fourth clean up is scheduled on October 27th, our projected area is West A Street and Hesperian.

We are a group of volunteers working to get our neighborhoods looking better, our entrances to the city more welcoming. Come and join us Saturday from Continue Reading


Blog enters into metadiscussion

John Kyle’s letter about a blog about a letter about an article about a comment:

Mayor Sweeney’s remarks regarding the Church attempts to feed the poor are regrettable but are not something which will destroy Hayward any faster than the unfortunate attempts by Daily Review to boost it’s income stream through advertising on it’s “Hayword” blog program. Apparently, the days of investigative reporting are sacrificed to advanced thoughts about Google’s ‘need’ to supply an income stream to ANG publications.

Had there been even a modicum of true journalism remaining Continue Reading


Church criticizes mayor’s “intemperate words”

A letter from the All Saints Catholic Church’s parish life director and Pastoral Council about Mayor Mike Sweeney’s remarks at a Tuesday meeting:

Dear Mayor Sweeney,

Members of All Saints Church who heard you speak at City Hall on Tuesday last found your remarks to be hurtful, one-sided and ill informed.

Hurtful: it could hardly have escaped your notice that many of our schoolchildren were in attendance. Having been brought up on the Christian imperative of caring for the poor and needy as a part of good citizenship, they might have anticipated some words of appreciation from their Mayor. Instead, they heard how “unimpressed” you were. Many of them felt crushed by your insensitivity. Thankfully, other members of the Continue Reading


Hayward landslide on “long list of alarming trends,” reader says

A letter from resident J.C. Juanis about the Garin Vista landslide (links inserted by The HayWord):

I read with interest your story regarding the landslide that occurred during the construction of the massive new home development on the site of La Vista Quarry (“Landslide puts housing project in jeopardy,” Oct. 8). [Matt’s note: Actually, it happened at a development project right next to the La Vista Quarry, which is also being developed.] As anyone who has lived in the area knows, this site is located just a few feet from the Hayward Fault. And as longtime residents can attest, there has always been a runoff problem caused by seasonal rains, as well as underground springs that are located throughout the hills surrounding Garin Regional Park.

Just how this kind of mass development could have been approved or even been conceived defies logic, especially in the minds of longtime Continue Reading