Developers are eyeing the Marina

Today’s San Leandro City Council Shoreline-Marina Committee meeting should be an interesting one, as the committee is expected to announce all the companies interested in developing at the San Leandro Marina — if the council decides to stop dredging the harbor, of course.

According to City Manager John Jermanis, about 50 developers have expressed interest in the city’s request for qualification process for a master developer.

Apparently, the East Bay Business Times’ story focusing on San Leandro as a growth city and luncheon last month played a major role in boosting the city’s image to outside developers.

We’ll have to see whether the developers’ interest is real or Memorex.


  • craig

    Somehow an affordable housing development with restrictions on car ownership and shuttle service to Bart combined with a sweat equity dimension to building the development would be a god send for the vast numbers of people seeking affordable housing, in the Bay Area . That’s the top development priority of both Bay Area business as well as low income residence.Of course the local residents would object ,thinking it would effect their property values. In the long run very affordable housing is very good for the economy and for national security even. It can be argued that the deindustrialization of this country is due in large part to the high labor costs in this country which are the result of the high cost of living due in large part to housing costs(health care and transportation related costs add to te problem).In the seventies housing took 20 percent of renters income now its 50 percent and more.
    A Manhatanization of the area like what Jerry Brown did to downtown Oakland would bring in residents as well as retailers to service those residents. Unfortunately development is about dollars and there are no god sends or Gods involved in the planning.
    In the long run a complex to serve corporate junket planners will also result in less federal dollars for social investments since they are always tax write offs for the ‘haves and have mores” in these holidays.
    A busiling Marina area with lots of stores and people would make it a win/win for the city , retailers, affordable housing seekers, the environment .Sales tax revenue from the retailers would make us forget about the corporate party crowd who come for the golf the booze, making it a potential magnet for prostitution as well as and all the other evils of privelege.
    San Leandro and its planners are in the drivers seat . They can either create what we need and develop a haven for the hard workers or they can create a playground for the priveleged. A noted author Barbara Eirenrich called low wage workers the country’s true philanthropists, we should return the favor for them and prioritize their housing needs.

  • monica ruiz

    Affordable housing = apartments, right?

  • craig

    Condos , apartments or dorms I guess.