What do Joe Montana and the Wayans Bros. have in common?

They are celebrities trying to build development projects in Alameda County.

More on Montana’s Hayward real estate kickoff in today’s paper.

But unlike the Wayans project and that other deal involving Montana’s former football team, this story has nothing to do with amusement parks.

At least, we don’t think so … MontanaWorld South Hayward, anyone?

And if you missed some of the anonymous online reader comments already made on this story, here they are after the jump:

Where is the lawsuit against the Olson Company for backing out of an agreement to buy a property after all the employees were fired and the company was shut down? The City of Hayward Redevelopment agency have dirt on their hands in the destruction of a business that employed blue-collar employees that paid good wages. Why isn’t the government accountable for their meddling and pressure for The Duke’s to sell their property for their planned “transit village” then have the ball dropped at the last minute. would have Olson Company so fast your head would spin and I would name the City of Hayward as co-defendants. The City of Hayward sickens me for the decisions they make. I am sure glad I will be leaving this h**l hole next year. This town is a toilet! Get off your transit-village obsession. How many more businesses are they going to ruin in the process of redevelopment?
R. T. | Homepage | 10.10.07 – 10:43 am | #


Overpoplulated!? The area is ripe for change!! Get with the times, or get out of the way…
Majority of the neighborhoods have Trans Am’s a flying around town, ugly buildings and goofy gangster wannabee’s!
This place has soooo much potential and thank god someone is doing something about it…
haywardian | 10.10.07 – 10:08 am | #


it’s obvious that joe montana doesn’t live here in hayward anymore. if he did, he would know how OVERPOPULATED we are, and would not dare build any more housing.
sting | 10.10.07 – 5:31 am | #