Power plant popularity contest

Do you oppose two planned Hayward power plants? You might still be in the majority, but it’s a dwindling majority of Americans who don’t want power plants in their community, according to a new report by a Massachusetts-based consulting group.

The number of people who support local power plants has increased dramatically in the past year, says a story in today’s East Bay Business Times.

What the Times doesn’t mention is that Saint Consulting, according to the firm’s own Web site, “specializes in winning zoning and land-use battles” for clients including landfills, casinos, prisons, utilities (aka power plants) and anyone else “who absolutely must win a tough land use battle.”

The Business Times report is based on a more detailed press release that includes some interesting tidbits, such as:

John McCain supporters apparently really love wind farms, but Mitt Romney supporters don’t. Maybe because Romney was strongly against putting wind turbines off the coast of Cape Cod? (Although he was OK with the idea of putting some in the Boston Harbor.)

Not sure why supporters of nuclear plants are so big on Rudy Giuliani yet don’t like Barack Obama much. There aren’t any nuclear plants over in New York City, but there is one in Springfield, right? …


Image copyright: Matt Groening

  • craig

    It’s only fair that the rich go to the finest resturants , take the most exciting vacations drive the nicest cars wear the best clothes make the most money and get the biggest tax breaks. But it isn’t fair that they get none of the pollution , the, refineries, chemical treatment or power plants. It would be a fine day in the East Bay when we had a affluent suburb pony up and say that if the power plant brings our are more prosperity stick it in our community.
    This is also another example of the poverty of power. The Democratic Party of the people could use this new thing called the internet and mobilize Hayard Dems around this issue. They could also purchase robo call software for a song that could also plug people into this and other issues.But you can bet you last dollar they would never do something like this. But who said life was fair.