Are all parklands equal?


It only mentions Hayward twice, and once incorrectly (no, the Coyote Hills are not here), but a 69-page report released today by the Golden Gate School of Law raises intriguing questions about flatlander access to parks in the East Bay.

Anyone ever try to take a bus to Garin Park?

In a press release and our story today, the report authors say one solution to the alleged inequity is making parks easier to get to via public transit.


  • http://www.SanLorenzoExpress.com Howard Beckman

    The issue of geographic equity in the Hayward Area Parks and Recreation District has been raised a number of times with the district board, which continues to claim that the district’s parks and programs are distributed fairly throughout the district.

    Rot! The district has historically favored Hayward, because it is politically stronger than the unincorporated area of the district, and Castro Valley. because of the snootiness factor (one director recently referred to it as “our beloved Castro Valley” — try substituting Ashland in that sentiment!).)