Downtown: Where next?

Business reporter George Avalos did a round-up today on Cinema Place. A continued unknown is who will occupy the facility’s biggest store space — some are hoping for a restaurant-club there.

In the meantime, a debate this week about downtown’s free food programs (and other stuff) has already caused some changes. See the city’s full report in PDF form here.

Volunteers at a Castro Valley church announced in a Wednesday letter to city officials that they are suspending their Saturday morning breakfasts outside the main library. The letter:

The CrossStreets Homeless Ministry of Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley has been discussing plans for the past month on how to change the Saturday morning breakfast at the Hayward Library that we have been serving for the past several years. Our concern has been how to better serve the needs of the poor and homeless in our community while reducing the impact and associated problems that sometimes occur.

In the past, we have attempted to schedule the breakfast such that we can clean up and be out of the area before the Library opens. In addition, we have tried to work with the Library staff to address any other concerns.

After listening to the concerns of the community and the City Council we have decided to suspend our Saturday morning breakfast at the Library until the City develops a plan and process for conducting the breakfast in a permitted manner. We are hopeful that the City will move swiftly so that hunger in the cold winter months does not become a greater problem than those posed by a gathering of poor and homeless people.

Until we are able to comply with the demands of the City we will encourage more people to take advantage of an alternative. For the past year, Neighborhood Church has offered a hot breakfast to anyone in need at 8:00am, every Sunday morning at the church facility in Castro Valley.

We remain committed to serving our community, including the homeless and poor, in any way that we can. For over five years the CrossStreets Homeless Outreach has served thousands of people in the Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro and Oakland areas. Similar to the goals of the City Council for downtown Hayward, our goal has been to see broken lives reclaimed, redeveloped and restored.

Tom Green
CrossStreets Program Director