Blog enters into metadiscussion

John Kyle’s letter about a blog about a letter about an article about a comment:

Mayor Sweeney’s remarks regarding the Church attempts to feed the poor are regrettable but are not something which will destroy Hayward any faster than the unfortunate attempts by Daily Review to boost it’s income stream through advertising on it’s “Hayword” blog program. Apparently, the days of investigative reporting are sacrificed to advanced thoughts about Google’s ‘need’ to supply an income stream to ANG publications.

Had there been even a modicum of true journalism remaining in editorial minds of ANG staff, an investigative reporter might have discovered that those providing food at Portuguese Park have observed more elderly persons appearing towards the end of the month and that these folk may be SSI recipients who do have shelter and clean clothing but whose income is so restrained in terms of purchase power, that they turn to the All Saints effort for assistance.

Only one of four Parishes in Hayward, the St. Vincent de Paul Conference for All Saints Parish made it’s annual report to congregation through it’s weekly bulletin. It seems that 1,868 ‘knocks st the door’ saw that single parish contributing $54,781. through the twelve month period October 2006 to September 2007.

A major player within Hayward Chamber of Commerce is the owner of the long existent blight appearing on west side of Main Street, 200 feet north of A Street. Yet, Hayward C of C, through it’s ‘addendum C’ found in the report discussed in Council Chambers on October 16th, had the gall to tell others what they must do to clean up Hayward’s ‘down’ town.

The worst part of the events occurring subsequent to Sweeney’s remarks was the rush to “post” the All Saints letter to the famous source of true information, ANG’s “Hayword” blog. where we find the champion of the under-dogs of Hayward, one Monica Ruiz, putting forth words of wisdom truly representative of an HUSD graduate.

When former Governor Ronald Reagan closed the California State Hospital system, he offered the advice, ‘we need to look for help from the churches’. Since less than 50% of U.S. Citizens belong to a church, the un-churched were openly supportive of that idea. Must we depend upon Monica Ruiz, with help from ANG staff writer Matt O’brien, to turn the minds of the un-churched to a rightful course of action ?

In the meantime, let us hope that Mayor Sweeney has the good sense to accept the invitation to the November 4th, potluck multi-cultural gathering at the gym, after the 12:30 PM service at All Saints Church. Breaking bread together is usually done in peace !

John W. Kyle