More books, more cops?

In an e-mail letter, Hayward reader and Realtor Joanne Gardiner mentions panhandlers and power plants as she invites people to participate in the Hayward Public Library’s new online survey about the main library.

Gardiner writes:

The city of Hayward is conducting a survey soliciting input on what you think of the Hayward Main Library. This is your chance to let them know your thoughts.

As you may recall, the city is to receive $10,000,000 as a “gift” in exchange for the City Council approving the Calpine Russell City power plant on the west side of Hayward as soon as Calpine breaks ground, which is supposed to be soon.

That money is seed money towards rebuilding the Main Branch of the Library in downtown Hayward. If you have visited that library you probably have noticed or been approached by one of the panhandlers. The main branch of the library is a gathering place for the people you least like to run into on the street, let alone be approached by for money.

The panhandling and loitering problems throughout the downtown area will continue until the city appropriates more money to the police department for more patrol officers and the city allows the police to enforce loitering laws. However, the city has no plans to appropriate money for more officers now or in the future, period.

Here’s the link to the survey: http://www.ci.hayward.ca.us/index.shtm

Best regards,
Joanne L. Gardiner, Broker, e-PRO RealtorĀ®