Rock the vote!

The Hayward school district is set to re-up a contract tonight with Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin and Associates to conduct research on how the community would respond to a school bond on the June 2008 ballot.

If the name rings a bell, the firm may have asked you a few questions for the district regarding a facilities measure that was ultimately removed from the ballot in 2006.

Trustees will more than likely approve the contract — worth $21,500 — during its regular board meeting tonight.

Just in case you are overlooked during the survey, we’ve added an informal one here. So go ahead and let your gut instinct flow to your fingertip when clicking “Yes” or “No” on whether you would support a facilities measure that has eluded Hayward schools for 40 years.

Instant Survey: If school officials place a facilities measure on the June 2008 ballot, will you support it?


  • qodrn

    Why does the district need to spend money it dosn’t have to study something that should be obvious even to a school board member: (a) the economy is not doing well – major industries have colasped…will people have MORE money to spend? Heck no! (b) Are banks lending money now for projects or just trying to stay afloat? GEE, Stay afloat. (c) Does Hayward USD use the money it has now well and/in ways parents desire? GEE, NO. No way in hell a bond is going to pass until the district starts working with its parents and stops hiding from them.

  • monica ruiz

    agree with qodrn