Pretty pictures of miniloop

Whether you think the planned Route 238 Corridor Improvement Project (aka the “mini-loop”) is a great idea or a horrible one, you have to admit the city’s new renderings of the project are more colorful than those loop maps we keep running in the paper.

Here’s what Foothill Boulevard would look like as six lanes, all going north toward B Street past the future Cinema Place complex:


Here’s what the Five Flags intersection would look like, complete with a wandering florist and The Ranch restaurant (you can click on all photos for a closer look):


Here’s what D Street would look like heading west at the Foothill intersection:


And here’s Jackson looking east (top photo) and Foothill looking west near the end of Main Street (below):



So what do you think?

Update: For more information, you can read the entire final environmental impact report in PDF form. The City Council is scheduled to vote on the report and thereby adopt the project on Nov. 27. We’ve also published a little map and stories on this.

  • gqtl07b

    I have no idea what I think, but I’m certain Mayor Sweeney’s shills will be along shortly to astroturf the bejeezus out of the comments section and tell us what we should think.

  • cwbyht

    No litter, and not a homeless person in sight. The Mayor’s utopian vision!

  • qodrn

    The Hayward maze area dosn’t really look that much improved, although it looks better, but the d
    street area and Foothill looks like a very confused area. Is there supposed to be something underground?

  • Hi “qodrn”: The underground part of the Route 238 project is no longer being considered. That portion would have pushed part of Jackson and Foothill down to connect underneath Mission. I’m going to add some links above for more info.

  • My colleague also informs me that a florist appears in at least two of the images. Is this a “Where’s Waldo” situation?

  • First i didnt agree with the mini loop, but after i saw these pics i changed my mind about it. The cinema place will also bring alot of cars on the road and today’s foothill blvd cant handle it.