You’ve got a friend in San Leandro

If you are a city official or business owner from China right now, chances are you’re looking to get in good with your counterparts in the United States.

Tainted food products and toy recalls aside, Chinese movers and shakers are trying to form relationships with governments here, and trade seems to be their main motivation.

San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos alluded to this point earlier in the week during Monday’s City Council meeting, after recalling his recent trip with a delegation of city, business and community leaders to Yangchun and several other Eastern cities.

The city just formed a friendship city relationship with Yangchun, in the the Guangdong province about 250 miles southwest of Hong Kong. But it looks as if city officials liked the trip to China so much that they are already thinking about forming another friendship city relationship (possibly several) with a Chinese city.

Santos said he is recommending to the council to form a foreign relations subcommittee early next year to look specifically into these type of things. The committee also could serve as a board that manages all its sister and friendship city relationships, and generates funds for governmental exchanges, he said.

Unlike San Jose and many other large cities that are feeling swamped with offers from foreign cities to form governmental relationships, San Leandro seems to be laying out the welcome mat.

So let the good times roll.


  • falynn

    Like any good liberal Democrat aspiring for higher office, Tony Santos is figuring out ways to sell this country (and San Leandro) out to the Chinese. San Leandro has unprecedented crime increases and schools that suck; and this moron is really travelling away to China to get away from it all…