Reader asks: Where’s our parking?

Hayward Highlands resident Laura Swan, member of the Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board, had a letter to the editor published today asking:

Why isn’t the new Hayward parking garage open? … How about we ask our council members to have the parking garage’s grand opening no later than Thanksgiving?

Well, maybe Christmas.

Hayward Redevelopment Director Maret Bartlett e-mails:

We’re trying to get this scheduled. We have a few things left to do, but we’re aiming for the first part of December.

Swan referred to past indications that the 237-space public parking garage was supposed to be finished back in June.

  • Why do they keep painting over the garage?

  • Good question, Alex. Maybe because of the graffiti? How are they going to address future graffiti attacks there? I’ll ask.

  • Here is the city’s official answer to above questions: “In answer to your first question, the City/Redevelopment Agency is aiming to open the new garage by the first week in December. The entry will be off of Foothill Boulevard, as the Cinema Place Alley will not yet be paved. You also forwarded a question from a reader as to “why do they keep painting over the garage?” I’m not exactly sure of the context of the question. I can tell you that the garage has been “tagged” with graffiti a few times, and the City is painting that out. We do intend to post a security guard at the garage by the end of the month. Hope that answers your questions.”.

  • thanks matt!