Out with the old, in with the new

It’s official. One of San Leandro’s oldest businesses and major employers, Betts Spring Co., is closing its doors and moving out of the city.

A recent Fresno Bee article reported that the company will be moving its headquarters, which has been in San Leandro for nearly five decades, to Fresno to expand its manufacturing operations. Betts Spring Co., a sixth-generation family-owned business founded in 1868, makes springs and vehicle parts.

As one of San Leandro’s major employers, it makes one wonder why it has all of sudden chosen to leave and what impact its departure could have on the city’s economy.

On the other hand, several new businesses are slated to make the Cherry City home, including Preferred Freezer Services (being built on the former Hudson Lumber Company site and expected to attract a variety of food-processing businesses to the area) and Main Street Properties, which is in the process of developing a downtown improvement plan (think Cinema Place in Hayward).

So, I guess all is not lost. Right?