Creature double feature

Those who do not like animals: Be sure to stay away from downtown Hayward on Saturday, Dec. 8, when downtown promoters hope to revive the city’s long-lost pet parade:


For everybody else, here’s that and a few other events (to be updated as we get more in) coming up in the next few weeks:

Nov. 29: Hayward Light Up the Season info and full entertainment schedule.

Dec. 8: The Santa Paws Parade. Resurrecting downtown Hayward’s old Children’s Pet Parade, which was big from the 1920s to the 1950s, and turning it into a holiday celebration. More info and a registration form.

(Above image courtesy of the Hayward Area Historical Society)

  • lindabristow

    the Pet Parade serves several purposes, the main ones being, bring families back to downtown Hayward and to increase awareness of available animals at the Shelter and other rescue groups. The Parade was a success in years past; with participation, it can be a success again. Thanks Matt, for a good article. City of Hayward—participate!!!