Looporama: The B-sides

Some quotes from Tuesday night’s marathon “mini-loop” battle at Hayward City Hall that didn’t make the paper:

“They’re waiting for two weeks, the night the crematorium will be before you.”
Frank Goulart, on why more of his Prospect Hill neighbors aren’t out in force to protest the loop

“I brought a midnight snack, thinking this would be a long meeting.”
Jerry Feiger, who also earned the night’s first round of applause (9:46 p.m.) for bringing a prop showing the loop as two funnels attached together at the wide ends. In another words, a bad idea.

“I’m getting a little punchy. It’s getting late.”
Councilman Bill Quirk, about 11:08 p.m.

“It was very quiet. It had jack rabbits.”
Councilwoman Doris Rodriquez, describing the Hesperian Boulevard of years past

“It would be hard to change California.”
Councilwoman Barbara Halliday, because California has so many cars

“This doesn’t create any more pavement. We’re not going to be widening any roads.”
Councilman Kevin Dowling. (except for where they’re widening roads and laying down pavement?)

“It seems to me that Hayward has a problem making decisions. We need to make decisions.”
Myrna Truehill, former school board trustee

“Let’s stop talking about traffic in Hayward if we’re never going to do anything about it. Another 40 years is a long time, people.”
Betty DeForest, who some decades ago joined the first class-action suit to stop the Foothill Freeway

“This is one of the positive aspects of the project.”
Public Works Director Bob Bauman, showing landscaped gateways. Wait: There are negative aspects?

“I don’t understand why you want to barrel traffic through Hayward.”
Elie Goldstein, owner of Kraski Nutrition store

“I will survive longer than Bob will, or Jesus.”
Rudy “the Cobbler” Grasseschi, on how the loop is a terrible idea but not because it will ruin his 75-year-old shoe business. He is referring to loop architects Bauman and Jesus Armas (former city manager)

“I will survive.”
Jesus Armas, responding (in speech, not song). Later, he placed a cup of Gatorade on the photo-projector to make a half full-half empty argument. While artful, he and Feiger both appear to have violated the “No food or drink” rule in council chambers. Full disclosure: I once ate a cookie there

“I probably should have stayed at home.”
Sherman Lewis, who successfully sued to stop the Foothill Freeway

Mayor vs. Mayor:

Former Mayor Roberta Cooper: Says council must be “bold,” show leadership, support “dynamic” project, and if they don’t, “you may not be on the council” after the next election.

Current Mayor Mike Sweeney: Voting against the project Tuesday, he said on Wednesday that he rejected advice of “one of the least popular former officials” in Hayward. Says: “I think her threatening council members really didn’t go very far … I think most people feel better off without her support than with it.”

Politeness award goes to:

“I know you all have the best interests of the city in your heart.”
Marlene Herndon, of Herndon Chiropractic (she’s just not too thrilled about that loop, she says)