Bonding time

Are Hayward residents willing to support a possible June 2008 school bond?

Trustees on Wednesday evening got a glimpse of that answer as results from a November feasibility study were released.

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About 400 potential voters were surveyed in the district’s study, and district staff have little to no room for error if they want to pass a successful bond, according to the study.

But judging from our own independent HayWord survey, the district may have its work cut out for it.

Results from our survey show 82 percent of bloggers indicated they would not support a facilities measure. Take note, however, that only 67 voters participated in our online survey.

If the HayWord is Ms. Cleo and can predict the future, then what should the district do?

Drive around your neighborhood. Are you happy with how your schools look?

How about a parcel tax? Teachers’ union leaders have said they would prefer that the district pursue a parcel tax to increase salaries and improve the interior of schools before beautifying exterior facilities.

What are your thoughts on such an idea, and would you support a parcel tax if it were to go towards teacher salaries, school supplies, district programs and so on?