• monica ruiz

    Developers should pay for every thing! They’ve got the $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Mayor Michael Sweeney’s idea about permitting developers to employ contributions to after school programs is a viable, essential alternative to low income housing, particularly with the new category described as ‘vert low income housing’ applicable to an entire 72 units of rental apartments, now near ompletion, at the corner of Saklan Rd and North Lane opposite industrial uses facing Clawiter, one block south of W. Winton Ave.

    Let it be said that the remoteness of that project to the site of the sponsoring developer, has created a situaton where tenants encounter a lack of neighbor- hood amenity such as household convenience shopping to say nothing of the inadequacy of the A/C Transit bus service for students attending Mt. Eden HS or Ochoa MS. The bus service thought recalls to mind the ramifications of the added threat to Average Daily Attendence money which if not presently a matter of concern to HUSD’s stakeholders, then why the push for bonds?

    HUSD’s ADA loss was recently calculated at $5 million per year. Does that grab your attention? Would re-capture of even half that amount, aid an increase in teacher salaries?

    The Asociation of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)has a long History of ‘suggesting’ to cities such as Hayward
    that it needs to make greater contributions to the inventory of ‘low income’ housing. Hayward has a History of meeting those needs while nearby cities have not made reasonable efforts, if any at all.
    Councuil member Wm Ward describes those needs eloquent-ly when raising objections to Mayor Sweeney’s concept.

    What Mr. Ward and Mr. Dowling both overlook is the need to examine the apparehnt lack of concern in cities such as Dublin and Pleasanton.

    While attending a high school graduation, about six years ago, within the City of Pleasanton’s school district, I heard the Supert of that school system make a few comments which I thought were not just lacking in professionalism but, stupefyingly, cheered by a large part of the attendees. In essence, what he said was…”are you not pleased with the comparison of our graduates to those attending school west of the Pleasanton Ridge..?” at which point there occurred loud cheering on the part of adults in the audience.

    Now make your self aware of the site located immediately south of I-580 st the El Chasrro Rd. over-crossing but positioned imediately west of El Charro Rd. This piece of land will be annexed to Pleasanton for the purpose of erecting a low income housing complex for senior citizens. Folks, gentle readers, victims of phoolium, are you not aware that seniors do not bring students into the school systems?

    Over some period of years, as reported in a SF Chronicle article datred in Januari 2001, the FAA gave somethinhg like $30 million in grant mmoney to expand the boundaries of Livermore Airport with the precision that nothing sensitive to noise would be built upon that ground. I do not believe the low income senior citizen site was involved but does it matter when we all know and understand that those seniors are probably eligible for hearing aids which can be shut off during good flying weather. Lift off from Livermore’s best, longest runway takes the flight path out over El Charro Rd Crossing at I -580. So, no kids there at that site!

    If not Mr. Dowling, who works in the office of a County Supervisor. then certainly Mr. Ward is aware of that debveloping condition near Livermore Airport; especially since he chaired the SF Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s airport committee during preparation of the Year 2003 Regional Airoort System Plan at the conclusion of his 18 year service with that group. The RASP is rewritten about every 10 years.

    ABAG was represented at the MTC airport committee meetings. Well, combining the influence of Mr. Dowling at County Supervisors level with that of Mr. Ward at ABAG, any potential loss of of low income housing units in Hayward ought easily be recovered in Dublin or Pleasanton.

    Let us also not overlook the fact that much of the low income, low quality rental appartments ‘thrown up’ in “kick ass neighborhoods”. along arterials of central and south Hayward are now occupied by low income families. In the late 1950’s through the mid 1960’s the County Board of Supervisors over rode the recommendaations of it’s own planning commission to permit the high density seen in those regions which were latter surrendered (Dumped ?) to Hayward in a series of annexations. The South Garden area located sourth of West A, westerly adjacent to I-880 is anothrer case where County permitted a jammed up scene of apartments under management of either inexpierienc- ed property owners or greedy types. Then came the annexation and Hayward Police began coping with Sheriff’s faulty crime counts, even to the point that they went in to teach on site managers how to manage with varying degrees of success.

    The Mayor’s after school concept would aid supervision while children in some of Hayward’s neglected areas try to cope with ‘single’ parent realities brought about by neglect or the fact that’dad is away’ doing time in a lock-up.


    Vox clamantis in desetro ! ( A voice crying in the wilderness !)

    J. W. Kyle….. Enjoy Christmas for what it really is… a time for deep reflection !