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The parking garage is open

By pbekesy
Friday, December 14th, 2007 at 10:33 am in Hayward.

A month after we last blogged about it, the city reports today:

The Cinema Place Parking Garage is now open to the public, with access only from Foothill Boulevard. Pedestrians may access B Street from the walkway along Foothill Boulevard.

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  • monica ruiz

    I like the blog’s new look! I’m going to check out the new garage tomorrow.

  • Alex Harmon

    It’s nice and empty (like the City Center’s Parking Garage). I like the palm trees That were planted around it. I Hope Cinema Place opens soon!

  • monica ruiz

    We parked in the new garage today and it was so nice not to deal with the traffic congestion that occurs in the parking lot nearest the farmers’ market.